* rndegd.c (rndegd_constructor): Fixed name of register function
[libgcrypt.git] / configure.ac
2002-05-17 Werner Koch* configure.ac: Removed all the dynmaic loading stuff.
2002-05-16 Werner Koch* configure.ac: Reordered the C_CHECK_FUNCS.
2002-05-15 Werner Koch* config.links: Chnage the way the mpi modules are...
2002-05-14 Werner KochChange the license to the LGPL. now-less-freedom-protected
2002-05-02 Werner Koch* jnlib/: Removed.
2002-02-18 Werner Koch* configure.ac (MPI_EXTRA_ASM_OBJS): Use .lo suffix.
2002-02-07 Werner KochReady to release 1.1.6
2001-12-20 Werner KochBump to cvs version
2001-12-18 Werner KochLast fixes before the release V1-1-5
2001-12-18 Werner Koch* Makefile.am (dist-hook): Only look in mpi and scripts for
2001-12-12 Werner Koch* cipher.c: Added OIDs for AES.
2001-11-15 Werner KochChanges mainly to fix automake problems
2001-08-06 Werner KochTweaks for cross compiling
2001-08-03 Werner Kochreleased 1.1.4 V1-1-4