* global.c (gcry_set_progress_handler): Register a random progress
[libgcrypt.git] / cipher / arcfour.c
2002-10-14 Werner Koch* arcfour.c (do_encrypt_stream): Don't use increment...
2002-09-17 Werner Koch* random.c: Replaced mutex.h by the new ath.h. Changed...
2002-05-14 Werner KochChange the license to the LGPL. now-less-freedom-protected
2001-08-03 Werner KochApplied changes from GnuPG stable.
2001-08-02 Werner KochMade Arcfour work
2001-05-31 Werner KochThe first libgcrypt only release. V1-1-3
2000-12-21 Werner KochChanged program name in all files
2000-10-10 Werner KochAdded the arcfour cipher which is of use for GNUTLS.