descriptionGnuPG extension for MS Outlook
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last changeThu, 14 Sep 2017 14:50:42 +0000 (16:50 +0200)
10 days ago Andre HeineckePost release updates master
10 days ago Andre HeineckeFix regression for multipart/signed mails gpgol-2.0.1
12 days ago Andre HeineckePost release updates
12 days ago Andre HeineckeRelease GpgOL 2.2.0 gpgol-2.0.0
12 days ago Andre HeineckeAuto: Update translations
12 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate german translation
12 days ago Andre HeineckeIncrease Options dialog width
2017-09-04 Jochen SaalfeldFixing typo and consistency in addin-options dialogue
2017-08-28 Jochen SaalfeldUpdate Portugese translations
2017-08-25 Andre HeineckeOnly do debug output if enableDebug is set
2017-08-25 Andre HeineckeDelete Body MAPI Props after MIME creation
2017-08-25 Andre HeineckeAdd more debug output during parsing
2017-08-25 Andre HeineckeFix compliance mode check
2017-08-25 Andre HeineckeFix handling of inline PGP Mails with attachment
2017-08-21 Andre HeineckeFix encoding error for unsigned / unencrypted
2017-08-21 Andre HeineckeBe more relaxed if something is before PGP Marker
10 days ago gpgol-2.0.1 No one plans to build signed multip...
12 days ago gpgol-2.0.0 Encrypted Kittens
17 months ago gpgol-1.4.0 Now with more bits for Redmond
22 months ago gpgol-1.3.0 PGP/MIME is back to Redmond
3 years ago gpgol-1.2.1 a new release
4 years ago gpgol-1.2.0 Release of version 1.2.0.
5 years ago gpgol-1.1.3 Release 1.1.3
7 years ago gpgol-1.1.2 .
7 years ago gpgol-1.1.1 Release tag.
7 years ago gpgol-1.1.0 Release tag.
7 years ago gpgol-1.0.1 Release tag.
8 years ago gpgol-1.0.0 Released 1.0.0.
8 years ago gpgol-0.10.18 Release tag.
8 years ago gpgol-0.10.17 .
8 years ago gpgol-0.10.16 Release tag
9 years ago gpgol-0.10.15 Release tag
10 days ago master
10 months ago nomapi
7 years ago more-oom-based-with-OL2007-probs
10 years ago old-0.9-branch