random: Fix hang of _gcry_rndjent_get_version.
[libgcrypt.git] / random / rndjent.c
2018-06-19 Will Dietzrandom: Fix hang of _gcry_rndjent_get_version.
2018-04-10 NIIBE Yutakarandom: Protect another use of jent_rng_collector.
2017-07-17 Werner Kochrandom: Minor fix for getting the rndjent version.
2017-06-23 Werner Kochrandom: Update jitterentropy to 2.1.0.
2017-06-21 Werner Kochrandom: Allow building rndjent on non-x86.
2017-06-16 Werner Kochrandom: Make rndjent.c NTG.1 compliant.
2017-06-16 Werner Kochrandom: Allow building rndjent.c with stats collecting...
2017-06-16 Werner KochImplement global config file /etc/gcrypt/random.conf
2017-06-14 Werner Kochrandom: Add jitter RND based entropy collector.