2018-10-29 Andre Heineckecore: Do not crash if CMS plaintext is ignored
2018-10-29 Andre Heineckecpp,tests: Add another test runner
2018-10-25 Andre Heineckecpp: Add some convenience functions
2018-10-23 Ben McGinnesdocs: python howto
2018-10-21 Ben McGinnesPython: docs tweaks
2018-10-20 Ben McGinnespython bindings: callback test
2018-10-18 Werner Kochcore: Fix segv in genkey when no endtag is provided.
2018-10-18 Werner Kochcore: Return an error if NULL is provided for genkey...
2018-10-18 Daniel Kahn... python: do not export HAVE_CXX11 definition
2018-10-18 Daniel Kahn... doc: convert more links to equivalent https:// URLs
2018-10-18 Daniel Kahn... doc: convert more http:// links to https://
2018-10-18 Daniel Kahn... doc: use https:// for
2018-10-17 Maximilian... js: increase default startup timeout
2018-10-17 Werner Kochpython: Auto-check for all installed python versions.
2018-10-16 Werner Kochcore: Really remove CR from version output.
2018-10-12 Werner Kochcl: Add missing file
2018-10-12 Guillaume LE... cl: Several fixes
2018-10-12 Werner KochRegister DCO for Guillaume LE VAILLANT
2018-10-10 NIIBE Yutakabuild: Let configure create the VERSION file.
2018-10-09 Andre Heineckecpp: Add KeyListMode::Locate
2018-10-09 Andre Heineckecpp: Add first manual tests
2018-10-09 Andre Heineckecore: Add trust-model flag
2018-10-09 Andre Heineckecpp: Initialize all gpgme_key_t's in context
2018-10-09 Andre Heineckecore: Ensure r_key init in gpgme_get_key
2018-10-09 Andre Heineckeqt, tests: Add test for single get key
2018-10-08 Werner KochPost release updates
2018-10-08 Werner KochRelease 1.12.0 gpgme-1.12.0
2018-10-05 Werner Kochbuild: Update .gitignore
2018-10-05 Werner Kochcore: Apply GPGME_EXPORT_MODE_NOUID also to keyserver...
2018-10-05 Werner Kochbuild: Move config.h to conf/config.h
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnesdocs: whitespace bug
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnesdocs: org to texinfo whitspace bug
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnesdocs: python
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnesdocs: python
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnespython: makefiles
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnespython: make file
2018-10-04 Ben McGinnespython: make file
2018-10-03 Ben McGinnesdocs: more whitespace checks
2018-10-03 Ben McGinnesdpcs: python howto
2018-10-03 Ben McGinnesdocs: python
2018-10-03 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings
2018-10-03 Ben McGinnesdocs: pre-python preparation
2018-10-02 Ben McGinnespython bindings: CPython order
2018-10-02 Werner Kochcore: add experimental GPGME_EXPORT_MODE_NOUID.
2018-09-30 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings
2018-09-30 Ben McGinnespython bindings: fixing decrypt-verify
2018-09-30 Ben McGinnespython bindings: ctx.decrypt
2018-09-27 Ben McGinnesexample: local signatures
2018-09-27 Ben McGinnesexample: python bindings
2018-09-27 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings installation
2018-09-27 Ben McGinnestests: python bindings
2018-09-26 Ben McGinnesexamples: python bindings
2018-09-25 Ben McGinnesdocs: a typographical two-step
2018-09-24 Ben McGinnesdocs and examples: python bindings
2018-09-24 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-09-23 Ben McGinnesdocs and examples: python bindings howto
2018-09-23 Ben McGinnesexamples: python bindings and hkp4py updates
2018-09-22 Ben McGinnespython bindings: importing from keyservers with hkp4py
2018-09-22 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-09-20 Werner Kochpython: Fix a couple of syntax errors.
2018-09-20 Werner Kochpython: Silence a few warnings.
2018-09-20 Maximilian... js: renamed keygen algo option
2018-09-20 Werner Kochpython: Fix regression in the test suite.
2018-09-20 Werner Kochtests: Don't try using keys from a scmartcard.
2018-09-20 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings and its special request
2018-09-19 Maximilian... js: add 'default-future' as createKey option
2018-09-19 Werner Kochjson: Remove subkey-algo from createkey command.
2018-09-19 Maximilian... js: add configuration option on startup
2018-09-17 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings
2018-09-17 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-09-16 Ben McGinnesdocs: cython sanitized
2018-09-16 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-09-16 Ben McGinnesdocs: even more edits
2018-09-16 Ben McGinnesdocs: more edits
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesdocs: whitespace culled
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesdocs: renaming and drafts
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesdocs: python howto texinfo update
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesdocs: Python howto update
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesdocs: generated whitespace
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesDocs: including howto with standard docs
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesDocs: Python bindings HOWTO
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesPython bindings: docs
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesPython bindings: examples
2018-09-15 Ben McGinnesPython examples: backwards compatibility
2018-09-10 Thomas Oberndörferjs: Fix errorDetails of GPGME_Signature
2018-09-08 Ben McGinnesestreams revised
2018-09-06 Maximilian... js: add new documentation file to extra_dist
2018-09-06 Maximilian... js: fix error in toKeyIdArray
2018-09-05 Maximilian... js: documentation cleanup
2018-09-02 Ben McGinnesestreams symbols for python bindings
2018-08-31 Maximilian... js: key deletion after test
2018-08-31 Maximilian... js: cleanup after key import test
2018-08-31 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings
2018-08-30 Maximilian... js: tests for file name encoding
2018-08-30 Maximilian... js: decoding of information
2018-08-30 Maximilian... js: add tests
2018-08-30 Maximilian... js: add encoding parameter for encrypt return
2018-08-30 Maximilian... js: separate gpgme answer by type of data
2018-08-30 Ben McGinnespython bindings: estreams fix ben/estreams-fix
2018-08-29 Maximilian... js: return base64 after encrypt with armor=false