2018-06-06 Maximilian... js: code cleanup (eslint)
2018-06-06 Maximilian... js: implement import/delete Key, some fixes
2018-05-30 Maximilian... js: more Keyring/Key handling
2018-05-28 Maximilian... js: Keyring listing keys
2018-05-28 Maximilian... js: Treat a connection as a gpgme Context
2018-05-25 Maximilian... js: implement Key handling (1)
2018-05-25 Maximilian... js: use version operation for connection checks
2018-05-24 Maximilian... js: adding sign method
2018-05-24 Maximilian... Merge branch 'master' into javascript-binding
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Put signature info before data output
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Add sign to help
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Add op_sign
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Fix invalid function call
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Print signatures for decrypt/verify
2018-05-24 Andre Heineckejson: Minor typo fixes
2018-05-23 Maximilian... js: remove openpgp mode
2018-05-23 Ben McGinnesdocs and examples: python howto
2018-05-22 Maximilian... js: transfer encoding changes
2018-05-22 Andre Heineckecpp: Expose sessionKey and symkeyAlgo
2018-05-17 Andre Heineckecore, w32: Add w64 handling for regkeys
2018-05-17 Werner Kochcore: Always fail if an OpenPG message is not integrity...
2018-05-14 Maximilian... js: Testing lare messages
2018-05-14 Maximilian... js: remove non-browser tests
2018-05-14 Maximilian... js: Tests and improvements for openpgp mode
2018-05-09 Maximilian... js: more testing of nativeMessaging connection
2018-05-09 Maximilian... Merge branch 'master' into javascript-binding
2018-05-09 Werner Kochjson: Improve auto-base64 encoding to not split UTF...
2018-05-09 Werner Kochcore: Make the status-fd monitor work for all gpgsm...
2018-05-08 Maximilian... js: more testing
2018-05-07 Maximilian... js: fixing errors found by testing: encrypt/decrypt
2018-05-05 Ben McGinnespython: key expiration datetime stamp tests
2018-05-04 Maximilian... js: fixing errors found by testing
2018-05-04 Andre Heineckeqt: Respect --disable-gpg-test for tests
2018-05-03 Maximilian... js: Added browser testing for unit tests
2018-05-03 Maximilian... js: changed Key class stub
2018-04-27 Maximilian... js: more testing
2018-04-27 Maximilian... js: fixed empty operation setter in Message
2018-04-26 Maximilian... js: fixed wrong paths in DemoExtension
2018-04-26 Maximilian... js: created TestExtension and smaller fixes
2018-04-26 Andre Heineckeqt: Fix filename handling in cryptoconfig
2018-04-25 Maximilian... js: First testing and improvements
2018-04-25 Maximilian... js: Configuration and Error handling
2018-04-25 Maximilian... js: reactivate timeout on connection
2018-04-25 Maximilian... js: change in Error behaviour
2018-04-25 Maximilian... js: allow openpgp-like Message objects as Data
2018-04-24 Maximilian... js: Key object adjustments after discussion
2018-04-24 Maximilian... js: change in initialization ancd connection handling
2018-04-23 Maximilian... js: don't allow message operation changes
2018-04-23 Maximilian... js: Key handling stubs, Error handling, refactoring
2018-04-20 Maximilian... js: encrypt improvement and decrypt method
2018-04-20 Maximilian... Merge branch 'master' into javascript-binding
2018-04-20 Andre Heineckecore: Do not modify args for ignored failures
2018-04-20 Werner KochPost release updates
2018-04-20 Werner KochRelease 1.11.1 gpgme-1.11.1
2018-04-20 Werner Kochcore: Remove another debug output leftover.
2018-04-20 Werner Kochbuild: More release creation automation.
2018-04-20 Werner Kochdoc: Suggest the use of strconcat for recipient strings.
2018-04-19 Werner Kochjson: Remove the -noinstall flag used during development.
2018-04-19 Andre Heineckecpp: Add origin and last_update to UserID
2018-04-19 Andre Heineckecpp: Add origin and last_update
2018-04-19 Werner Kochcore: Remove leftover debug output.
2018-04-19 Werner Kochtests: Fix t-verify test for GnuPG < 2.2.7.
2018-04-18 Werner KochPost release updates
2018-04-18 Werner KochRelease 1.11.0 gpgme-1.11.0
2018-04-18 Werner Kochjson: Add stpcpy replacement.
2018-04-18 Werner Kochdoc: Update copyright years and change two URLs.
2018-04-18 Werner Kochdoc: Unify comment style in gpgme.h
2018-04-18 Werner Kochcore: New convenience constant GPGME_KEYLIST_MODE_LOCATE.
2018-04-18 Werner Kochjson: Add command "decrypt" to gpgme-json.
2018-04-18 Werner Kochcore: Add 'is_mime' flags to the verify and decrypt...
2018-04-18 Werner Kochcore: Fix possible compliance mode detection error.
2018-04-18 Werner Kochjson: Improve help meta command in gpgme-json.
2018-04-18 Werner Kochjson: Add command "getmore" to gpgme-json.
2018-04-18 Werner Kochjson: Add meta command ,read to gpgme-json.
2018-04-17 Werner Kochcore: Extend decryption result with symkey_algo.
2018-04-17 Werner Kochcore: New keyword --file for OpenPGP recpstring.
2018-04-17 Werner Kochcore: For OpenPGP let offline mode disable dirmngr.
2018-04-17 Tobias Muellerpython: Fix crash by leaving struct members intact
2018-04-17 Werner Kochcore: Allow for --hidden keyword in OpenPGP recpstrings.
2018-04-17 Werner Kochcore: New encryption flag GPGME_ENCRYPT_WANT_ADDRESS.
2018-04-17 Werner Kochcore: Add extended versions of the encrypt functions.
2018-04-12 Werner Kochcore: Tweak STATUS_FAILURE handling.
2018-04-12 Werner Kochcore: For a failed verification return the sig's finger...
2018-04-12 Werner Kochtests: Avoid segv in run-verify due to Policy URLs
2018-04-12 Werner Kochtests: Add another check to gpg/t-verify.
2018-04-12 Werner Kochcore: Add new context flag "no-symkey-cache".
2018-04-10 raimund.renkert... js: Initial commit for JavaScript Native Messaging API
2018-04-04 Andre Heineckeqt: Add test for resetting config value
2018-03-29 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-03-29 Werner Kochjson: Build only a dummy if libgpg-error is < 1.28
2018-03-28 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'ben/howto-update-02' of ssh+git://playfai...
2018-03-28 Ben McGinnesexample: revoke UID ben/howto-update-02
2018-03-28 Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto
2018-03-28 Ben McGinnesexample: key signing
2018-03-28 Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings howto
2018-03-28 Ben McGinnesdocs python bindings howto
2018-03-28 Ben McGinnesexample: add user ID
2018-03-28 Werner Kochjson: Remove the "message" object thingy again.
2018-03-28 Werner Kochjson: Make native messaging work.
2018-03-27 Andre Heineckecore: Initialize key return value in gpgme_get_key