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18 hours ago Andre HeineckeUpdate GnuPG to latest master master
19 hours ago Andre HeineckeUpdate Kleopatra and GPGME to latest master
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42 hours ago Marcus Brinkmanndoc: Fix typo in english compendium.
43 hours ago Andre HeineckeUse RSA 3072 for VS-NfD profile
2 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate kde-l10n
2 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate GpgOL to latest master
2 days ago Andre HeineckeMention GnuPG Version in NEWS
2 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate packages including GnuPG to latest master
2 days ago Andre HeineckeDon't show compendium as extra section
10 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate kf5 requirement patches
11 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate Kleopatra and translations
11 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd libxml2-utlis to required packages
2017-07-05 Jochen SaalfeldUpdated Paperkey section in german compendium
2017-06-28 Jochen SaalfeldUpdated GpgOL Options in german compendium
2017-06-27 Jochen SaalfeldMerging local diff and implementing reviews
3 weeks ago gpg4win-2.3.4 Sliding slowly towards 3.0
11 months ago gpg4win-2.3.3 Random Release
12 months ago gpg4win-2.3.2 Reverse Regression
15 months ago gpg4win-2.3.1 This is release 2.3.1
20 months ago gpg4win-2.3.0 The outlook is good, so far.
22 months ago gpg4win-2.2.6 clipped claws
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.5 Release gpg4win 2.2.5
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.4 This is gpg4win 2.2.4
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.3 This is gpg4win-2.2.3
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.2 This is gpg4win-2.2.2
3 years ago gpg4win-2.2.1 Release 2.2.1
3 years ago gpg4win-2.2.0
3 years ago gpg4win-compendium-en-3.0.0
4 years ago gpg4win-2.1.1 The 2.1.1 release of the installer
5 years ago gpg4win-2.1.1-34299-beta
6 years ago gpg4win-2.1.0 Release tag
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9 years ago gpg4win-1-9-5beta-branch