2017-12-29 Werner KochRelease 2.0.31 STABLE-BRANCH-2-0 gnupg-2.0.31
2017-12-19 Werner Kochpo: Fix a string in de and nl. Mark a string in ro...
2017-12-18 NIIBE Yutakapo: Update Japanese translation.
2017-12-04 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix regexp sanitization.
2017-07-13 Werner Kochgpgsm: Allow ciphers AES192 and SERPENT256
2017-03-30 Werner Kochgpg: Fix export porting of zero length user ID packets.
2016-11-30 NIIBE Yutakascd: Support OpenPGP card V3 for RSA.
2016-11-30 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix receive buffer size.
2016-11-30 NIIBE Yutakascd: Don't limit to ST-2xxx for PC/SC.
2016-11-30 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix status info encoding.
2016-11-30 NIIBE Yutakascd: minor cleanup to merge other works.
2016-11-30 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix an action after card removal.
2016-11-30 NIIBE Yutakascd: Release the card reader after card removal.
2016-11-30 NIIBE Yutakascd: Clean up unused shutdown method.
2016-11-29 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix card removal/reset on multiple contexts.
2016-11-29 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix race conditions for release_application.
2016-11-29 Werner Kochscd: Make option --homedir work.
2016-11-29 NIIBE Yutakascd: More fix of error return path.
2016-11-29 Justus Winterscd: Improve error handling.
2016-11-29 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix error handling with libusb-compat library.
2016-11-29 NIIBE Yutakascd: Handle error correctly.
2016-11-29 NIIBE Yutakascd: KEYNO cleanup.
2016-11-29 NIIBE Yutakascd: Use cipher.h for constants.
2016-08-09 Daniel Kahn... gpg: Avoid publishing the GnuPG version by default
2016-08-04 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix checking key for signature validation.
2016-07-09 NIIBE Yutakagpgv: Tweak default options for extra security.
2016-07-06 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix keysize with --expert.
2016-06-28 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix --list-packets.
2016-06-24 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix card-edit/fetch to use keyserver_fetch.
2016-06-19 Niibe Yutakascd: Reset nonnull_nad to zero for VENDOR_GEMPC.
2016-06-14 Niibe Yutakag10: Fix another race condition for trustdb access.
2016-04-08 Werner Kochdoc: Remove description of --faked-system-time from...
2016-04-04 Justus Winterpo: Fix misleading german translation.
2016-03-31 Werner KochPost release updates
2016-03-31 Werner KochRelease 2.0.30 gnupg-2.0.30
2016-03-31 Werner Kochpo: Auto update
2016-03-31 Ineievdoc: Update
2016-03-31 Werner Kochbuild: Create *.swdb file during make distcheck.
2016-03-31 Werner Kochgpg: Silence trustdb messages with --quiet.
2016-03-02 Justus Winteragent: Do not remove the ssh socket.
2016-02-12 NIIBE Yutakag10: Make sure to have the directory for trustdb.
2016-01-15 Werner Kochcommon: Cope with AIX problem on number of open files.
2016-01-13 NIIBE YutakaFix to support git worktree.
2015-12-15 NIIBE Yutakasm: Handle gcry_pk_encrypt return value.
2015-12-15 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix commit 9a9bfd77.
2015-12-15 Daniel Hoffendscd: Fix removal of unplugged usb readers on Windows.
2015-12-15 NIIBE Yutakascd: Simplify saving application context.
2015-12-15 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix "Conflicting usage" bug.
2015-10-29 NIIBE Yutakadoc: Don't install gpg-zip.1.
2015-10-05 Werner Kochagent: Fix alignment problem with the second passphrase...
2015-10-01 Werner Kochgpg: Silence a compiler warning.
2015-09-29 NIIBE Yutakagpg: Improve 'General key info' line of --card-status.
2015-09-22 Werner Kochssh: Fix fingerprint computation for 384 bit ECDSA...
2015-09-17 NIIBE Yutakapo: Update Japanese translation.
2015-09-17 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix ccid-driver timeout for OpenPGPcard v2.1.
2015-09-15 NIIBE Yutakapo: Update Japanese translation.
2015-09-10 NIIBE Yutakapo: Update Japanese Translation.
2015-09-10 NIIBE Yutakagpgconf: Fix scdaemon reload.
2015-09-09 Frans Spiesschaertpo: Update Dutch translation
2015-09-08 Werner Kochdoc: Allow uploading of a 2.0 manual
2015-09-08 Werner KochPost release updates.
2015-09-08 Werner KochRelease 2.0.29. gnupg-2.0.29
2015-09-08 Werner Kochpo: Auto-update.
2015-09-08 Werner Kochpo: Update German translation
2015-09-08 Ineievpo: Update Russian translation.
2015-09-08 Werner Kochgpg: Print a new FAILURE status after most commands.
2015-09-08 Werner Kochgpg: Avoid cluttering stdout with trustdb info in verbo...
2015-09-01 Werner Kochgpg: Obsolete --no-sig-create-check.
2015-08-12 NIIBE Yutakag10: fix --card-status creating stub.
2015-07-27 Werner Kochsm: Revert to use SHA-1 for CSR generation.
2015-07-16 Neal H. WalfieldDon't segfault if the first 'auto-key-locate' option...
2015-06-23 NIIBE Yutakascd: pinpad workaround for PC/SC implementations.
2015-06-23 NIIBE Yutakascd: Fix Cherry ST-2000 support for pinpad input.
2015-06-17 Werner Kochgpg: Print PGP-2 fingerprint instead of all zeroes.
2015-06-16 NIIBE Yutakapo: Update Japanese Translation.
2015-06-15 NIIBE Yutakag10: Fix a race condition initially creating trustdb.
2015-06-15 NIIBE Yutakapo:Update Japanese translation.
2015-06-02 Werner Kochdoc: Replace "conventional encryption" by "symmetric...
2015-06-02 Werner Kochgpg: Consider that gcry_mpi_get_opaque may return NULL.
2015-06-02 Daniel Kahn... gpg: Fix segv due to NULL value stored as opaque MPI...
2015-06-02 Werner Kochdoc: Typo fix for "Creation-Date".
2015-06-02 Werner KochPost release updates
2015-06-02 Werner KochRelease 2.0.28 gnupg-2.0.28
2015-06-02 Werner Kochpo: Auto-update
2015-06-02 Ineievpo: Update Russian translation
2015-06-02 Werner Kochpo: Update the German translation
2015-06-02 Werner Kochpo: Fix a LF mismatch in ja.po.
2015-06-02 Werner Kochagent: Make --allow-external-password-cache work.
2015-06-02 Werner Kochagent: Add strings for use by future Pinentry versions.
2015-05-20 Werner Kochagent: Cleanup caching code for command GET_PASSPHRASE.
2015-05-19 Neal H. Walfieldagent: Backport changes from 2.1 to support an external...
2015-05-19 NIIBE Yutakag10: detects public key encryption packet error properly.
2015-05-19 NIIBE Yutakag10: Improve handling of no corresponding public key.
2015-05-11 Werner Kochgpg-connect-agent: Fix quoting of internal percent...
2015-05-01 NIIBE Yutakascd: PC/SC reader selection by partial string match.
2015-04-30 NIIBE Yutakag10: fix cmp_public_key and cmp_secret_keys.
2015-04-16 Werner Kochgpg: Emit status line NEWSIG before signature verificat...
2015-04-15 NIIBE Yutakascd: better handling of extended APDU.
2015-04-15 Werner Kochgpgparsemail: Fix last commit (3f2bdac)
2015-04-15 Werner Kochgpgparsemail: Fix case of zero length continuation...