2015-12-07 Werner KochRelease 0.9.7 pinentry-0.9.7
2015-12-01 Werner Kochdoc: Add a note about translated strings in Pinentry.
2015-12-01 Werner KochRemove unused code.
2015-11-27 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Fix formatting.
2015-11-18 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Flush output. Show an error if an invalid option...
2015-10-22 Dirk MuellerQt: Do not use temporary reference to utf8 pin
2015-10-02 Andre HeineckeQt: Fix assignment of have_qt5_libs variable.
2015-10-02 Andre HeineckeQt: Fix quoting of have_qt5_libs init in FIND_QT
2015-09-25 Andre HeineckeAdd option to disable looking for qt5
2015-09-16 Werner KochAdd option "invisible-char".
2015-09-10 Werner KochPost release updates
2015-09-10 Werner KochRelease 0.9.6 pinentry-0.9.6
2015-08-24 Neal H. Walfieldtty: When reading the password, print any supplied...
2015-08-24 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Refactor the code for printing error messages.
2015-08-18 Andre HeineckeClarify comment about fds in pinentry_loop2
2015-08-18 Andre HeineckeQt: Make it possible to build qt5 variant static
2015-08-18 Andre HeineckeRespect SYSROOT variable when looking for assuan
2015-08-18 Andre HeineckeFix pinentry for Windows
2015-08-11 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Correctly implement the repeat passphrase function...
2015-08-11 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Fix buffer resizing bug.
2015-07-28 Andre HeineckeQt4: Rename to pinentry-qt and add Qt5 Support
2015-07-28 Neal H. Walfielddoc: Describe the frontends and their security implicat...
2015-07-28 Andre Heineckeqt4: Replace the custom, secure entry widget with the...
2015-07-26 Neal H. Walfieldgtk2: Use gtk_widget_get_window instead of accessing...
2015-07-26 Neal H. Walfieldgtk2: Use newer tooltips functions, if available.
2015-07-26 Neal H. WalfieldDon't build the emacs pinentry program by default.
2015-07-26 Neal H. Walfieldgtk2: Replace the custom, secure entry widget with...
2015-07-26 Neal H. Walfieldgtk2: Simplify focus / default entry management.
2015-07-26 Neal H. Walfieldgtk2: Have enter in the text entry, send the focus...
2015-07-26 Neal H. Walfieldgtk2: Simplify: combine confirm_button_clicked and...
2015-07-01 Werner KochPost release updates
2015-07-01 Werner KochRelease 0.9.5 pinentry-0.9.5
2015-07-01 Werner Kochw32: Adjust for use of standard libassuan.
2015-07-01 Werner KochDistribute files in m4/
2015-06-24 Gergely Imrehcurses: remove hard-wired ncursesw include path
2015-06-23 Neal H. Walfieldemacs: Don't link against ../assuan/libassuan.a.
2015-06-23 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: Recognize ASCII DEL as backspace.
2015-06-17 Daiki UenoAdd inside-Emacs mode to GUI pinentry programs
2015-06-16 Neal H. WalfieldIf we fail to initialize gtk, fallback to the curses...
2015-06-16 Neal H. WalfieldFix comment for pinentry_cmd_handler_t.
2015-06-16 Neal H. WalfieldDescribe default-prompt in the implementation section...
2015-06-16 Neal H. WalfieldRemove internal mini-libassuan implementation and link...
2015-06-16 Andre HeineckeQt4: Fix GCC compile warnings
2015-06-07 Neal H. Walfieldgnome3: Actually respect the user's choice of using...
2015-06-05 Werner KochPost release updates.
2015-06-05 Werner KochRelease 0.9.4 pinentry-0.9.4
2015-06-05 Neal H. Walfieldsecmem: When clearing memory, don't clear beyond the...
2015-06-04 Daniel Kahn... Make pinentry_setbufferlen always return the pin buffer.
2015-06-02 Werner KochFixed compiler warnings - mostly unused parameter.
2015-06-02 Werner KochAdd more GCC warnings flags.
2015-06-02 Daniel Kahn... use g_debug(format, ...) safely
2015-06-01 Werner KochPost release updates
2015-06-01 Werner KochRelease 0.9.3 pinentry-0.9.3
2015-05-31 Stanislav OchotnickyFix qt4 pinentry window created in the background
2015-05-20 Werner KochImprove configure log messages for ncurses/ncursesw.
2015-05-20 Werner KochRemove obsolete qt/ from the repo.
2015-05-20 Werner KochRemove obsolete gtk/ from the repo.
2015-05-20 Werner KochRemove debian/ from the repo.
2015-05-20 Werner KochAllow building without ncursesw and other minor fixes.
2015-05-19 Neal H. Walfieldgtk+-2: Make sure the save-passphrase-externally checkb...
2015-05-19 Neal H. WalfieldProvide an Assuan command to clear a cached password.
2015-05-19 Neal H. WalfieldIf there is an error message, show it and don't read...
2015-05-18 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: When creating the button text, respect underscores.
2015-05-18 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: Make control-l repaint the screen.
2015-05-18 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: Make control-h an alias for backspace.
2015-05-18 Neal H. WalfieldWhen checking for ncurses, first try using PKG_CHECK_MO...
2015-05-18 Neal H. WalfieldPurge dead code enabled by ENABLE_ENHANCED.
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldgtk+-2: If gtk fails to initialize, fallback to the...
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: Handle control-u, control-w and alt-backspace.
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldsecmem: Clear the buffer before returning it from secme...
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: NUL terminate the pin entry buffer.
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: Make sure the pin entry buffer is larger enough.
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: Avoid aliasing the pin buffer.
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldgtk+-2: When the dialog is destroyed, remove any pendin...
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: If an error occurs while reading input, cancel...
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldtty: ok takes precedence over default-ok. Likewise...
2015-05-16 Neal H. WalfieldDon't use a static initializer to initialize PINENTRY.
2015-05-16 Neal H. WalfieldDon't emit the LC_CTYPE-not-set warning more than once.
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: Use default-ok and default-cancel if set.
2015-05-16 Neal H. Walfieldcurses: Don't show the notok button in pin entry mode.
2015-05-16 Daniel Kahn... Avoid implicit declaration of function addnwstr.
2015-05-13 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Handle the case where the user needs to repeat...
2015-05-13 Neal H. WalfieldAdd a new helper function, pinentry_setbuffer_use.
2015-05-13 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Always call do_touch_file if we (potentially)...
2015-05-13 Neal H. Walfieldtty: Improve confirmation mode functionality.
2015-05-13 Neal H. WalfieldFix linking order to work when linked with --as-needed.
2015-05-13 Neal H. WalfieldDon't interpret the handler's return value as the passp...
2015-05-13 Neal H. WalfieldMake the management of more explicit.
2015-05-13 Neal H. WalfieldBetter document struct pinentry.
2015-05-12 Neal H. WalfieldFix some documentation details.
2015-05-12 Neal H. WalfieldAdd a GNOME3 pinentry based on gcr.
2015-05-12 Neal H. WalfieldAdd new chapter to documentation describing implementat...
2015-05-12 Neal H. WalfieldSimplify code.
2015-05-12 Neal H. WalfieldImplement cmd_confirm in terms of cmd_message.
2015-05-12 Neal H. WalfieldFix memory allocation in pinentry_setbufferlen.
2015-05-11 Werner KochPost release updates.
2015-05-11 Werner KochRelease 0.9.2 pinentry-0.9.2
2015-05-11 Werner Kochgtk: Silence compiler warning at another place.
2015-05-11 Werner KochReturn better error codes.
2015-05-11 Werner Kochcurses: Reset tty state on failed dialog creation.