Fix declaration of lock_set_foreground_window for pinnetry-w32.
[pinentry.git] / w32 /
2013-04-26 Andre HeineckeFix declaration of lock_set_foreground_window for pinne...
2013-04-26 Andre HeineckeFix ressource compilation of pinentry-w32
2010-12-16 Werner KochPrepare 0.8.1 release pinentry-0.8.1
2010-08-19 Werner KochPrepare for a gpg-error change
2010-04-14 Werner KochThe minimal W32 pinnetry may now be used for W32.
2007-06-27 Werner KochRevamped the SetFocus stuff. I am not sure whether...
2007-06-26 Werner KochFixed focus issues.
2007-06-20 Werner KochMade W32 version work. There are still some glitches...
2004-12-23 Werner KochRemove the default texts for description,
2004-12-22 Timo Schulz2004-12-22 Timo Schulz <>
2004-12-22 Werner Koch* main.c: Simplified.
2004-12-22 Werner KochNo need for that stuff
2004-12-22 Werner Koch* w32/resource.h, w32/pinentry-w32.rc, w32/main.c,...
2004-12-22 Werner Koch* assuan.h (assuan_error_t, assuan_context_t): New...
2004-12-22 Timo Schulz2004-12-21 Timo Schulz <>