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2013-05-10 Werner Kochpo: Auto updates
2013-05-10 Yuri ChornoivanUpdate Ukrainian translation.
2013-04-24 JediUpdate Traditional Chinese translation.
2013-04-24 JediUpdate Traditional Chinese translation.
2013-04-24 Joe HansenUpdate Danish translation
2013-04-24 Jaime SuarezUpdate Spanish translation.
2013-04-24 Werner KochRun an update-po.
2013-04-24 Werner KochUpdate de.po and fr.po for keypad->pinpad change.
2013-02-12 NIIBE YutakaJapanese: updated po and doc.
2013-01-07 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation.
2012-12-29 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation
2012-12-29 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation
2012-12-27 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation
2012-12-27 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation
2012-12-27 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation
2012-12-27 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese tranlation
2012-08-24 Werner KochUpdate French translation
2012-08-24 Werner KochFix German translation and msgmerge other po files
2012-08-24 David PrévotKeep previous msgids of translated messages
2012-03-27 Werner KochUpdate zh_TW translation.
2012-03-27 Werner KochGettext triggered update of uk.po.
2012-03-26 Werner KochTypo fixes in de.po.
2012-01-31 Werner KochAdd Ukrainian translation.
2011-12-02 Werner KochGenerate the ChangeLog from commit logs.
2011-08-04 Werner KochPrepare for the 2.0.18 release. gnupg-2.0.18
2011-07-22 Werner KochUpdate config.{guess,sub}.
2011-02-23 Werner KochFix translaor email
2011-01-13 Werner KochFinished preparations for 2.0.17 gnupg-2.0.17
2011-01-12 Werner KochFirst batch of translation updates.
2011-01-11 Werner KochAdd gpgtar backport
2011-01-11 Werner KochActually update the de.po file
2011-01-11 Werner KochUpdated po files (one new fuzzy)
2011-01-11 Werner KochResolved a fuzzy in de.po
2011-01-11 Werner KochRemove some meta data from po files.
2010-09-03 Werner KochMissing spaces fix.
2010-07-19 Werner KochUpdate
2010-07-19 Werner KochPrepare a release gnupg-2.0.16
2010-05-12 Werner KochUpdate
2010-04-22 Werner KochChange pinentry button label.
2010-03-09 Werner KochPrepare a release gnupg-2.0.15
2010-02-18 Werner Kochpreparing a release candidate
2010-02-17 Werner KochProvide default strings for pinentry.
2010-02-17 Werner KochReplace Unterschrift by Signatur.
2009-12-21 Werner KochLittle fixups
2009-12-21 Werner KochPreparing for a release.
2009-12-04 Werner KochUpdate
2009-12-03 Werner KochAllow for numerical debug levels.
2009-09-04 Werner KochArggg. gettext again
2009-09-04 Werner Koch.
2009-09-04 Werner Koch.
2009-09-04 Werner Kochpreparae release
2009-09-03 Werner KochFix bug#1122.
2009-09-03 Werner KochUpdated the german translation
2009-08-18 Werner KochFixed bug#920
2009-07-09 Werner KochMarked an entry fuzzy.
2009-06-30 Werner KochTranslation fix
2009-06-17 Werner KochPreparing for 2.0.12. gnupg-2.0.12
2009-06-08 Werner KochTypo fix. Updated German translation.
2009-06-02 Werner KochFix bug#1069.
2009-05-18 Werner KochNew gpgsm server option no-encrypt-to.
2009-05-13 Werner KochImproved smartcard robustness.
2009-03-25 Werner Kochlog file fixes.
2009-03-24 Werner KochPreparing a snapshot.
2009-03-03 Werner Kochfix for pkits.
2009-03-03 Werner KochAdd --reload command to gpgconf.
2009-01-28 Werner KochMake --allow-admin the default.
2009-01-20 Werner KochPrint more directories with gpgconf --list-dirs.
2009-01-19 Werner KochAdd a few translations to the audit-log.
2009-01-12 Werner KochThe Russion translation arrived just in time. gnupg-2.0.10
2009-01-12 Werner Kochpreparing a release
2009-01-08 Werner KochUpdate spanish translation.
2009-01-05 Werner KochUpdated tr anz zh_TW.
2008-12-18 Werner KochFixed some card related problems.
2008-12-09 Werner KochW32 fix gnupg-2.0.10rc1
2008-12-09 Werner KochPreparing a release candidate.
2008-12-08 Werner Kochtypo fixes.
2008-12-05 Werner KochTypo fixes.
2008-12-05 Werner KochAdd option --card-timeout.
2008-11-13 Werner KochCleaned up unused gpgsm and gpg options.
2008-11-12 Werner KochMade arg_parse more readable.
2008-11-11 Werner KochReorder libs in kbx.
2008-11-11 Werner KochMinor cleanups.
2008-10-29 Werner KochCosmetic fix
2008-10-28 Werner KochFixed w32-gettext.
2008-10-28 Werner KochRemove debug code.
2008-10-28 Werner Kochfixed a bug in the prompt formatter.
2008-10-23 Werner Kochauto po updates.
2008-10-14 Werner KochSCD changes for PC/SC under W32.
2008-09-30 Werner KochFix bug #922
2008-09-03 Werner KochFix gpg-preset-passphrase bug.
2008-07-21 Werner KochUpdate.
2008-07-17 Werner KochDo not run the setuid test if running under as root...
2008-06-13 Werner KochImplement dotlocking for W32.
2008-06-01 Werner KochChanges the header presented before requesting the...
2008-05-28 Werner KochThe Spanish translation is now up to to date. Modulo...
2008-05-27 Werner KochFixed segv in gpg-agent (command marktrusted).
2008-05-09 Werner KochRemove a warning.
2008-05-09 Werner KochUpdated German translation.
2008-05-06 Werner KochFixed bug#907.
2008-04-18 Werner KochAdjust for the changed Camellia draft.