core: At debug levels up to 9 print only an ascii dump.
[gpgme.git] / src / debug.c
2019-06-13 Werner Kochcore: At debug levels up to 9 print only an ascii dump.
2019-06-05 Werner Kochcore: Prettify _gpgme_io_select debug output again...
2019-06-05 Werner Kochcore: Improve the debug messages even more.
2019-06-05 Werner Kochcore: Avoid explicit locks in the debug code.
2019-03-27 Andre Heineckecore, w32: Fix format string errors on windows
2018-11-16 Werner Kochcore: Fix a LF problem in the new debug fucntion.
2018-11-16 Werner Kochcore: Fix format string errors in trace macros
2018-11-16 Werner Kochcore: Remove old debug helper function
2018-11-16 Werner Kochcore: Simplify the trace maros by using variadics.
2018-11-16 Werner KochAdd SPDX identifiers to most source files
2018-10-31 Werner Kochw32: Remove all support for WindowsCE
2018-10-18 Werner Kochcore: Return an error if NULL is provided for genkey...
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeSpelling fixes for comments and doc
2017-02-02 Werner Kochcore: Replace all calls to *sprintf by gpgrt_*sprintf.
2016-05-10 Justus WinterMerge branch 'master' into justus/pyme3
2015-08-24 Werner Kochw32: Print the installation directory in debug mode.
2015-06-08 Werner KochFix compiler warnings about unused value in TRACE macros.
2013-05-06 Werner KochSimplify a debug code function.
2012-09-25 Werner KochAdd gpgme_set_global_flag to help debugging
2012-09-25 Werner KochRemove all trailing whitespace from source files
2011-02-02 Marcus BrinkmannMerge commit 'a2b9adafe46c55a2c26dd46163055bbdf3526835'
2010-11-03 Werner KochHopefully last changes for building with MSC.
2010-11-03 Werner KochMore include guards.
2010-11-02 Werner KochFirst take on changes to allow building with MSC for...
2010-10-07 Werner KochEnable debugging feature for W32CE.
2010-05-06 Marcus Brinkmann2010-05-06 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-12-22 Marcus Brinkmann2009-12-22 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-12-10 Werner KochTest on sgid process
2009-11-04 Marcus Brinkmann2009-11-04 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-11-02 Marcus Brinkmann2009-11-02 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-06-22 Marcus Brinkmann2009-06-22 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2009-03-06 Marcus Brinkmannassuan/
2008-11-03 Marcus Brinkmann008-11-03 Marcus Brinkmann <>