some more internall structure changes
[gnupg.git] / mpi /
1998-06-13 Werner Kochgnupg extension are now working
1998-05-26 Werner Kochadd-key works
1998-03-03 Werner Kochv0.2.11
1998-02-16 Werner Kochsome import functionality
1998-02-11 Werner Kocha couple of changes; but some parts are now broken
1998-02-09 Werner Kochrelease 0.2.3
1998-02-03 Werner KochFixed a few bugs
1998-02-02 Werner Kochchanged structure of trustdb
1998-01-07 Werner Kochpatch release 0.1.1
1997-12-23 Werner Kochchanged configuration stuff, replaced some Makefile...
1997-12-16 Werner Kochadded some stuff for signing keys
1997-11-26 Werner KochHow with some assembly support
1997-11-26 Werner Kochchanged the dir layout
1997-11-18 Werner Kochinitially checkin