core: Improve the debug messages even more.
[gpgme.git] / lang /
2019-06-04 NIIBE Yutakapython: Fix typo in DecryptionError exception.
2019-05-06 Andre Heineckepython: Make EXTRA_DIST files explicit
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckePython, doc: Minor style improvement
2019-05-06 Andre HeineckeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dkg/fix-T4276'
2019-05-03 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix initialization warning
2019-05-03 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: stop raising BadSignatures from decrypt(verify... dkg/fix-T4276
2019-05-03 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython/tests: try to decrypt and verify new test data
2019-05-03 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: make it easier to run a limited number of tests
2019-04-24 Andre Heineckecpp: Add wrapper for gpgme_set_global_flag
2019-03-26 Werner KochRelease GPGME 1.13.0 gpgme-1.13.0
2019-03-26 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix GenCardKeyInteractor and extend it
2019-03-20 Andre Heineckeqt: Handle diagnostic audit log for CMS
2019-03-13 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix Error::hasSystemError
2019-02-21 Andre Heineckecpp: Add ostream operators for import result
2019-02-21 Andre Heineckecpp: Make GpgME::Data::toKeys really const
2019-02-10 Ben McGinnespython: examples
2019-01-30 Ben McGinnespython: docs
2019-01-27 Ben McGinnespython: post installer script
2019-01-27 Ben McGinnespython: post installer docs fix script
2019-01-16 NIIBE Yutakabuild: With LD_LIBRARY_PATH defined, use --disable...
2019-01-09 Andre Heineckeqt: Use tofu conflict test keys without expiry
2019-01-02 Ben McGinnespython docs: post installer
2019-01-02 Ben McGinnespython: post installer doc fix script
2019-01-02 Ben McGinnespython: examples
2018-12-26 Ben McGinnespython: examples
2018-12-24 Ben McGinnespython: docs processing
2018-12-21 Ben McGinnespython: docs
2018-12-21 Ben McGinnespython: groups example
2018-12-17 Ben McGinnespython docs: house keeping
2018-12-16 Ben McGinnespython: howto and examples
2018-12-13 Ben McGinnespython: examples bugfix
2018-12-12 Ben McGinnespython: new example script
2018-12-12 Ben McGinnespython: what's new summary
2018-12-12 Ben McGinnespython: advanced howto example
2018-12-12 Ben McGinnespython: howto examples equirements
2018-12-10 Ben McGinnespython: hkp key importer
2018-12-10 Ben McGinnespython: HKP search and import updates
2018-12-10 Ben McGinnespython: key import via HKP example
2018-12-10 Ben McGinnespython: docs updates
2018-12-05 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-12-05 Ben McGinnespython: examples
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: overhaul logic of Context.decrypt()
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: ctx.decrypt() has problematic error handling
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: Clarify the meaning of ctx.decrypt(verify=[])
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: gpg.Context.decrypt verify_sigs and sink_result...
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: clarify documentation for verify argument for...
2018-12-05 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: simplify Context.decrypt()
2018-12-04 Ben McGinnespython: windows c and cython
2018-12-04 Ben McGinnespython: sphinx modification
2018-12-04 Ben McGinnespython: Sphinx support
2018-12-04 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-12-04 Ben McGinnespython: docs update
2018-12-03 Andre Heineckeqt,cpp: Consistently use nullptr and override
2018-12-03 Werner Kochdoc: Minor comment cleanups.
2018-11-30 Ben McGinnespython: documentation fixes
2018-11-30 Ben McGinnespython: documentation
2018-11-26 Ben McGinnespython docs: checking key signatures
2018-11-22 Ben McGinnespython: docs update
2018-11-22 Ben McGinnespython: version as integers
2018-11-19 Ben McGinnespython: import type
2018-11-19 Ben McGinnespython: import constant
2018-11-16 Werner KochAdd SPDX identifiers to most source files
2018-11-08 Daniel Kahn Gillmorspelling: fix misspellings
2018-11-06 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings
2018-11-06 Ben McGinnespython examples: another importer
2018-11-06 Ben McGinnespython examples: protonmail hkp scripts
2018-11-03 Ben McGinnesdocs: typo
2018-10-30 Ben McGinnesdocs: python docs restructure
2018-10-30 Ben McGinnesdocs: python
2018-10-29 Andre Heineckecpp,tests: Add another test runner
2018-10-25 Andre Heineckecpp: Add some convenience functions
2018-10-23 Ben McGinnesdocs: python howto
2018-10-21 Ben McGinnesPython: docs tweaks
2018-10-20 Ben McGinnespython bindings: callback test
2018-10-18 Daniel Kahn Gillmorpython: do not export HAVE_CXX11 definition
2018-10-18 Daniel Kahn Gillmordoc: convert more http:// links to https://
2018-10-18 Daniel Kahn Gillmordoc: use https:// for
2018-10-17 Maximilian Krambachjs: increase default startup timeout
2018-10-12 Werner Kochcl: Add missing file
2018-10-12 Guillaume LE VAILLANTcl: Several fixes
2018-10-09 Andre Heineckecpp: Add KeyListMode::Locate
2018-10-09 Andre Heineckecpp: Add first manual tests
2018-10-09 Andre Heineckecpp: Initialize all gpgme_key_t's in context
2018-10-09 Andre Heineckeqt, tests: Add test for single get key
2018-10-08 Werner KochRelease 1.12.0 gpgme-1.12.0
2018-10-05 Werner Kochbuild: Move config.h to conf/config.h
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnesdocs: whitespace bug
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnesdocs: org to texinfo whitspace bug
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnesdocs: python
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnesdocs: python
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnespython: makefiles
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnespython: make file
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnespython: make file
2018-10-03 Ben McGinnesdocs: more whitespace checks
2018-10-03 Ben McGinnesdpcs: python howto
2018-10-03 Ben McGinnesdocs: python
2018-10-03 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings
2018-10-03 Ben McGinnesdocs: pre-python preparation
2018-10-02 Ben McGinnespython bindings: CPython order
2018-09-30 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings