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3 days ago Emanuel SchuetzeFixed typos in NEWS and master
3 days ago Jochen Saalfeldchange charset to UTF-8 and remove some spelling mistakes
4 days ago Jochen Saalfeldpointing the compendium link to the new location
5 days ago Jochen Saalfeldbump to next version
5 days ago Jochen Saalfeldpreparing Release of Version 3.0 gpg4win-3.0.0
5 days ago Jochen Saalfeldadding implemented GnuPG Version in NEWS as well
5 days ago Jochen Saalfeldswitching gnupg to stable 2.2.1 release
9 days ago Bernhard ReiterInstaller: Improves links to webpage.
10 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate gpgol to 2.0.1
11 days ago Jochen SaalfeldMove lowering of required KF5 versions to mk-file
12 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate GnuPG to latest 2.2 branch
12 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate GnuPG to latest 2.2.x branch
12 days ago Andre HeineckeUse released gpgol and gpgex versions
12 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate GnuPG to 2.2.1-beta2
2017-09-08 Andre HeineckeUpdate Kleopatra to latest master
2017-09-07 Jochen Saalfeldchanged location of temporary folder during localization
5 days ago gpg4win-3.0.0 Hitting 3.0.0
2 months ago gpg4win-2.3.4 Sliding slowly towards 3.0
13 months ago gpg4win-2.3.3 Random Release
14 months ago gpg4win-2.3.2 Reverse Regression
17 months ago gpg4win-2.3.1 This is release 2.3.1
22 months ago gpg4win-2.3.0 The outlook is good, so far.
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.6 clipped claws
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.5 Release gpg4win 2.2.5
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.4 This is gpg4win 2.2.4
2 years ago gpg4win-2.2.3 This is gpg4win-2.2.3
3 years ago gpg4win-2.2.2 This is gpg4win-2.2.2
3 years ago gpg4win-2.2.1 Release 2.2.1
4 years ago gpg4win-2.2.0
4 years ago gpg4win-compendium-en-3.0.0
4 years ago gpg4win-2.1.1 The 2.1.1 release of the installer
5 years ago gpg4win-2.1.1-34299-beta
3 days ago website
3 days ago master
6 weeks ago gpg4win-2
7 years ago gpg4win-2-0-2-branch
8 years ago gpg4win-1-branch
9 years ago gpg4win-1-9-5beta-branch