build: Fix build with !HAVE_PTHREAD
[libgcrypt.git] / cipher / cipher-aeswrap.c
2018-07-21 Jussi KivilinnaAdd size optimized cipher block copy and xor functions
2018-03-22 Stephan MuellerAES-KW: fix in-place encryption
2014-01-16 Werner KochReplace ath based mutexes by gpgrt based locks.
2013-11-15 Jussi Kivilinnacipher: use size_t for internal buffer lengths
2013-10-01 Werner Kochcipher: Simplify the cipher dispatcher cipher.c.
2013-09-04 Jussi KivilinnaMove stack burning from block ciphers to cipher modes
2012-12-03 Jussi KivilinnaOptimize buffer xoring.
2011-09-15 Werner KochFactor cipher mode code out to separate files.