descriptionGnuPG extension for MS Outlook
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last changeMon, 19 Nov 2018 10:05:16 +0000 (11:05 +0100)
5 hours ago Andre HeineckeInitalize pointer in mapi_get_header master
5 hours ago Andre HeineckeCheck for error in dbg decrated oom funcs
6 days ago Andre HeineckeFix log_addins and use it to log all addins
7 days ago Andre HeineckePost release Version bump
7 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS for todays release gpgol-2.3.2
7 days ago Andre HeineckeFix l10n encoding in category manager
7 days ago Andre HeineckeUpdate german translation
7 days ago Andre HeineckeAuto update po files
7 days ago Andre HeineckeImprove string for unsigned S/MIME reply
9 days ago Andre HeineckeDisable async crypt for mails without subject
9 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd explicit decrypt as WindowMessage handler
10 days ago Andre HeineckePass write for closed mails
10 days ago Andre HeineckeOverride file close cmd to trigger shutdown
11 days ago Andre HeineckeMinor debug output improvements
11 days ago Andre HeineckeRevert "Add InspectorEvents experiment"
11 days ago Andre HeineckeAdd InspectorEvents experiment
7 days ago gpgol-2.3.2 And I say also unto thee, That...
4 weeks ago gpgol-2.3.1 Contact keys
2 months ago gpgol-2.3.0 Moving around and plugging leaks
5 months ago gpgol-2.2.0 Code cleansing
6 months ago outlook-2007-removal Bye bye EXCHEXT
6 months ago gpgol-2.1.1 Bull's Eye
7 months ago gpgol-2.1.0 Vipera aspis
10 months ago gpgol-2.0.6 Sriracha
11 months ago gpgol-2.0.5 Another crash bug bites the dust
11 months ago gpgol-2.0.4 Bugsquash
11 months ago gpgol-2.0.3 The zombies are coming
12 months ago gpgol-2.0.2 User collision
14 months ago gpgol-2.0.1 No one plans to build signed multip...
14 months ago gpgol-2.0.0 Encrypted Kittens
2 years ago gpgol-1.4.0 Now with more bits for Redmond
2 years ago gpgol-1.3.0 PGP/MIME is back to Redmond
5 hours ago master
3 weeks ago STABLE-BRANCH-2-3
8 months ago async-enc
2 years ago nomapi
9 years ago more-oom-based-with-OL2007-probs
11 years ago old-0.9-branch