2006-09-26 Werner KochMade buliding w/o curl work
2006-09-26 Werner KochFinished implementation of the "relax" flag.
2006-09-25 Werner KochNew "relax" option for trustlist.txt
2006-09-25 Werner KochPreparing a new release gnupg-1.9.90
2006-09-25 Werner KochAdded translations from gnupg 1.4.5
2006-09-23 Marcus Brinkmann2006-09-24 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-09-22 Werner KochAdded iconv support and doc cleanups.
2006-09-22 Werner KochImproved yat2m.
2006-09-22 Werner KochClarified cURL and OpenLDAP license issues.
2006-09-21 Werner KochVarious updates
2006-09-20 Werner KochCleanups.
2006-09-19 Werner KochSome restructuring
2006-09-19 Werner KochAdded stub library
2006-09-18 Werner KochPost release updates
2006-09-18 Werner KochReady for another release gnupg-1.9.23
2006-09-18 Werner KochAdded common certificates.
2006-09-15 Werner KochAllow for a global trustlist.
2006-09-14 Werner KochTake advantage of newer gpg-error features.
2006-09-13 Werner KochVarious fixes and new features.
2006-09-08 Werner Kochdoc fixes
2006-09-07 Werner KochLet scdaemon call a script on status changes
2006-09-07 Werner KochAdded missing file
2006-09-06 Marcus Brinkmann2006-09-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-09-06 Marcus Brinkmann2006-09-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-09-06 Marcus Brinkmann2006-09-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-09-06 Marcus Brinkmann2006-09-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-09-06 Werner KochThe big Assuan error code removal.
2006-09-06 Werner KochMinor changes and typo fixes.
2006-09-05 Werner KochMissing file
2006-09-04 Werner KochSome fixes as needed by dirmngr man pages
2006-09-04 Werner KochSupport to read response headers. Required for redirec...
2006-09-04 Werner KochAdded comamnds PUTVAL and GETVAL
2006-09-02 Marcus Brinkmann2006-09-02 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-09-01 Marcus Brinkmann2006-09-01 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-08-30 Marcus Brinkmann2006-08-30 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-08-29 Marcus Brinkmann2006-08-28 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-08-29 Werner KochSee ChangeLogs
2006-08-29 Werner KochAllow for 4k ssh keys and better error reporting.
2006-08-27 David ShawMissing m4 macros
2006-08-22 Werner Kochadded missing gpgv man page
2006-08-21 Werner KochMigrated more stuff to doc/
2006-08-21 Werner Kochdisconnectafter wake-up bug fix by Bob Dunlop.
2006-08-18 Werner KochMore man pages. Added include files for 2 common parag...
2006-08-17 Werner Kochinclude support and texi fixes
2006-08-17 Werner KochMore man pages.
2006-08-16 Werner KochCopied gpg.texi over from 1.4.5 and started to restruct...
2006-08-16 Werner KochWith --enable-gpg the keyservers are now build and...
2006-08-14 Werner KochChanged HTTP API.
2006-08-11 Werner KochAdded http.c from 1.4.
2006-08-01 Werner KochMoved 1.9 branch to trunk
2006-08-01 Werner KochForgot this one. gnupg-1.4.5
2006-08-01 Werner KochPreparing 1.4.5
2006-07-31 Werner KochFix bug 655
2006-07-31 Werner KochFixed bug 479. Not a real good fix but a reliable...
2006-07-29 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-29 Marcus Brinkmann <> GNUPG-1-9-BRANCH
2006-07-29 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-29 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-07-29 Marcus Brinkmann2006-07-29 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-07-28 Werner KochPreparing a release candidate gnupg-1.4.5rc1
2006-07-27 Werner Kochpost release preparations
2006-07-27 Werner KochPreparing a new release gnupg-1.9.22
2006-07-26 David Shaw* Fix missing include path for gpgkeys_fin...
2006-07-26 Werner KochFixed memory allocation bug and typos.
2006-07-24 Werner KochCreate bag attributes so that Mozilla will accept these...
2006-07-21 Werner KochSupport import from TrustedMIME (i.e. from simple keyBags)
2006-07-21 David Shaw * curl-shim.c (curl_easy_perform): Minor cleanup of...
2006-07-20 David Shaw* http.c (send_request): A zero-length proxy is the...
2006-07-17 David Shaw* gpgkeys_hkp.c (send_key), gpgkeys_ldap.c (send_key,
2006-07-14 David Shaw* gpgkeys_hkp.c (send_key), gpgkeys_ldap.c (send_key...
2006-07-12 David Shaw* gpgkeys_ldap.c (printquoted), curl-shim.c (curl_escap...
2006-07-12 David Shaw* tar-ustar.m4: Use dd instead of strings as it's more...
2006-07-11 David Shaw* tar-ustar.m4: Not all greps know the -q (quiet) flag...
2006-07-11 David Shaw* tar-ustar.m4: Pass tar data through strings so that...
2006-07-08 David Shaw* Fix resolver autoconf code so it works...
2006-07-03 Werner Kochbetter reporting of bad DNs
2006-07-03 Werner KochUpdated.
2006-06-30 Werner KochAdded keyserver directory from trunk
2006-06-30 Werner KochA couple of fixes. gpg2's key generation does now...
2006-06-28 David Shaw* rsa.c (generate): Use e=65537 for new RSA keys.
2006-06-28 Werner Kochi18n fix
2006-06-28 David Shaw* keydb.h, pkclist.c (select_algo_from_prefs, algo_avai...
2006-06-28 David Shaw* sign.c (sign_file): When signing with multiple DSA...
2006-06-28 David Shaw* pkclist.c (algo_available): Automatically enable...
2006-06-28 Werner KochRemove stale lockfiles if created on the same node.
2006-06-28 Werner KochFixed uploading of keays.
2006-06-27 Werner KochVarious smaller changes
2006-06-27 Werner KochPorted patches from 1.4.x
2006-06-27 Werner Kochdo no use reopen_std under W32.
2006-06-25 Werner KochPost release version update
2006-06-25 Werner KochReady for a release gnupg-1.4.4
2006-06-25 Werner KochTypo fix
2006-06-25 Werner KochAbout to do a new release
2006-06-23 David Shaw* gpg.sgml: Document --enable-dsa2, --disable-dsa2...
2006-06-22 David Shaw* options.h, gpg.c (main), keygen.c (keygen_upd_std_prefs,
2006-06-22 David Shaw* sign.c (do_sign): Accept a truncated hash even for...
2006-06-22 David Shaw* gpg.sgml: Note that --pgp8 does not include SHA224...
2006-06-20 Werner KochPreparing a new release gnupg-1.9.21
2006-06-20 Werner KochMade make distcheck work again
2006-06-20 Werner KochUpdated FSF's address.
2006-06-20 Werner KochAdd MAC t P12 files.
2006-06-16 Werner KochAdded missing files