web: Minor change to the g10 Code entry in service listing.
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2018-11-13 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Publish revision -07
2018-02-14 Ben McGinnesThe worms in the Apple
2015-03-11 Werner Kochdrafts: Add eddsa-for-openpgp draft
2015-03-10 Werner Kochblog: Add news for 2/2015
2014-12-10 Werner Kochweb: Add "blog" to the main menu
2014-12-10 Werner Kochblog: Wrote upload and indexing script.
2014-08-21 Werner Kochswdb: Update libgcrypt
2013-11-06 Werner KochAdjust for org-mode 8.0
2013-11-06 Werner KochAdd an index page.
2013-11-06 Werner KochAdd basic build stuff.