2015-05-11 Werner KochRelease 0.9.2 pinentry-0.9.2
2015-05-11 Werner Kochgtk: Silence compiler warning at another place.
2015-05-11 Werner KochReturn better error codes.
2015-05-11 Werner Kochcurses: Reset tty state on failed dialog creation.
2015-05-11 Werner Kochgtk: Use a description string from gpg-agent for libsecret.
2015-05-11 Werner Kochgtk: Silence compiler warning
2015-05-07 Neal H. WalfieldDon't use asprintf.
2015-05-07 Neal H. WalfieldImprove documentation.
2015-05-07 Neal H. WalfieldMinor documentation cleanups.
2015-05-07 Neal H. WalfieldAdd support for saving the passphrase with libsecret.
2015-05-07 Werner Kochw32: Do not build gtk pinentry by default.
2015-05-07 Neal H. WalfieldAlign secmem_realloc behavior with realloc's.
2015-05-05 Werner Kochw32: Minor changes to the dialog.
2015-05-05 Werner KochRemove the Manifest files
2015-05-05 Werner Kochpinentry-tty: Fix problem with zero length prompt.
2015-05-01 Neal H. WalfieldImprove documentation.
2015-05-01 Neal H. WalfieldImprove comment.
2015-05-01 Neal H. WalfieldWhen reading the pin, correctly handle backspace.
2015-05-01 Neal H. WalfieldImprove prompt for pin.
2015-05-01 Daniel Kahn... fix small memory leak in pinentry-curses
2015-05-01 Daniel Kahn... pinentry-tty: make confirm actions work
2015-05-01 Daniel Kahn... pinentry-tty: fix segfault on MESSAGE or CONFIRM
2015-05-01 Daniel Kahn... pinentry-tty: handle designated tty outside of read_pas...
2015-04-16 Yuri D'Eliagtk: Make Escape key work.
2015-04-14 Werner KochAdd stub command SETKEYINFO.
2015-03-18 Werner KochPost release updates
2015-03-18 Werner KochRelease 0.9.1 pinentry-0.9.1
2015-03-18 Werner KochFix build problems on AIX.
2015-03-18 Werner KochUpdate to automake 1.14.
2015-03-18 Werner KochUpdate build-aux files.
2015-03-17 Werner KochGet rid of getopt_long and improve --help output.
2015-03-17 Werner KochUse CH type instead of wchar_t for curses.
2014-12-15 Andre Heineckeqt4: Improve moc handling
2014-12-15 Andre Heineckedoc: Update gpl.texi to match version from gcrypt
2014-12-09 Vicente Olivert... pinentry-qt4: make the accessibility part optional
2014-10-26 Werner KochPost release updates.
2014-10-26 Werner KochRelease 0.9.0 pinentry-0.9.0
2014-10-26 Werner Kochgtk: Aboid segv for opaste keys.
2014-10-26 Werner KochRemove support form QT3 and GTK+-1.
2014-10-26 Stanislav OchotnickyCheck if we are on tty before initializing curses.
2014-10-26 Werner Kochgtk: Allow pasting using the mouse.
2014-10-24 Werner Kochgtk+-2: Make current focus visible again.
2014-10-24 Werner Kochgtk+-2: Implement the SETREPEAT command.
2014-10-24 Werner KochAdd commands to allow implementing a "repeat passphrase...
2014-09-18 Werner KochPost release updates.
2014-09-18 Werner KochRelease 0.8.4. pinentry-0.8.4
2014-09-18 Werner KochAdd missing build support files and move them to build...
2014-09-18 Werner KochUse generic script.
2014-08-12 Werner Kochcommon: Fix compiler warning.
2014-08-12 Werner KochNew pinentry-tty version for dumb terminals.
2014-08-06 Andre HeineckeCheck for MOC also if pinentry-qt is disabled
2014-08-06 Andre HeineckeAdd fallbacks for SetForegroundWindow
2014-08-06 Andre HeineckeUse raiseWindow also for confirm dialogs
2014-07-30 Andre HeineckeSet some accessibility information
2014-04-15 Werner KochUse #if 0 for the emacs indentation helper.
2013-07-15 Andre HeineckeLower paste length limit to 300
2013-07-15 Andre HeineckeLimit paste length to 1023 characters
2013-07-15 Andre HeineckeFix contextmenu support for pasting.
2013-07-15 Andre HeineckeRemove check for RTL extensions
2013-07-12 Werner KochFix for commit fb38be9 to allow for "make distcheck".
2013-05-29 Andre HeineckeAdd pinentry-qt4-clipboard option
2013-05-29 Andre HeineckeRemove qt4 moc files and add moc to buildsystem
2013-04-26 Werner KochPost release version number updates.
2013-04-26 Werner KochRelease 0.8.3 pinentry-0.8.3
2013-04-26 Andre HeineckeSwitch to i686-w64-mingw32 as default Windows toolchain.
2013-04-26 Andre HeineckeFix declaration of lock_set_foreground_window for pinne...
2013-04-26 Andre HeineckeFix ressource compilation of pinentry-w32
2013-03-04 Thomas GriesFix help output.
2013-02-16 Ben KibbeyCurses build fix for DOS'ish systems.
2013-02-14 Ben KibbeyDocument the --timeout and SETTIMEOUT feature.
2013-02-14 Ben KibbeyAdd timeout support to the Gtk+2 pinentry.
2013-02-14 Ben KibbeyAdd timeout support to the curses pinentry.
2013-01-05 Ben KibbeyFix initializing the timeout timer.
2012-08-08 Werner KochPost release version number bump
2012-08-08 Werner KochRelease 0.8.2. pinentry-0.8.2
2012-08-08 Werner KochDistribute only bzip2 tarballs
2012-08-08 Werner Kochqt4: Update all moc files to Qt version 4.8.2
2012-08-08 Werner KochUpdate config.guess and config.sub
2012-08-08 Werner KochChange build system to auto-generate the ChangeLog
2012-08-08 Werner KochSwitch to an automagic beta numbering scheme
2011-08-10 Werner KochFix autoconf/m4 stuff.
2011-08-10 Daiki UenoAdd wide-char support to pinentry-curses.
2011-06-28 Werner KochGet rid of the runtime warning about "editing-canceled".
2011-06-27 Ben KibbeyPinentry timeout support.
2011-01-03 Werner KochAppend a git commit id.
2010-12-16 Werner KochPrepare 0.8.1 release pinentry-0.8.1
2010-10-19 Werner KochDetect --display=FOO in addition to --display FOO.
2010-10-12 Werner KochAdd default-cacnel and default-ok to pinentry-qt(3)
2010-09-30 Werner KochReturn a bit of button info.
2010-09-22 Werner KochMake default-cacnel and default-ok work for GTK2
2010-08-19 Werner KochAdd missing file to the
2010-08-19 Werner KochPrepare for a gpg-error change
2010-06-08 Werner KochAdd StaysOnTopHint.
2010-05-12 Werner KochAdd required header
2010-05-12 Werner KochMake -DSEAL safe. Fixes bug#1224
2010-05-07 Werner KochFix bug#1162. This finally allows me to use the pinent...
2010-05-07 Werner KochMapNotify fix
2010-04-26 Werner KochDo not use g_error but return cancel.
2010-04-20 Marcus Brinkmann2010-04-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2010-04-19 Werner KochFix segv when using -g.