12 days ago NIIBE Yutakabuild: Update m4/iconv.m4. master
2019-04-17 Daniel Kahn... gnome3: correctly detect when no GNOME screenlock exists
2019-04-17 Zephaniah E... gnome3: Use the default dbus timeout when checking...
2019-03-04 NIIBE YutakaUpdate gpg-error.m4 and libassuan.m4 from corresponding...
2019-02-10 Damien Goutte... build: Add --disable-doc option.
2019-02-10 Damien Goutte... fltk: Handle '_' in button labels as keyboard shortcuts.
2019-02-10 Daniel Kahn... fltk: Fix formatting escapes.
2018-08-22 Damien Goutte... Disallow echo disabling when prompting for a PIN.
2018-08-15 Damien Goutte... tqt: Disable echoing if backspace is pressed first.
2018-08-15 Damien Goutte... qt: Disable echoing if backspace is pressed first.
2018-08-15 Damien Goutte... gtk: Disable echoing if backspace is pressed first.
2018-08-15 Damien Goutte... curses: Disable echoing if backspace is pressed first.
2018-06-13 Werner Kochcore: Add info about tty mode etc to 'getinfo ttyinfo'
2018-05-29 William L.... efl: Add an EFL-based pinentry.
2018-03-05 Andre Heineckeqt: Try again to fix Windows Window Management
2018-03-01 Andre Heineckeqt: Renable Windows Foreground Window hacks
2018-02-28 Andre Heineckeqt: Clean up foreground window code
2018-02-06 Daniel Kahn... tqt: use UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1
2017-12-03 Werner KochPost release updates
2017-12-03 Werner KochRelease 1.1.0 pinentry-1.1.0
2017-12-03 Werner Kochtqt: Add SPDX lines and clarify license in AUTHOR.
2017-11-22 Damien Goutte... tqt: Add a TQt-based pinentry.
2017-11-21 Werner Kochw32: Allow building for Windows again.
2017-11-20 Werner KochAdd SPDX-License-Identifier to most files
2017-11-20 Werner KochAdd copyright info for AUTHORS
2017-11-16 Damien Goutte... fltk: Fix compilation and distcheck errors.
2017-10-19 Daniel Kahn... core: Expect (and verify) a uid on "owner" option.
2017-10-12 Daniel Kahn... core: Only scan for the command line if probably on...
2017-10-12 Daniel Kahn... core: Clean up command line extraction.
2017-10-12 Daniel Kahn... tty: correct comments
2017-08-23 Damien Goutte... gtk: Really always set the window as transient.
2017-08-23 Marcus Brinkmanncore: Supress compiler warnings.
2017-08-04 Damien Goutte... gtk: Disable tooltips in keyboard-grabbing mode.
2017-07-12 Daiki Uenodoc: Make Emacs frontend description more accurate
2017-07-12 Marcus Brinkmanncore: Disable "save passphrase" checkbox without secret...
2017-07-11 Alon Bar-LevUse pkg-config consistently.
2017-07-11 Marcus Brinkmanncurses: Add option to beep or flash terminal on dialog.
2017-07-05 Damien Goutte... gtk: Always set the window as transient.
2017-07-05 Werner Kochcore: Add example on how to print a FEATURES line.
2017-05-03 Andre Heineckeqt: Improve width of pinentryconfirm
2017-05-03 Andre Heineckeqt: Fix build with Qt4
2017-03-08 Justus Winterfltk: Remove commented-out code.
2017-03-08 Justus Winterfltk: Fix warning.
2017-03-08 Anatoly madRat... fltk: Add a FLTK-based pinentry.
2017-02-13 Andre Heineckeqt: Fix pinentry-curses fallback for qt5
2017-02-03 Werner Kochcore: Show the command line in the titlebar.
2017-02-03 Werner KochUse a shared function to construct the title.
2017-02-03 Werner Kochgtk: Unless SETTITLE is used show the pid in the titlebar.
2017-02-03 Werner Kochcore: New Assuan option "owner".
2017-02-03 Werner Kochcurses: Do not return OK on error.
2017-02-03 Werner Kochcore: New command getinfo/ttyinfo
2017-02-03 Werner Kochgtk2: Fix a problem with fvwm
2017-01-16 Justus Wintergnome3: Use the program name as default title.
2017-01-13 NIIBE Yutakagnome3: Fix CONFIRM condition.
2016-12-19 Raphael Kubo... Qt: Make sure extended grep is used with '|'.
2016-12-06 Daniel Kahn... Fix spelling errors.
2016-12-01 Werner KochFix linkage problem in tty and emacs pinentries.
2016-11-22 Werner KochCreate SWDB entry during make distcheck
2016-11-22 Werner KochPost release updates
2016-11-22 Werner KochRelease 1.0.0 pinentry-1.0.0
2016-11-22 Werner Kochemacs: Add curses handler stub.
2016-11-22 Werner KochUpdate config.{sub,guess} .
2016-11-08 Daniel Kahn... gnome3: Tighten up error messages when GNOME screensave...
2016-11-07 Werner KochAdd fail-safe string termination for snprintf.
2016-11-07 Daniel Kahn... gnome3: Avoid risk of uinitialized memory access.
2016-11-07 Daniel Kahn... tty: Declare dummy curses_cmd_handler.
2016-11-07 Daniel Kahn... gnome3: Fall back to curses if screensaver is locked.
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... gnome3: Test if Gcr System Prompter is available at...
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... build: Avoid unnecessary dependency on gtk+-2 for GNOME...
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... all: Prefer https:// over in source where possible.
2016-11-05 Werner Kochgnome3: Avoid using gnome and gcr symbol namespace.
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... gnome3: Honor timeout.
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... gnome3: Convert password/confirmation to asynchronous...
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... qt: Report timeout.
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... curses: Report timeout.
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... gtk2: Report timeout.
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... tty: Report timeout.
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... gnome3: Propagate GError messages to pinentry.
2016-11-05 Daniel Kahn... gnome3: Set parent window.
2016-11-05 Werner Kochcore: Add command getinfo/flavor.
2016-11-03 Daniel Kahn... Convert to UTF-8.
2016-11-03 Daniel Kahn... Fix spelling errors.
2016-10-11 Daiki Uenocore: Don't report error on setting option 'allow-emacs...
2016-10-04 Werner Kochgnome3: Drop unnecessary use of gtk
2016-10-04 Werner Kochcore: Add a way to print ERROR status lines.
2016-10-03 Ineievtty: Provide default text for "notok".
2016-10-03 Ineievtty: Fix underscore processing in accelerators.
2016-10-03 Ineievtty: Refactor usage of tolower.
2016-09-01 Werner Kochcurses: Return better error codes for bad ttynames
2016-08-18 Andre HeineckeQt: Add SetWindowPos based foreground hack for Win
2016-08-12 Andre HeineckeQt: Disable automatic wrap for desc and errors
2016-08-12 Andre HeineckeUpdate NEWS
2016-08-12 Kristian FiskerstrandQt: Append -std=c++11 if building against Qt 5.7
2016-08-04 Ben KibbeyFix ncurses build.
2016-08-02 Justus Wintergtk2: Also grab the pointer.
2016-08-01 Justus Wintergtk2: Be more persistent trying to grab the keyboard.
2016-08-01 Justus Wintergtk2: Print keyboard grabbing errors.
2016-08-01 Justus Wintergtk2: Avoid possible format string troubles.
2016-04-25 Andre HeineckeQt: Only use one line action for visibility
2016-04-25 Andre HeineckeQt: Move qualitybar below repeat