2013-08-06 Werner KochImprove libcurl detection.
2013-08-06 Werner Kochgpg: Remove legacy keyserver examples from the template...
2013-08-02 Werner Kochgpg: No need to create a trustdb when encrypting with...
2013-08-01 Werner Kochw32: Add code to support a portable use of GnuPG.
2013-08-01 Werner Kochw32: Always require libiconv.
2013-08-01 Werner Kochw32: Remove unused code.
2013-07-03 Werner Kochpo: Auto updates.
2013-07-03 Werner KochUpdate the German translation.
2013-07-03 Werner Kochagent: Make --allow-mark-trusted the default.
2013-07-03 Werner Kochpo: Auto updates.
2013-07-03 Werner KochUpdate the German translation.
2013-07-03 Werner Kochssh: Add support for Putty.
2013-07-03 Werner Kochagent: Fix binary vs. text mode problem in ssh.
2013-07-03 Werner KochSilence deprecated warnings from gcc 4.6.3.
2013-07-03 Werner Kochestream: Backport es_fopemem_init from master.
2013-07-01 Werner KochUpdate NEWS.
2013-07-01 Werner Kochssh: Mark unused arg.
2013-07-01 Werner Kochssh: Support ECDSA keys.
2013-07-01 Werner Kochestream: New function es_fclose_snatch.
2013-07-01 Werner Kochssh: Rewrite a function for better maintainability
2013-07-01 Werner Kochssh: Improve key lookup for many keys.
2013-07-01 Werner Kochssh: Cleanup sshcontrol file access code.
2013-07-01 Werner Kochssh: Do not look for a card based ssh key if scdaemon...
2013-07-01 Werner Kochssh: Make the mode extension "x" portable by a call...
2013-05-11 Werner KochFix syntax error for building on APPLE.
2013-05-10 Werner KochPost release version bump.
2013-05-10 Werner KochRelease 2.0.20 gnupg-2.0.20
2013-05-10 Werner Kochpo: Auto updates
2013-05-10 Werner KochUpdate gpg-error, libgcrypt, and ksba m4 scripts.
2013-05-10 Yuri ChornoivanUpdate Ukrainian translation.
2013-05-07 Werner KochNote: Wrong author in previous commit 049b3d9.
2013-05-07 Ian Abbottw32: Add icons and version information.
2013-05-07 Ian Abbottdoc: fix some Texinfo warnings.
2013-04-25 JediFix a typo and a wrong code indentation.
2013-04-24 JediUpdate Traditional Chinese translation.
2013-04-24 JediPoint to copies in the master branch for some doc file.
2013-04-24 JediUpdate helper scripts.
2013-04-24 JediUpdate Traditional Chinese translation.
2013-04-24 Joe HansenUpdate Danish translation
2013-04-24 Jaime SuarezUpdate Spanish translation.
2013-04-24 Werner KochRun an update-po.
2013-04-24 Werner KochUpdate de.po and fr.po for keypad->pinpad change.
2013-04-23 NIIBE Yutakascd: Add pinpad support for REINER SCT cyberJack go
2013-04-23 Werner Kochw32: Almost everywhere include winsock2.h before windows.h.
2013-04-23 Werner KochAllow building gpgkeys_ldap with the 32 bit mingw-w64...
2013-04-22 Werner KochUpdate NEWS and README
2013-04-22 Werner KochFix bashism in
2013-04-22 Werner KochTry to use w64 toolchain for --build-w32.
2013-04-22 Werner KochFix potential heap corruption in "gpg -v --version".
2013-04-22 Werner KochComment fixes.
2013-04-22 Werner KochAdjust git-log-fix for cherry-picked commits.
2013-04-22 Werner KochSwitch to the new automagic beta numbering scheme.
2013-04-22 Werner KochUpdate docs from master.
2013-04-22 Werner KochIgnore obsolete option --disable-keypad.
2013-04-22 Werner KochAllow marking options as ignored.
2013-04-22 Werner KochDo not mix test result with progress lines.
2013-04-01 NIIBE Yutakascd: move SCDaemon to libexecdir.
2013-03-26 NIIBE Yutakascd: PC/SC status fix.
2013-03-26 NIIBE Yutakascd: PC/SC cleanup (more).
2013-03-25 NIIBE Yutakascd: call update_card_removed only when detecting removal.
2013-03-22 NIIBE Yutakascd: PC/SC cleanup.
2013-03-21 NIIBE Yutakascd: change default value of pinpad maxlen.
2013-03-14 NIIBE Yutakascd: ccid-driver supporting larger APDU.
2013-03-03 David ShawDifferentiate between success (full or partial), not...
2013-03-03 David ShawEmulate curl_easy_getinfo and CURLINFO_RESPONSE_CODE...
2013-02-28 David ShawBring the fix for bug 739 on 1.4 over to 2.0 (bug 1479)
2013-02-12 NIIBE YutakaJapanese: minor doc update.
2013-02-12 NIIBE YutakaJapanese: updated po and doc.
2013-02-08 NIIBE Yutakascd: Rename 'keypad' to 'pinpad'.
2013-02-05 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix check_keypad_request.
2013-02-05 NIIBE Yutakascd: Clean up.
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Add vendor specific initalization.
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Support P=N format for login data.
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Better interoperability.
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Defaults to use pinpad if the reader has the capab...
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: handle keypad request on the card.
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Minor fix of ccid-driver.
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Add support of Covadis VEGA_ALPHA reader.
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Support fixed length PIN input for keypad (PC...
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Support fixed length PIN input for keypad.
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: API cleanup for keypad handling.
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Clean up. Remove PADLEN for keypad input.
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Add option enable-keypad-varlen and support for...
2013-02-05 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Support not-so-smart card readers.
2013-02-04 NIIBE YutakaSCD: Hold lock for pinpad input.
2013-02-04 NIIBE Yutakaagent: kill pinentry by SIGINT, fixing a bug to be...
2013-01-11 Christian Aistleitnergpg: Fix honoring --cert-digest-algo when recreating...
2013-01-07 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation.
2013-01-03 Werner Kochgpg: Detect Keybox files and print a diagnostic.
2013-01-03 Werner KochRemove trailing white space from some files.
2012-12-29 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation
2012-12-29 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation
2012-12-27 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation
2012-12-27 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation
2012-12-27 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese Translation
2012-12-27 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Japanese tranlation
2012-12-20 David ShawMake sure srvcount is initialized.
2012-12-20 Werner Kochgpg: Import only packets which are allowed in a keyblock.
2012-12-19 Werner KochFixed indentation and indented cpp directives
2012-12-19 Werner Kochgpg: Make commit 258192d4 actually work