5 days ago Andre Heineckedoc: Fix distchek for generated eps file master
9 days ago Stephan Muellergpg: expand GPG groups when resolving a key
9 days ago Werner Kochgpg: Make --quiet work on --send-keys.
10 days ago Werner Kochgpg: Prepare parser for the new attestation certificates.
10 days ago Werner Kochgpg: Rework the signature subpacket iteration function.
10 days ago Werner Kochscd: Implement auto-switching between Yubikey apps.
10 days ago Werner Kochscd:openpgp: Avoid PIN caching issues after re-select.
10 days ago Werner Kochdoc: Update description of --debug
10 days ago Werner Kochscd:piv: Allow the keygrip as alternative to a keyref.
10 days ago Werner Kochscd: Improve locking of app_do_with_keygrip.
10 days ago Werner Kochscd: New debug flag "app".
10 days ago NIIBE Yutakaagent: Fix ask_for_card to allow a key on multiple...
11 days ago Werner Kochscd: New sub-command cmd_has_option for GETINFO.
11 days ago Werner Kochscd: Add option --all to the SERIALNO command.
11 days ago Werner Kochscd: Fix Error checking in additioal app selection.
11 days ago Werner Kochscd: Add option --multi to the LEARN command.
11 days ago Werner Kochscd: Use a macro for the flag parameter of learn_status.
2019-08-30 Werner Kochdoc: Fix grammar error.
2019-08-23 Werner Kochgpg,sm: Implement keybox compression run and release...
2019-08-23 Werner Kochkbx: Include deleted records into the --stats output.
2019-08-23 Werner Kochkbx: Fix regression in compression trigger from July 18
2019-08-23 Werner Kochgpg: Allow --locate-external-key even with --no-auto...
2019-08-23 Werner Kochgpg: Silence some warning messages during -Kv.
2019-08-23 Werner Kochgpg: Do not show two informational diagnostics with...
2019-08-23 Werner Kochgpgconf: Suggest the use of --gpgconf-test on --launch...
2019-08-22 Werner Kochgpg: Extend --quick-gen-key for creating keys from...
2019-08-22 Werner Kochgpg: Use modern spelling for the female salutation.
2019-08-22 NIIBE Yutakagpg: Factor export_ssh_key.
2019-08-22 NIIBE Yutakadns: Fix irrelevant use of tmpfile.
2019-08-21 Werner Kochgpg: In a list of card keys show the standard keys.
2019-08-21 Werner Kochscd:nks: Extend keypairinfo with usage flags.
2019-08-21 Werner Kochscd:nks: Support attributes $ENCRKEYID and $SIGNKEYID.
2019-08-21 Werner Kochgpg: New option --use-only-openpgp-card
2019-08-21 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix check_application_conflict.
2019-08-21 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix selecting additional APP.
2019-08-21 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix how select_additional_application is called.
2019-08-21 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix resetting CARD_CTX.
2019-08-21 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix switching to another APP.
2019-08-20 Daniel Kahn Gillmordoc: fix minor spelling and tense errors
2019-08-20 Daniel Kahn Gillmordoc: clarify CARD event counter.
2019-08-08 Andre Heineckespeedo, w32: Add w32-wixlib target for MSI package
2019-08-08 Werner Kochbuild: Sign all Windows binaries.
2019-08-06 NIIBE Yutakascd: Remove fallback mechanism to PC/SC.
2019-08-06 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Fix an error path of agent_get_confirmation.
2019-08-06 NIIBE Yutakacommon: Fix line break handling, finding a space.
2019-08-06 NIIBE Yutakagpg: Don't report NO_SECKEY for valid key.
2019-08-05 NIIBE Yutakasm: Support AES-256 key.
2019-07-26 NIIBE Yutakasm: Fix error checking of decryption result.
2019-07-26 Daniel Kahn Gillmorgpg,gpgsm: Handle pkdecrypt responses with/without...
2019-07-25 NIIBE Yutakagpg: photoid: Use standard spawn API.
2019-07-25 NIIBE Yutakagpg: photoid: Move functions from exec.c.
2019-07-25 NIIBE Yutakascd: Handle CCID bwi of time extension.
2019-07-25 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix bBWI value.
2019-07-24 NIIBE Yutakacommon: Fix the previous commit.
2019-07-24 NIIBE Yutakacommon: Use gnupg_spawn_process_fd to invoke gpg-agent...
2019-07-24 NIIBE Yutakacommon,w32: Fix cast from gnupg_fd_t to call _open_osfh...
2019-07-23 NIIBE Yutakagpg: A little clean up.
2019-07-22 NIIBE Yutakascd: Error code map fix for older Yubikey.
2019-07-19 NIIBE Yutakagpg: The option --passphrase= can be empty.
2019-07-19 NIIBE Yutakacard: Fix showing KDF object attribute.
2019-07-19 NIIBE Yutakascd: Support "[CHV3]" attribute for keyid string.
2019-07-19 NIIBE Yutakacard: Support disabling KDF functionality.
2019-07-18 Werner Kochdoc: Fix a debug hint on the keybox format.
2019-07-18 Werner Kochkbx: Allow "gpgsm --faked-system-time" to kick off...
2019-07-18 NIIBE Yutakagpg: More check for symmetric key encryption.
2019-07-16 NIIBE Yutakadoc: Fix description of the field 11.
2019-07-16 NIIBE Yutakadirmngr: Don't add system CAs for SKS HKPS pool.
2019-07-12 Werner Kochscd: Remove useless GNUPG_SCD_MAIN_HEADER macro.
2019-07-12 NIIBE Yutakadoc: Dependencies for figures are only for maintainers.
2019-07-12 NIIBE YutakaFix a reference in comment.
2019-07-12 NIIBE Yutakagpg: Don't try decryption by session key when NULL.
2019-07-11 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Relax the handling of pinentry error for keyboar...
2019-07-11 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix internal CCID driver, so that -DTEST works.
2019-07-11 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix debug logging of the internal CCID driver.
2019-07-11 NIIBE Yutakagpg: Fix getting User ID.
2019-07-10 NIIBE Yutakagpg: Improve import slowness.
2019-07-10 NIIBE Yutakagpg: Fix keyring retrieval.
2019-07-09 Werner Kochgpg: Do not try the import fallback if the options...
2019-07-09 Werner Kochgpg: Fix regression in option "self-sigs-only".
2019-07-09 NIIBE Yutakasm: Fix card access.
2019-07-09 NIIBE Yutakascd: ccid-driver: Initial getting ATR more robustly.
2019-07-08 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix keygrip search.
2019-07-05 Werner Kochgpg: With --auto-key-retrieve prefer WKD over keyservers.
2019-07-05 Werner Kochwkd: Change client/server limit back to 64 KiB
2019-07-05 NIIBE Yutakasm: Return the last error for pubkey decryption.
2019-07-05 NIIBE Yutakagpg: Return the last error for pubkey decryption.
2019-07-04 Daniel Kahn Gillmordirmngr: fix handling of HTTPS redirections during HKP
2019-07-04 Werner Kochgpg: Add "self-sigs-only" and "import-clean" to the...
2019-07-04 Werner Kochgpg: Avoid printing false AKL error message.
2019-07-04 Werner Kochgpg: New command --locate-external-key.
2019-07-04 Werner Kochgpg: Make the get_pubkey_byname interface easier to...
2019-07-03 Werner Kochdirmngr: Avoid endless loop in case of HTTP error 503.
2019-07-03 Werner Kochdirmngr: Do not rewrite the redirection for the "openpg...
2019-07-02 Peter LebbingMention --sender in documentation
2019-07-01 Werner Kochgpg: Fallback to import with self-sigs-only on too...
2019-07-01 Werner Kochgpg: New import and keyserver option "self-sigs-only"
2019-07-01 Werner Kochgpg: Make read_block in import.c more flexible.
2019-07-01 NIIBE Yutakatools: gpgconf: Killing order is children-first.
2019-06-28 NIIBE Yutakaagent: Close a dialog cleanly when gpg/ssh is killed...
2019-06-26 NIIBE Yutakapo: Update Japanese Translation.