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2 hours ago Ben McGinnesdocs: python bindings howto master
2 hours ago Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings howto
2 hours ago Ben McGinnesdoc: python bindings howto
2 days ago Werner Kochcore: Clear all flags for a new data property.
3 days ago Werner Kochcore: Blank out the plaintext after decryption failure.
3 days ago Andre Heineckecpp: Print origin and last update for key/uid
3 days ago Werner Kochjson: Don't use strdup but the xtrystrdup wrapper.
3 days ago Werner Kochcore: New interface gpgme_data_new_from_estream.
4 days ago Andre Heineckejson: Fix memleak in native msging repl
4 days ago Andre Heineckejson: Ensure that native msging request is string
4 days ago Andre Heineckejson: Fix crash by ensuring response is never NULL
4 days ago Andre Heineckejson: Fix memory errors in create_keylist_patterns
4 days ago Andre Heineckeqt: Handle encoding for diagnostics
6 days ago Andre Heineckejson: Fix crash on invalid json
6 days ago Andre Heineckejson: Fix uninitialized key unref in op_delete
6 days ago Werner Kochjson: Minor cleanups in cJSON.c
3 months ago gpgme-1.11.1 The last release had some brown...
3 months ago gpgme-1.11.0 New stuff and a fix for the regress...
7 months ago gpgme-1.10.0 Release of the version we already...
15 months ago gpgme-1.9.0 A novice asked the Master: "Here...
20 months ago gpgme-1.8.0 Now with renamed Python module...
21 months ago gpgme-1.7.1 Mainly fixes for Python and Cpp
22 months ago gpgme-1.7.0 Now with Python and C-double-plus.
2 years ago gpgme-1.6.0 More attributes, please
3 years ago gpgme-1.5.5 Coffee with double bug fix please
3 years ago gpgme-1.5.4 Fix for newer Mingw versions
3 years ago gpgme-1.5.3 Minor fix for the export functions
3 years ago gpgme-1.5.2 Mainly a fix for modern SKS servers
3 years ago gpgme-1.5.1 Updates and a security fix
3 years ago gpgme-1.4.4 Security fix release
4 years ago gpgme-1.5.0 Release 1.5.0
4 years ago gpgme-1.4.3 Release version 1.4.3.
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