3 days ago Andre HeineckeJump the event queue master
4 days ago Andre HeineckeFix unencrypted forward of crypto mail
4 days ago Andre HeineckeAvoid double gpgme_data_identify
4 days ago Andre HeineckeDisable async crypto for now
4 days ago Andre HeineckeRemove error handling for failure to resolve
4 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd small safety check in ribbon callback
4 days ago Andre HeineckeFurther extend debugging around mail dtor
5 days ago Andre HeineckeImplement forwarding crypto mails with attachments
5 days ago Andre HeineckeImprove error handling on enc/sign errors
6 days ago Andre HeineckeTurn up debugging at the end of crypto
6 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate portuguese translation
11 days ago Andre HeineckeBump Version to 2.1.0 and update NEWS
11 days ago Andre HeineckeFix protocol selection for autoresolve
11 days ago Andre HeineckeImprove error handling and fix encoding
11 days ago Andre HeineckeFix deadlock in Outlook 2010
11 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate translations and fix some german strings
11 days ago Andre HeineckeProvide protocol argument to resolver
12 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd cryptcontroller to Potfiles
12 days ago Andre HeineckeAuto update translations
12 days ago Andre HeineckeAllow Inline for signed & encrypted with GSuite
12 days ago Andre HeineckePrefer Sender over SendUsingAccount for crypt mail
12 days ago Andre HeineckeFactor sender fallbacks into seperate functs
12 days ago Andre HeineckeBring Outlook back into focus after enc/sign
12 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd new Window Message helper
13 days ago Andre HeineckeBe more lenient with broken PGP Inline messages
13 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd trim and ltrim to cpphelp
13 days ago Andre HeineckeAuto update translation
13 days ago Andre HeineckeFix w64 build
13 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate german translation
13 days ago Andre HeineckeAuto update po files
13 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd new files to
13 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate german localisation
13 days ago Andre HeineckeAuto update po files
13 days ago Andre HeineckeRelabel autoresolve option to reflect new functs async-enc
13 days ago Andre HeineckeImplement Load / Save for WKS States
13 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd helpers to store string map in registry
2018-03-02 Andre HeineckeMove registry helper code into common
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeUse keycache to autoresolve
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeBring mail to front after encryption
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeMinor wait cleanup in overlay
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeLocalize keyresolver
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeAdd keycache for located keys
2018-03-01 Andre HeineckeFix surprising toggle behavior
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into async-enc
2018-02-27 Andre HeineckeCheck first for view before accessing selection
2018-02-26 Andre HeineckeFix multipart/signed detection if ms-tnef wrapped
2018-02-26 Andre HeineckeAdd some more sender address lookups
2018-02-22 Andre HeineckeFix WKS-Confirm mail detection
2018-02-22 Andre HeineckePrint error when decryptresult is null
2018-02-22 Andre HeineckeHandle MS-TNEF PGP/MIME Mails
2018-02-22 Andre HeineckeImplement handling of WKS-Confirmation mails
2018-02-20 Andre HeineckeUse gpgol_message_box in wks-helper
2018-02-20 Andre HeineckeAdd UTF8 and Icon Message Box helper
2018-02-20 Andre HeineckeFix setting the account for WKS Mails
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeImplement WKS-Client request sending
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeAdd oom helper to create mail and handle accounts
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeMake it possible to get the last created mail
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeAdd possibility to override mime struct for mail
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeAdd notification handling to WKS Helper
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeFix detection of unencrypted mails in send
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeAdd EnableWindow functionality to Overlay
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckePut overlayer calls in a simple RAII class
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeImplement WKS Supported check
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeFix minor memleak
2018-02-16 Andre HeineckeFactor out common cpp helper to cpphelp
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeUse overlayer tool for "encrypting..." overlay
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeDo sign then encrypt for MIME mails again
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeTake micalg from the created signature
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeFix S/MIME Encrypt
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeFix S/MIME Signature in new architecture
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeStart fixing S/MIME
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeRevert "Launch Kleo/GPA in the background on start"
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeMinor cleanup
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeFix parsing of command lines
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeBring mail window to front after keyresolution
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeFix state machine for PGP/Inline mails
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeImplement key parsing in cryptcontroller
2018-02-14 Andre HeineckeAdd mail window id accessor
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeMerge branch 'master' into async-enc
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeUse different offsets for windowmessages
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeHold invalidation lock while parsing
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeUse delayed invalidation when parsing is done
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeLog errors strings
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeRemove overly plain leaking debug output
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeShorter and more careful window disabling
2018-02-12 Andre HeineckeStart impl. new key resolution with resolver
2018-01-31 Andre HeineckeFix inline responses by making them sync
2018-01-31 Andre HeineckeReactivate T3656 workaround
2018-01-31 Andre HeineckeFix window modality of encryption
2018-01-30 Andre HeineckeImplement MIME Sign in the new way
2018-01-30 Andre HeineckeMake MIME encrypt work in the new way
2018-01-30 Andre HeineckeMake inline encryption work in the new way
2018-01-30 Andre HeineckeContinue work on async encrypt
2018-01-30 Andre HeineckeFirst steps for async encryption handling
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckePost release version bump
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS gpgol-2.0.6
2018-01-12 Andre HeineckeFix multipart signed mails
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeAdd cmt to clarify base / non base msg usage
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeAdd special sauce for Outlook S/MIME code interact
2018-01-11 Andre HeineckeRevert increased verbosity for T3656