2001-11-22 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
authorMarcus Brinkmann <mb@g10code.com>
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 03:01:26 +0000 (03:01 +0000)
committerMarcus Brinkmann <mb@g10code.com>
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 03:01:26 +0000 (03:01 +0000)
2001-11-22  Marcus Brinkmann  <marcus@g10code.de>

* gpg/: New directory.
* Makefile.am, t-verify.c, t-encrypt.c, t-signers.c, t-trustlist.c,
t-sign.c, t-keylist.c, t-import.c, t-genkey.c, t-export.c,
t-decrypt-verify.c, t-decrypt.c, t-version.c, t-data.c, mkdemodirs.
cipher-1.asc, cipher-2.asc, geheim.txt, pubdemo.asc, pubkey-1.asc,
secdemo.asc, seckey-1.asc): Move to sub directory gpg/.

* gpg/Makefile.am (INCLUDES): Include gpgme/, not include/ and
(LDD): Correct relative path to gpgme library.
(TESTS): Remove t-version and t-data.
* gpg/t-verify.c, gpg/t-encrypt.c, gpg/t-signers.c, gpg/t-trustlist.c,
gpg/t-sign.c, gpg/t-keylist.c, gpg/t-import.c, gpg/t-genkey.c,
gpg/t-export.c, gpg/t-decrypt-verify.c, gpg/t-decrypt.c,
t-version.c, t-data.c): Include gpgme.h, not "../gpgme/gpgme.h".

* Makefile.am: New file.
* gpgsm/: New directory.
* gpgsm/Makefile.am: New file.
25 files changed:
tests/gpg/Makefile.am [new file with mode: 0644]
tests/gpg/cipher-1.asc [moved from tests/cipher-1.asc with 100% similarity]
tests/gpg/cipher-2.asc [moved from tests/cipher-2.asc with 100% similarity]
tests/gpg/geheim.txt [moved from tests/geheim.txt with 100% similarity]
tests/gpg/mkdemodirs [moved from tests/mkdemodirs with 100% similarity]
tests/gpg/pubdemo.asc [moved from tests/pubdemo.asc with 100% similarity]
tests/gpg/pubkey-1.asc [moved from tests/pubkey-1.asc with 100% similarity]
tests/gpg/secdemo.asc [moved from tests/secdemo.asc with 100% similarity]
tests/gpg/seckey-1.asc [moved from tests/seckey-1.asc with 100% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-decrypt-verify.c [moved from tests/t-decrypt-verify.c with 99% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-decrypt.c [moved from tests/t-decrypt.c with 99% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-encrypt.c [moved from tests/t-encrypt.c with 99% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-export.c [moved from tests/t-export.c with 98% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-genkey.c [moved from tests/t-genkey.c with 98% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-import.c [moved from tests/t-import.c with 98% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-keylist.c [moved from tests/t-keylist.c with 99% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-sign.c [moved from tests/t-sign.c with 99% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-signers.c [moved from tests/t-signers.c with 99% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-trustlist.c [moved from tests/t-trustlist.c with 98% similarity]
tests/gpg/t-verify.c [moved from tests/t-verify.c with 99% similarity]
tests/gpgsm/Makefile.am [new file with mode: 0644]