2 days ago Andre HeineckeInstall another icon for Kleopatra master
3 days ago Andre HeineckeKill it with fire
3 days ago Andre HeineckeFix quoting error in german localisation
3 days ago Andre HeineckeFix libgpg-error patch access rights
3 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate master packages to lastest snapshots
3 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate libgpg-error to 1.28
3 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs
3 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate translations
3 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd update note to welcome page
3 days ago Andre HeineckeMinor spelling fixes in english installer strings
3 days ago Andre HeineckeFix About_Gpg4win Syntax
3 days ago Andre HeineckeFix spelling in first sentence of first page
6 days ago Olf0NEWS for 3.1 rectified
10 days ago Andre HeineckeKill gpgme-w32spawn.exe on update
11 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs
11 days ago Andre HeineckeInstall icon for notepad
11 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol to latest master
11 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate some master package versions
11 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd emblem-unavailable icon for keyresolver
11 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate GpgOL
12 days ago Andre HeineckeNote that we now use stretch and not jessie
12 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate GnuPG to 2.2.5
12 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd new icons for keyresolver
12 days ago Andre HeineckeInstall gpg4win-tools overlayer.exe
12 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate Kleopatra and GpgOL
13 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate packages
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeFix qt standardpaths on UNC paths
2018-02-28 Andre HeineckeFix install problems after update
2018-02-28 Andre HeineckeUpdate KDE Software to latest stable
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpg4win-tools
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeUpdate Qt to 5.10.1
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeAdd gpg4win-tools package
2018-02-09 Andre HeineckeWrite GPGSM compliance mode in profile script
2018-02-07 Andre HeineckeUpdate libkleo to latest master
2018-01-31 Andre HeineckeUpdate libkleo tarball
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs gpg4win-3.0.3
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate Kleopatra and GpgOL
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckePotential fixes for directory race conds
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeDelete obsolete gpgol patch
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeFix source uninstaller
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeFix kleo patch
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol to latest beta
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeUpdate GnuPG to 2.2.4
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeUpdate libkleo and kleopatra
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeSwitch gpgme to released 1.10 version
2018-01-10 Andre HeineckeAdd update handling to installer and uninstaller
2018-01-10 Andre HeineckeAdd more aliases for README in other langs
2018-01-10 Jochen Saalfeldminor stylistic imporovements
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeMark releasedate in NEWS gpg4win-3.0.2
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeRevert "Add swdb target"
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeUpdate libkleo, kde-l10n and kleopatra
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeAdd patch for GpgOL
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeInstall breeze editor icon
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeAdd swdb target
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol and gnupg-w32
2017-12-07 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs
2017-12-07 Andre HeineckeUpdate kleo and gpgme to latest master
2017-12-07 Andre HeineckeAuto update PO Files
2017-12-07 Andre HeineckeFix en / de typo in NEWS
2017-12-06 Andre HeineckeCheck for error of gnupg installation
2017-12-05 Andre HeineckeUpdate kde-l10n
2017-12-05 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and READMEs
2017-12-05 Andre HeineckeAdd helper targets for / README.en
2017-12-05 Andre HeineckeUpdate packages
2017-12-05 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS
2017-11-21 Jochen Saalfeldbumping version number
2017-11-21 Jochen Saalfeldpreparing for 3.0.1 release gpg4win-3.0.1
2017-11-20 Andre HeineckeUpdate GnuPG to 2.2.3
2017-11-20 Andre HeineckeDon't configure dictonaries makefile
2017-11-20 Andre HeineckeAdd patch for gpgol to start kleo
2017-11-20 Andre HeineckeUnbump Version
2017-11-20 Andre HeineckeUpdate GpgOL and GnuPG
2017-11-17 Bernhard ReiterDOCS: improves (minor)
2017-11-17 Bernhard ReiterDOCS: Improves similiar to .en.txt.
2017-11-17 Bernhard ReiterDOCS: Improves README.en.txt (minor)
2017-11-17 Bernhard ReiterNEWS: Improves 3.0.0 section.
2017-11-17 Bernhard ReiterNews: Overhauls README.en.txt
2017-11-17 Bernhard ReiterNEWS: Fixes 3.0.1 entries.
2017-11-17 Bernhard ReiterImproves NEWS for 3.0.1 and 3.0.2.
2017-11-16 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2017-11-16 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS and README for 3.0.1
2017-11-16 Andre HeineckeAuto update po files
2017-11-16 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS
2017-11-16 Andre HeineckeAdd Patch for GpgOL 2.0.2 regression
2017-11-16 Andre HeineckeUpdate packages
2017-11-15 Andre HeineckeRemove old dictionaries from enchant / claws
2017-11-13 Andre HeineckeFix source installer
2017-11-13 Andre HeineckeFix mkportable depenendcy
2017-11-13 Andre HeineckeFix mkportable for gpg4win 3
2017-11-10 Andre HeineckeDisable Kleo and Qt for < Win7
2017-11-10 Andre HeineckeRevert Vista warning
2017-11-10 Andre Heineckepo: Remove strange creation date line
2017-11-07 Jochen Saalfeldupdate News as well to new GnuPG Version
2017-11-07 Jochen Saalfeldupdate gnupg version
2017-10-18 Jochen Saalfeldadd missing chk to libpng dependency
2017-10-18 Jochen SaalfeldChange Mirror of KDE and update LibPNG
2017-10-16 Jochen SaalfeldUpdate Portugese translations
2017-10-16 Jochen SaalfeldUpdate message during install, that Windows Vista is...