descriptionError codes used by GnuPG et al.
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last changeThu, 12 Jul 2018 09:08:47 +0000 (11:08 +0200)
3 days ago Werner KochPost release updates master
3 days ago Werner KochRelease 1.32 libgpg-error-1.32
3 days ago Werner Kochestream: Always propagate flush event to cookie functions.
5 days ago NIIBE Yutakabuild: Use AX_CC_FOR_BUILD and EXEEXT.
5 days ago NIIBE Yutakadoc: Now, yat2m is a standard tool.
5 days ago NIIBE Yutakabuild: Remove version_parts in
10 days ago Werner KochRemove leftover debug output from gpg-error.
10 days ago Yuri Chornoivanpo: Update Ukrainian translation.
10 days ago Andre Heineckecore: Initialize values in estream_format
2018-05-30 Ineievpo: Update Russian translation.
2018-05-30 Werner Kochcore: Fix problem with C11 and stdnoreturn.h.
2018-05-29 emma peelpo: More Spanish translations.
2018-05-03 Andre Heineckedoc: Fix yat2m name for native w32 build
2018-05-02 Werner KochPost release updates
2018-05-02 Werner KochRelease 1.31. libgpg-error-1.31
2018-05-01 Werner Kochpo: Enable Spanish translation
3 days ago libgpg-error-1.32 Fixing es_fflush for cookie functions
2 months ago libgpg-error-1.31 The next try to make gpgrt_poll...
2 months ago libgpg-error-1.30 Make gpgrt_poll work under Windows...
3 months ago gpgrt-1.29 motd: 50 Jahre "Bild"-Hetze und...
3 months ago libgpg-error-1.29 motd: 50 Jahre "Bild"-Hetze und...
4 months ago gpgrt-1.28 More than a year without a release...
4 months ago libgpg-error-1.28 More than a year without a release...
16 months ago libgpg-error-1.27 Now with a gpgrt.h public header...
18 months ago libgpg-error-1.26 Now gpg-error can print longer...
20 months ago libgpg-error-1.25 Support gpgrt_poll under Windows
2 years ago libgpg-error-1.24 Fix for es_fclose_snatch
2 years ago libgpg-error-1.23 Fix for assertion failure
2 years ago libgpg-error-1.22 Now with iconv for Windows
2 years ago libgpg-error-1.21 Added poll interface
2 years ago libgpg-error-1.20 Now with GCC attribute macros
3 years ago libgpg-error-1.19 Now with LDAP error codes
3 days ago master
18 months ago release-1.26