descriptionGnuPG for Windows
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last changeWed, 18 Oct 2017 12:34:27 +0000 (14:34 +0200)
34 min ago Jochen Saalfeldadd missing chk to libpng dependency master
42 min ago Jochen SaalfeldChange Mirror of KDE and update LibPNG
47 hours ago Jochen SaalfeldUpdate Portugese translations
2 days ago Jochen SaalfeldUpdate message during install, that Windows Vista is...
13 days ago Jochen Saalfeldchanging back encoding from utf-8 to ISO-8859-1
2017-09-21 Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typos in NEWS and
2017-09-21 Jochen Saalfeldchange charset to UTF-8 and remove some spelling mistakes
2017-09-20 Jochen Saalfeldpointing the compendium link to the new location
2017-09-19 Jochen Saalfeldbump to next version
2017-09-19 Jochen Saalfeldpreparing Release of Version 3.0 gpg4win-3.0.0
2017-09-19 Jochen Saalfeldadding implemented GnuPG Version in NEWS as well
2017-09-19 Jochen Saalfeldswitching gnupg to stable 2.2.1 release
2017-09-15 Bernhard ReiterInstaller: Improves links to webpage.
2017-09-14 Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol to 2.0.1
2017-09-13 Jochen SaalfeldMove lowering of required KF5 versions to mk-file
2017-09-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate GnuPG to latest 2.2 branch
4 weeks ago gpg4win-3.0.0 Hitting 3.0.0
3 months ago gpg4win-2.3.4 Sliding slowly towards 3.0
14 months ago gpg4win-2.3.3 Random Release
15 months ago gpg4win-2.3.2 Reverse Regression
18 months ago gpg4win-2.3.1 This is release 2.3.1
22 months ago gpg4win-2.3.0 The outlook is good, so far.
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.6 clipped claws
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.5 Release gpg4win 2.2.5
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.4 This is gpg4win 2.2.4
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.3 This is gpg4win-2.2.3
3 years ago gpg4win-2.2.2 This is gpg4win-2.2.2
4 years ago gpg4win-2.2.1 Release 2.2.1
4 years ago gpg4win-2.2.0
4 years ago gpg4win-compendium-en-3.0.0
4 years ago gpg4win-2.1.1 The 2.1.1 release of the installer
5 years ago gpg4win-2.1.1-34299-beta
34 min ago master
9 days ago website
2 months ago gpg4win-2
7 years ago gpg4win-2-0-2-branch
8 years ago gpg4win-1-branch
9 years ago gpg4win-1-9-5beta-branch