primes: Avoid leaking bits of the prime test to pageable memory.
[libgcrypt.git] / cipher /
2018-10-26 Werner Kochprimes: Avoid leaking bits of the prime test to pageabl...
2018-10-25 Werner Kochcipher: Add comments about future OIDs.
2018-10-24 Werner Kochbuild: Make distcheck work again.
2018-10-24 Werner Kochecc: Fix memory leak in the error case of ecc_encrypt_raw
2018-10-24 Werner Kochecc: Fix possible memory leakage in parameter check...
2018-10-23 Werner Kochecc: Fix potential unintended freeing of an internal...
2018-07-21 Jussi KivilinnaAdd size optimized cipher block copy and xor functions
2018-07-04 NIIBE YutakaRFC-8439 was published.
2018-06-19 Jussi KivilinnaClean-up implementation selection for SHA1 and SHA2
2018-06-19 Jussi KivilinnaAdd hash_buffer and hash_buffers for SHA-224, SHA-385...
2018-06-19 Jussi KivilinnaAdd hash_buffer and hash_buffers pointers to message...
2018-06-19 Jussi KivilinnaAES: setup cipher object bulk routines with optimized...
2018-06-19 Jussi KivilinnaPass cipher object pointer to setkey functions
2018-06-19 Jussi KivilinnaAccess cipher mode routines through routine pointers
2018-06-19 Jussi KivilinnaAdd separate handlers for CBC-CTS variant
2018-06-19 Jussi KivilinnaAvoid division by spec->blocksize in cipher mode handlers
2018-06-19 Jussi KivilinnaFix CBC-CTS+CBC-MAC flag check
2018-06-13 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Add blinding for ECDSA.
2018-04-28 Werner Kochprime: Avoid rare assertion failure in gcry_prime_check.
2018-04-10 Jussi KivilinnaFaster look-up for spec by algo for digests, ciphers...
2018-04-10 Jussi KivilinnaFix building with BLAKE2 disabled
2018-04-10 Jussi KivilinnaAdd missing BLAKE2, SM3 and GOSTR3411_CP to MAC-HMAC...
2018-03-28 Jussi Kivilinnaaarch64/assembly: only use the lower 32 bit of an int...
2018-03-28 Jussi Kivilinnapoly1305: silence compiler warning on clang/aarch64
2018-03-28 Martin Storsjöaarch64: Enable building the aarch64 cipher assembly...
2018-03-28 Martin Storsjöaarch64: camellia: Only use the lower 32 bit of an...
2018-03-28 Martin Storsjöaarch64: Fix assembling chacha20-aarch64.S with clang...
2018-03-22 Stephan MuellerAES-KW: fix in-place encryption
2018-03-22 Jussi KivilinnaImprove constant-time buffer compare
2018-02-16 Jussi KivilinnaAdd Intel SHA Extensions accelerated SHA256 implementation
2018-02-16 Jussi KivilinnaAdd Intel SHA Extensions accelerated SHA1 implementation
2018-02-16 Jussi KivilinnaAVX implementation of BLAKE2s
2018-02-04 Jussi KivilinnaAVX2 implementation of BLAKE2b
2018-01-31 Jussi KivilinnaFix incorrect counter overflow handling for GCM
2018-01-22 Jussi KivilinnaFix use of AVX instructions in Chaha20 SSSE3 implementation
2018-01-20 Jussi KivilinnaAdd EAX mode
2018-01-20 Jussi Kivilinnacipher: constify spec arrays
2018-01-20 Jussi KivilinnaAdd ARMv8/CE acceleration for AES-XTS
2018-01-09 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael-ssse3: call assembly functions directly
2018-01-09 Jussi KivilinnaMove AMD64 MS to SysV calling convention conversion...
2018-01-09 Jussi KivilinnaAdd AES-NI acceleration for AES-XTS
2018-01-09 Jussi KivilinnaAES-NI improvements for AMD64
2018-01-09 Jussi KivilinnaAdd ARMv8/AArch64 implementation of chacha20
2018-01-09 Jussi KivilinnaNew ChaCha implementations
2018-01-09 Jussi KivilinnaNew Poly1305 implementations
2017-10-25 NIIBE YutakaAdd OID information for SM3.
2017-10-24 Jia ZhangAdd crypto hash SM3.
2017-08-29 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Use 25519 method also for ed25519.
2017-08-27 NIIBE Yutakaecc: Add input validation for X25519.
2017-08-07 Marcus Brinkmanncipher: Add OID for SHA384WithECDSA.
2017-07-29 Jussi KivilinnaFix building AArch32 CE implementations when target...
2017-07-18 Werner Kochmac: Add selftests for HMAC-SHA3-xxx.
2017-07-06 Werner Kochrsa: Use modern MPI allocation function.
2017-06-29 NIIBE Yutakarsa: Add exponent blinding.
2017-06-24 Werner Kochrsa: Minor refactoring.
2017-06-18 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael-padlock: change asm operands from read-only...
2017-06-16 Werner Kochmd: Optimize gcry_md_hash_buffers for SHA-256 and SHA...
2017-06-14 Werner Kochcipher: New helper function rol64.
2017-06-01 Jo Van Bulckecc: Store EdDSA session key in secure memory.
2017-05-23 Werner Kochcipher: Fix compiler warnings.
2017-05-23 Werner Kochdoc: Comment fixes
2017-05-18 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael-ssse3: fix functions calls from assembly blocks
2017-05-18 Jussi Kivilinnachacha20-armv7-neon: fix to use fast code path when...
2017-05-18 Jussi KivilinnaMove data in AMD64 assembly to text section
2017-05-18 Jussi Kivilinnacast5-amd64: use 64-bit relocation with large PIC memor...
2017-05-13 Jussi KivilinnaFix building with x86-64 medium and large memory models
2017-04-28 NIIBE YutakaSpelling fixes in docs and comments.
2017-02-27 Jussi KivilinnaAdd BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s hash algorithms (RFC 7693)
2017-02-27 Jussi KivilinnaFix building with clang on ARM64/FreeBSD
2017-02-07 Justus WinterFix building with a pre C99 compiler.
2017-02-04 Mathias L. BaumannImplement CFB with 8-bit mode
2017-02-04 Jussi KivilinnaAdd UNLIKELY and LIKELY macros
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnacipher: add explicit blocksize checks to allow better...
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnabufhelp: use unaligned dword and qword types for endian...
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael-aesni: fix u128_t strict-aliasing rule breaking
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnacipher-xts: fix pointer casting to wrong alignment...
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnacrc-intel-pclmul: fix undefined behavior with unaligned...
2017-01-28 Jussi Kivilinnabufhelp: add 'may_alias' attribute for properly aligned...
2017-01-23 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael-ssse3-amd64: fix building on x32
2017-01-23 Jussi Kivilinnabufhelp: use 'may_alias' attribute unaligned pointer...
2017-01-06 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael-ssse3: move assembly functions to separate...
2017-01-06 Jussi KivilinnaAdd AVX2/vpgather bulk implementation of Twofish
2017-01-06 Jussi KivilinnaAdd XTS cipher mode
2017-01-04 Jussi Kivilinnarijndael-ssse3: fix counter operand from read-only...
2016-12-10 Jussi KivilinnaOCB ARM CE: Move ocb_get_l handling to assembly part
2016-12-10 Jussi KivilinnaOCB: Move large L handling from bottom to upper level
2016-12-10 Jussi KivilinnaOCB: remove 'int64_t' usage
2016-12-08 Stephan Muellercipher: New function for reading the counter in CTR...
2016-11-28 Dmitry Eremin-Sole... cipher: Add Stribog OIDs from TC26 space.
2016-11-25 Dmitry Eremin-Sole... gost: Rename tc26 s-box from A to Z.
2016-11-17 Dmitry Eremin-Sole... cipher/gost28147: Fix CryptoPro-B S-BOX.
2016-11-01 NIIBE Yutakacipher: Fix IDEA cipher for clearing memory.
2016-10-09 Jussi KivilinnaGCM: Add bulk processing for ARMv8/AArch64 implementation
2016-10-09 Jussi KivilinnaGCM: Add bulk processing for ARMv8/AArch32 implementation
2016-09-11 Jussi KivilinnaAdd Aarch64 assembly implementation of Twofish
2016-09-05 Jussi KivilinnaAdd Aarch64 assembly implementation of Camellia
2016-09-05 Jussi KivilinnaAdd ARMv8/AArch64 Crypto Extension implementation of AES
2016-09-05 Jussi KivilinnaAdd ARMv8/AArch64 Crypto Extension implementation of GCM
2016-09-05 Jussi KivilinnaAdd ARMv8/AArch64 Crypto Extension implementation of...
2016-09-05 Jussi KivilinnaAdd ARMv8/AArch64 Crypto Extension implementation of...