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2018-03-22 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-03-22 Ben McGinnesGPGME Python bindings HOWTO
2018-02-25 Ben McGinnesMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2018-02-20 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Add alternative submissi...
2018-01-05 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Suggest not to create...
2018-01-05 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Typo fix
2017-12-12 Werner Kochweb: gpgme 1.10 announcement
2017-11-20 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Publish revision -05
2017-11-20 Werner Kochdrafts: Add RFC-2782 reference
2017-11-20 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Require the Policy Flags
2017-10-10 Robert J. HansenMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2017-10-05 Werner Kochblog: Oops, a blog needs to have the date in the file...
2017-10-05 Matthias Apitzblog: Howto use an OpenPGP card with an Ubuntu phone.
2017-09-13 Werner Kochblog: Fix URL in the latest posting.
2017-09-12 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Define keyword protocol...
2017-09-04 Werner Kochblog: Minor correction
2017-09-04 Werner Kochblog: Publish financial results for 2016
2017-08-10 Justus Winterjenkins: increase timeout for w32 tests
2017-08-10 Justus Winterjenkins: add powershell hints
2017-08-09 Justus Winterjenkins: improve documentation
2017-08-03 Werner Kochblog: Fix a typo in a link I introduced.
2017-08-03 Werner Kochblog: Okay, max-width attrib looked better.
2017-08-03 Werner Kochblog: Remove images attributes and correct gpg version
2017-08-03 Kai Michaelisblog: wks with enigmail.
2017-07-28 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Published -04.
2017-07-28 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Prepare -04 for publication
2017-07-18 Justus Winterjenkins: really fix running tests on windows
2017-07-18 Justus Winterjenkins: fix running tests on windows
2017-07-14 Justus Winterjenkins: use target check-all if available
2017-07-14 Justus Winterjenkins: more generic she bang
2017-07-07 Nicole FaerberUpdated links and contact info for ordering OpenPGP...
2017-06-21 Justus Winterjenkins: restrict the number of parallel jobs
2017-06-07 Werner Kochblog: Add French translation of the campaign PR.
2017-06-06 Werner Kochblog: Add German translation of the campaign PR.
2017-06-05 Werner Kochblog: D-day
2017-06-05 Werner KochMerge branch 'preview' into wk-master
2017-05-31 Werner Kochblog: Change title for campaign PR.
2017-05-30 Werner Kochblog: Add campaign PR draft
2017-05-24 Werner KochMerge branch 'preview' into wk-master
2017-05-08 Justus Winterjenkins: add PREFIX/bin to the test environment
2017-05-08 Justus Winterjenkins: include local bin directory in PATH
2017-05-08 Justus use phabricators clone for access over...
2017-05-08 Justus Winterjenkins: avoid using build artifacts during builds
2017-05-08 Justus Winterjenkins: use default XTARGET for testing with simpler...
2017-05-04 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' into preview
2017-04-10 Justus Winterjenkins: keep failed distchecks around for investigation
2017-04-10 Justus Winterjenkins: fix the runpath hack for in-tree builds
2017-04-06 Justus Winterjenkins: ignore failures to run the tests on Windows
2017-04-06 Justus Winterjenkins: add in-tree build target
2017-04-06 Justus Winterjenkins: use ccache if available
2017-04-03 Marcus BrinkmannAdd blog entry: A new bugtracker for GnuPG.
2017-03-27 Justus Winterjenkins: make sure the linker uses gpgme from build...
2017-03-27 Werner Kochlists: Overhaul the index.html
2017-03-27 Justus Winterjenkins: make sure that the runtime linker uses gpgme...
2017-03-18 Werner Kochblog: Make executable
2017-03-18 Werner Kochweb: Let also update the blogs
2017-03-15 Justus Remove link to
2017-03-14 Justus Winterjenkins: specialized gpgme build directories for targets
2017-03-14 Justus Winterjenkins: disable python bindings on macos for now
2017-03-09 Justus Winterjenkins: extend notes about setting up GPGME tests...
2017-03-09 Justus Winterjenkins: extend build slave notes
2017-03-08 Justus Winterjenkins: add notes about setting up a build slave
2017-03-08 Justus Use PlusServer logo + update link.
2017-03-01 Justus Winterdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Fix domain.
2017-02-16 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Fixed Content-Type
2017-02-14 Justus Winterjenkins: hack around the RUNPATH issue
2017-02-13 Justus Winterjenkins: tweak scute configuration
2017-02-13 Justus Winterjenkins: use the same gnupg configuration for all unix...
2017-02-13 Justus Winterjenkins: fix GPGMEs tests on OpenBSD
2017-01-31 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Published -03
2017-01-31 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Prepare -03 for publication.
2017-01-31 Werner Kochdrafts: Update readme and Makefile.
2017-01-31 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Specify DNS SRV
2017-01-26 Justus Winterjenkins: tweak openbsd configuration
2017-01-26 Justus Winterjenkins: make communicating test failures more robust
2017-01-26 Justus Winterjenkins: fix regular expression looking for test failures
2017-01-26 Justus Winterjenkins: add job configurations
2017-01-26 Justus Winterjenkins: make communicating test failures more robust
2017-01-26 Justus Winterjenkins: run more tests on windows
2017-01-18 Justus Winterjenkins: disable ntbtls for now
2017-01-18 Justus Winterjenkins: tweak openbsd configuration
2017-01-18 Justus Winterjenkins: set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for GnuPG tests
2017-01-18 Justus Winterjenkins: dump environment right before build
2017-01-16 Werner Kochblog: Finish Neals blog post
2017-01-16 Neal Walfieldblog: Add draft for status report.
2017-01-12 Justus Winterjenkins: add notes on the openbsd installation
2017-01-12 Justus Winterjenkins: explicitly point configure to iconv on openbsd
2017-01-12 Justus Winterjenkins: honor CFLAGS, fixes gpgme build on macos
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: fix PATH in build script
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: delete python hacks
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: use gmake on OpenBSD
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: avoid -fPIC
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: we no longer need adns for master and stable-2.2
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: dump relevant configuration files from build...
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: add glue for testing on a windows vm
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: tweak gnupg-2.0 configuration
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: use make -k check
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: disable python bindings for the sanitizer...
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: add a sanitizer target
2017-01-11 Justus Winterjenkins: use more jobs