Use ciphertext blinding for Elgamal decryption.
[gnupg.git] / po / nb.po
2014-06-23 Werner Kochpo: Auto-update
2013-10-04 Werner Kochpo: Autoupdate due to changed order of strings.
2012-12-14 Werner KochUpdate README and po files for a release
2012-08-24 Werner KochUpdate translations to adjust for typo fixes
2011-02-23 Werner KochDon't link gpgv with libreadline
2010-10-18 Werner KochPrepare for 1.4.11
2009-09-02 Werner KochUpdate line numbers - arghhh gnupg-1.4.10
2009-09-02 Werner KochPreparing 1.4.10.
2009-08-13 Werner KochPreparing for a release candidate
2008-03-25 Werner KochPowerpc64 fix.
2007-12-14 Werner KochFixed a regression in gpg_dermor. gnupg-1.4.8rc2
2007-12-14 Werner KochPreparing a release candidate
2007-11-19 Werner KochGrammar fix
2007-10-23 Werner KochSwitched to GPLv3.
2007-07-09 Werner KochAdd an extra warning for Camellia.
2007-03-05 Werner KochPreparing 1.4.7 gnupg-1.4.7
2006-12-06 Werner KochPreparing a release gnupg-1.4.6
2006-11-29 Werner KochPreparing an RC
2006-08-01 Werner KochPost release updates.
2006-07-31 Werner KochFixed bug 479. Not a real good fix but a reliable...
2006-07-28 Werner KochPreparing a release candidate gnupg-1.4.5rc1