w32: Fix installing of .def file.
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2013-05-16 Werner KochMake definition of off_t robust against misbehaving...
2013-04-30 Werner KochSyntax fix for gpgme.texi.
2013-04-16 Werner KochExplain the GPGME_DEBUG variable.
2013-02-26 Werner KochRelease 1.4.0. gpgme-1.4.0
2013-02-07 Werner KochAdd public function gpgme_io_writen.
2012-09-25 Werner KochAdd DCO file
2012-09-25 Werner KochDocument contribution rules.
2012-09-25 Werner KochAdd gpgme_set_global_flag to help debugging
2012-05-02 Werner KochFix minor documentation problem.
2012-04-20 W. Trevor King.gitignore: flesh out rules and add subdirectory-.gitig...
2012-04-03 W. Trevor Kinguiserver.texi: fix decryption -> encryption typo in...
2011-12-02 Werner KochGenerate the ChangeLog from commit logs.
2011-05-12 Marcus BrinkmannFix I/O callback example.
2011-05-12 Marcus BrinkmannCorrect key-gen example.
2011-02-02 Marcus BrinkmannMerge commit 'a2b9adafe46c55a2c26dd46163055bbdf3526835'
2011-01-07 Werner KochTypo fixes spotted by Daiki Ueno.
2010-02-16 Werner KochAdd option GPGME_EXPORT_MODE_MINIMAL
2010-01-25 Werner KochAllow the native W32 version to properly work with...
2010-01-08 Werner KochSupport gpgme_op_apsswd for GPG.
2010-01-05 Werner KochAdd an API to change passphrases. Currently only imple...
2009-11-03 Werner KochPrepare for a new protocol.
2009-08-06 Werner KochFix detection of invalid signer keys.
2009-06-16 Werner KochAdd support for gpg --fetch-keys.
2009-06-16 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2009-06-16 Werner KochAdd new functions to import and export keys specified...
2009-05-28 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2009-05-18 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2009-05-05 Marcus Brinkmann2009-05-05 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2008-11-28 Werner KochFix doc bug.
2008-10-20 Werner KochFix bug #818.
2008-07-17 Werner KochAdd a module overview diagram.
2008-07-04 Werner KochUpdate automake scripts.
2008-06-27 Marcus Brinkmann2008-06-27 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2008-06-25 Werner KochUpdated example.
2008-06-20 Werner KochUpdated the example.
2008-06-19 Werner KochAdd example.
2008-06-19 Werner KochAdd new types to the gpgconf interface.
2008-06-05 Werner KochAdd missing file.
2008-06-04 Werner KochInclude the GnuPG UI Server specification.
2008-05-07 Werner KochSupport --locate-keys feature of gpg.
2008-03-11 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2008-03-05 Marcus Brinkmann2008-03-05 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2008-01-28 Marcus Brinkmann2008-01-28 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2007-09-27 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2007-09-14 Werner KochFixed bug in gpgme_data_relase_and_get_mem.
2007-08-07 Werner KochAdd new signature_t member chain_model.
2007-07-12 Werner KochChanges for W32
2007-06-29 Werner KochAdded target "online".
2007-06-05 Marcus Brinkmann2007-06-05 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2007-05-18 Marcus Brinkmann2007-05-18 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2007-05-03 Marcus Brinkmann2007-05-03 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2006-11-01 Moritz Schulte2006-11-01 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2006-09-25 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2006-07-16 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2006-06-21 Marcus Brinkmann2006-06-21 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2005-12-20 Werner KochBasic PKA support.
2005-12-06 Werner Koch * Fixed a bug in that the fingerprints of subkeys...
2005-11-18 Werner KochGPA does now work with the glib based i/o backend.
2005-11-15 Werner Kochbuild static and shared lib by default - required by...
2005-10-06 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2005-10-02 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2005-10-01 Marcus BrinkmannFix copyright year.
2005-10-01 Marcus Brinkmann2005-10-01 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2005-10-01 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2005-09-30 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2005-09-30 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2005-09-30 Marcus Brinkmann2005-09-30 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2005-07-27 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2005-06-03 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2005-06-03 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2005-05-28 Marcus Brinkmann2005-05-28 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2005-04-28 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2005-01-12 Marcus Brinkmann2005-01-12 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-12-07 Marcus Brinkmann2004-12-07 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-12-07 Marcus Brinkmann2004-12-07 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-12-07 Marcus Brinkmann2004-12-07 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-09-30 Marcus Brinkmann2004-09-30 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-09-28 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2004-09-28 Marcus Brinkmann2004-09-28 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-09-27 Marcus Brinkmann2004-09-27 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-09-27 Marcus Brinkmann2004-09-27 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-07-29 Moritz Schulte2004-07-29 Moritz Schulte <moritz@g10code.com>
2004-06-08 Marcus Brinkmann2004-06-08 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-06-08 Marcus Brinkmann2004-06-08 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-05-21 Marcus Brinkmann2004-05-21 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-05-21 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2004-05-21 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2004-04-29 Marcus Brinkmann2004-04-29 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-03-29 Moritz Schulte2004-03-29 Moritz Schulte <moritz@duesseldorf.ccc.de>
2004-03-23 Marcus Brinkmann2004-03-23 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-03-07 Marcus Brinkmann2004-03-03 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-03-03 Marcus Brinkmann2004-03-03 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-02-24 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/
2004-02-17 Werner Koch* gpgme.texi (Key Listing Mode): Doc KEYLIST_MODE_VALIDATE.
2004-02-06 Moritz Schulte2004-02-06 Moritz Schulte <mo@g10code.com>
2004-02-01 Marcus Brinkmann2004-01-31 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-01-13 Marcus Brinkmann2004-01-13 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@g10code.de>
2004-01-12 Werner KochAdded files usually installed bu automake. We want... gpgme-0-4-4
2003-12-25 Marcus Brinkmanndoc/