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2018-03-20 Andre HeineckeAdd proper spawn flags to kleopatra initial start
2018-03-20 Andre HeineckeProvide parent wid for certificate details
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeJump the event queue
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeFix unencrypted forward of crypto mail
2018-03-15 Andre HeineckeAvoid double gpgme_data_identify
2018-03-14 Andre HeineckeDisable async crypto for now
2018-03-14 Andre HeineckeRemove error handling for failure to resolve
2018-03-14 Andre HeineckeAdd small safety check in ribbon callback
2018-03-14 Andre HeineckeFurther extend debugging around mail dtor
2018-03-13 Andre HeineckeImplement forwarding crypto mails with attachments
2018-03-13 Andre HeineckeImprove error handling on enc/sign errors
2018-03-12 Andre HeineckeTurn up debugging at the end of crypto
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeFix protocol selection for autoresolve
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeImprove error handling and fix encoding
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeFix deadlock in Outlook 2010
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeProvide protocol argument to resolver
2018-03-07 Andre HeineckeAllow Inline for signed & encrypted with GSuite
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckePrefer Sender over SendUsingAccount for crypt mail
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeFactor sender fallbacks into seperate functs
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeBring Outlook back into focus after enc/sign
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeAdd new Window Message helper
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeBe more lenient with broken PGP Inline messages
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeAdd trim and ltrim to cpphelp
2018-03-06 Andre HeineckeFix w64 build
2018-03-05 Andre HeineckeRelabel autoresolve option to reflect new functs async-enc
2018-03-05 Andre HeineckeImplement Load / Save for WKS States
2018-03-05 Andre HeineckeAdd helpers to store string map in registry
2018-03-02 Andre HeineckeMove registry helper code into common
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeUse keycache to autoresolve
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeBring mail to front after encryption
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeMinor wait cleanup in overlay
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeLocalize keyresolver
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeAdd keycache for located keys
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeFix surprising toggle behavior
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into async-enc
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeCheck first for view before accessing selection
2018-02-26 Andre HeineckeFix multipart/signed detection if ms-tnef wrapped
2018-02-26 Andre HeineckeAdd some more sender address lookups
2018-02-22 Andre HeineckeFix WKS-Confirm mail detection
2018-02-22 Andre HeineckePrint error when decryptresult is null
2018-02-22 Andre HeineckeHandle MS-TNEF PGP/MIME Mails
2018-02-22 Andre HeineckeImplement handling of WKS-Confirmation mails
2018-02-20 Andre HeineckeUse gpgol_message_box in wks-helper
2018-02-20 Andre HeineckeAdd UTF8 and Icon Message Box helper
2018-02-20 Andre HeineckeFix setting the account for WKS Mails
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeImplement WKS-Client request sending
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeAdd oom helper to create mail and handle accounts
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeMake it possible to get the last created mail
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeAdd possibility to override mime struct for mail
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeAdd notification handling to WKS Helper
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeFix detection of unencrypted mails in send
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeAdd EnableWindow functionality to Overlay
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckePut overlayer calls in a simple RAII class
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeImplement WKS Supported check
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeFix minor memleak
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeFactor out common cpp helper to cpphelp
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeUse overlayer tool for "encrypting..." overlay
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeDo sign then encrypt for MIME mails again
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeTake micalg from the created signature
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeFix S/MIME Encrypt
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeFix S/MIME Signature in new architecture
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeStart fixing S/MIME
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeRevert "Launch Kleo/GPA in the background on start"
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeMinor cleanup
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeFix parsing of command lines
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeBring mail window to front after keyresolution
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeFix state machine for PGP/Inline mails
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeImplement key parsing in cryptcontroller
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeAdd mail window id accessor
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into async-enc
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeUse different offsets for windowmessages
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeHold invalidation lock while parsing
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeUse delayed invalidation when parsing is done
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeLog errors strings
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeRemove overly plain leaking debug output
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeShorter and more careful window disabling
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeStart impl. new key resolution with resolver
2018-01-31 Andre HeineckeFix inline responses by making them sync
2018-01-31 Andre HeineckeReactivate T3656 workaround
2018-01-31 Andre HeineckeFix window modality of encryption
2018-01-30 Andre HeineckeImplement MIME Sign in the new way
2018-01-30 Andre HeineckeMake MIME encrypt work in the new way
2018-01-30 Andre HeineckeMake inline encryption work in the new way
2018-01-30 Andre HeineckeContinue work on async encrypt
2018-01-30 Andre HeineckeFirst steps for async encryption handling
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckeFix multipart signed mails
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeAdd cmt to clarify base / non base msg usage
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeAdd special sauce for Outlook S/MIME code interact
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeRevert increased verbosity for T3656
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeFix w64 build
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeIncrease Verbosity for issue3656
2018-01-10 Andre HeineckeChange PGP/Inline behavior
2018-01-09 Andre HeineckeCache recipients trough oom and add fallbacks
2018-01-08 Andre HeineckeFix return type for mails with override msgcls
2018-01-08 Andre HeineckeImprove some debug outputs
2018-01-08 Andre HeineckeFix memleak in mail object
2017-12-12 Andre HeineckeTake plain body from OOM and not MAPI
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeFix g sync account warning
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeMinor cleanup
2017-12-08 Andre HeineckeFix minor memleaks