SCD: Hold lock for pinpad input.
[gnupg.git] / scd / card-p15.c
2011-02-04 Werner KochNuked almost all trailing white space. post-nuke-of-trailing-ws
2008-11-03 Werner KochUse bin2hex if possible.
2007-07-04 Werner KochChanged to GPLv3.
2006-08-01 Werner KochMoved 1.9 branch to trunk
2006-06-20 Werner KochUpdated FSF's address.
2005-07-27 Werner KochRemoved directories which are only used by the 1.9...
2004-03-16 Werner Koch*** empty log message ***
2003-12-17 Werner KochReplaced deprecated type names.
2003-11-12 Werner KochMainly changes to adjust for the changed KSBA API.
2003-08-18 Werner Koch* scdaemon.c, scdaemon.h: New option --disable-opensc.
2003-08-05 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2003-07-03 Werner Koch* app-openpgp.c (do_setattr): Add setting of the URL.
2003-06-04 Marcus BrinkmannUpdate error handling to match gpg-error in CVS.
2003-06-03 Werner KochMake use of libgpg-error
2003-04-29 Werner Koch* scdaemon.c: New options --print-atr and --reader...
2002-10-19 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2002-08-16 Werner Koch* scdaemon.c: Include i18n.h.
2002-08-16 Werner Koch* card-common.h (struct p15_private_s): Forward declara...
2002-08-09 Werner Koch* card.c (card_get_serial_and_stamp): Use the tokeinfo...
2002-04-12 Werner Koch* scdaemon.c: New option --debug-sc N.
2002-03-28 Werner Koch* card.c (card_open, card_close): Adjusted for changes...
2002-03-18 Werner KochMore stuff for SCs - don't expect them to work.