Added missing files and fixed stuff from the recent merged. I did only
[gpgme.git] / assuan / assuan-defs.h
2005-08-09 Werner KochMerged changes from upstream libassuan to allow buildin...
2005-03-22 Werner Koch(struct assuan_io): Renamed elements READ and
2003-08-18 Marcus Brinkmann2003-08-18 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2003-02-01 Marcus Brinkmann2003-02-01 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2002-04-24 Marcus BrinkmannUpdate assuan and jnlib to 20020424 from newpg.
2002-01-22 Marcus BrinkmannUpdate to current version in newpg module.
2001-12-13 Marcus Brinkmann2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2001-12-13 Werner KochUpdated Assuan to the current version
2001-11-24 Werner KochUpdated from canonical source location in GnuPG.
2001-11-20 Marcus Brinkmann2001-11-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>