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last changeTue, 21 Nov 2017 06:35:10 +0000 (15:35 +0900)
12 hours ago NIIBE Yutakatests: Make portability fix. master
7 days ago Andre Heineckeqt: Fix IODeviceDataProvider with Process
2017-10-12 Daniel Kahn... core: use getdents64 syscall on linux instead of getdents.
2017-10-04 Werner Kochcore: Allow disabling the use of SYS_getdents for Linux.
2017-10-04 Colin Watsoncore: Restore get_max_fds optimization on Linux
2017-10-04 Werner KochRegister DCO for Colin Watson.
2017-09-04 Andre Heineckeqt: Add test for version info
2017-09-04 Andre Heineckecpp: Fix version info comparison
2017-08-24 Werner Kochcore: New context flag "auto-key-retrieve"
2017-08-24 Werner KochSet next version to 1.10.0
2017-08-24 Werner Kochcore: New public enum gpgme_keyorg_t.
2017-08-24 Marcus Brinkmanngpgconf: Add more comments.
2017-08-23 Marcus BrinkmannFix a couple of bugs pointed out by clang compiler...
2017-08-21 Alon Bar-Levpython: Support parallel build in tests
2017-08-21 Justus Winterpython: Improve keylist test.
2017-08-16 Marcus Brinkmanndoc: Add version information.
7 months ago gpgme-1.9.0 A novice asked the Master: "Here...
12 months ago gpgme-1.8.0 Now with renamed Python module...
13 months ago gpgme-1.7.1 Mainly fixes for Python and Cpp
14 months ago gpgme-1.7.0 Now with Python and C-double-plus.
2 years ago gpgme-1.6.0 More attributes, please
2 years ago gpgme-1.5.5 Coffee with double bug fix please
2 years ago gpgme-1.5.4 Fix for newer Mingw versions
2 years ago gpgme-1.5.3 Minor fix for the export functions
3 years ago gpgme-1.5.2 Mainly a fix for modern SKS servers
3 years ago gpgme-1.5.1 Updates and a security fix
3 years ago gpgme-1.4.4 Security fix release
3 years ago gpgme-1.5.0 Release 1.5.0
4 years ago gpgme-1.4.3 Release version 1.4.3.
4 years ago gpgme-1.4.2 The 1.4.2 release.
4 years ago gpgme-1.4.1 A quick maintenance release.
4 years ago gpgme-1.4.0 This is GPGME 1.4.0
12 hours ago master
2 months ago ben/xml
7 months ago gpgme-1.9-branch
13 months ago gpgme-1.7-branch
15 months ago ben/minor-docs-fixes
16 months ago justus/idiomatic-py-0
18 months ago justus/pyme3
18 months ago gpgmepp
2 years ago bjk/passphrase-inquire
2 years ago pyme3
2 years ago bjk/custom-engine-options
2 years ago ben/gpygme
2 years ago ben/master
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3 years ago gpgme-1.4-branch