Really add the file.
[gpgme.git] / complus /
2002-03-10 Werner Kochremoved all the .cvsignre files - they should be local
2001-12-19 Marcus BrinkmannRevert cruft from last check in.
2001-12-19 Werner Kochupdated .cvsignore files
2001-12-13 Werner Koch.cvsigore updated - I still not tyhing they should...
2001-12-05 Marcus BrinkmannAdd .cvsignore files. Suggested by Jan-Oliver Wagner...
2001-10-23 Werner KochAdded these small tools
2001-08-28 Werner KochTypo fixes and new gpgme_get_op_info
2001-08-01 Werner Kochone more file
2001-08-01 Werner Kochmissing file
2001-07-31 Werner KochA couple of minor changes and a short README for Gpgcom
2001-07-31 Werner KochAdded 2 examples
2001-07-31 Werner KochDoes not manage lifetime
2001-07-30 Werner KochEncryption basically works.
2001-04-02 Werner KochRelease 0.2.1 gpgme-0-2-1
2000-12-12 Werner KochAdd a passphrase callback and minor changes to the...
2000-12-06 Werner KochOkay, it runs at least on Windows 95