drafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Fix nits from last publication
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2016-10-05 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Fix nits from last publi...
2016-10-05 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Published -02
2016-09-30 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Correctly mark sentences.
2016-09-22 Werner Kochblog: Add title line
2016-09-22 Neal H. Walfieldblog: Add status update for Summer 2016.
2016-09-21 Werner Kochblog: Add team photo to the openpgp.conf blog and publi...
2016-09-21 Werner Kochblog: Second part of the "move" ;-)
2016-09-21 Werner Kochblog: Move a blog to drafts, publish gpgme/python blog
2016-09-19 Neal H. Walfieldblog: Minor edits.
2016-09-19 Neal H. Walfieldblog: Add article about the OpenPGP.conf.
2016-09-16 Justus Winterblog: Update pyme3 blog entry.
2016-08-31 Werner Kochblog: Yet another correction
2016-08-31 Werner Kochblog: Spelling and grammar fixes.
2016-08-30 Werner Kochblog: fix publication date - we are not yet at the...
2016-08-30 Werner Kochblog: New article on how to install WKS.
2016-08-30 Werner Kochblog: Move Python article out of the way for now.
2016-08-30 Werner Kochblog: Fix upload script which broke due to recent changes.
2016-08-19 Werner Kochgit.gnupg.org: Cleanup order of gnupg branches on the...
2016-08-12 Justus Winterblog: New entry about the Python bindings for GPGME
2016-06-09 Werner Kochbugs.gnupg.org: Add a note about security bugs.
2016-05-23 Justus Winterblog: fix typo
2016-05-19 Justus Winterblog: New entry
2016-05-18 Werner Kochdrafts: openpgp-webkey-service - published 01
2016-05-16 Werner Kochdrafts: openpgp-webkey-service - Convert to org-mode
2016-05-16 Werner Kochdrafts: openpgp-webkey-service - drop repeated domain...
2016-05-13 Werner Kochdrafts: First changes to openpgp-web-key-service
2016-05-10 Werner Kochdrafts: Typo fixes for openpgp-webkey-services.
2016-05-06 Werner Kochdrafts: Fix content-type contradiction in openpgp-webke...
2016-05-06 Werner Kochdrafts: Fixes some nits in openpgp-webkey-service.
2016-05-06 Werner Kochdrafts: Released first version of openpgp-webkey-service.
2016-05-04 Werner Kochdrafts: Commit collected changes.
2016-04-27 Werner Kochblog: Update an older entry.
2016-04-21 Werner Kochblog: Add financial Results for 2015
2016-04-01 Justus Wintercard-howto: Add missing files.
2016-01-01 Werner Kochblog: Add an update to the last blog entry.
2015-12-26 Werner Kochblog: Fixed URL in 20151224-gnupg-in-november-and-decem...
2015-12-25 Neal H. Walfieldblog: News for November and December.
2015-12-17 Justus Wintercard-howto: Re-encode using utf-8 as specified in the...
2015-12-08 Werner Kochvcards: New scripts to help printing vcards
2015-12-02 Werner Kochbugs: Update list of topics
2015-11-17 Neal H. Walfieldblog: Fix typo.
2015-11-03 Werner Kochblog: Fix formatting and a name spelling error.
2015-11-03 Neal H. Walfieldblog: News for September and October.
2015-09-13 Neal H. Walfieldblog: Fix a few working errors in "News for the Summer"
2015-09-12 Neal H. Walfieldblog: News for the Summer.
2015-08-28 Werner Kochweb: Release libassuan 2.3.0.
2015-08-28 Werner Kochid: Update eddsa-for-openpgp
2015-06-23 Werner Kochblog: Fix URL of OpenKeychain
2015-06-07 Neal H. Walfieldblog: News for May
2015-05-29 Werner Kochrfc4880bis: Merge with RFC-6637 (ECC for OpenPGP)
2015-05-29 Werner Kochrfc4880bis: Reformat to allow rendering of all lists.
2015-05-29 Werner Kochid: Add two more rfcs to common/
2015-05-28 Werner Kochrfc4880bis: Merge with RFC-5581 (Camellia).
2015-05-27 Werner Kochrfc4880bis: Apply errata 2242
2015-05-27 Werner Kochrfc4880bis: Apply errata 3298
2015-05-27 Werner Kochrfc4880bis: Apply errata 2271
2015-05-27 Werner Kochrfc4880bis: Apply errata 2270
2015-05-27 Werner Kochrfc4880bis: Convert rfc4880 to pandoc format.
2015-05-27 Werner Kochdrafts: Add more RFC references to common/
2015-05-01 Werner Kochblog: News for March and April
2015-04-29 Werner Kochblog: Updated the g10 Code numbers for 2014.
2015-04-26 Werner Kochblog: Add First OpenPGP summit
2015-04-14 Werner Kochbugs.gnupg.org: Add used HTML files
2015-04-11 Werner Kochswdb: gnupg 2.1.3, npth 1.2, libksba 1.3.2, libgpg...
2015-03-24 Werner KochUpdate an URL, add release info for pinentry.
2015-03-11 Werner Kochblog: Typo fix.
2015-03-11 Werner Kochdrafts: Add eddsa-for-openpgp draft
2015-03-10 Werner Kochblog: Add news for 2/2015
2015-02-16 Werner Kochblog: Status report for January 2015.
2015-01-21 Werner Kochweb: Minor updates.
2015-01-01 Werner Kochblog: Add Happy gnu year
2014-12-14 Werner Kochblog: Add new article.
2014-12-10 Werner Kochblog: Wrote upload and indexing script.
2014-12-09 Werner Kochblog: Convert all html files to org-mode
2014-05-12 Werner KochAdd blog entry on preliminary campaign results.
2014-04-30 Werner Kochblog: Use a relative URL for the GnuPG home.
2014-04-28 Werner KochWiped iframes and javascript from blog.gnupg.org.
2014-03-12 Werner KochRemove support for Piwik and adjust privacy policy.
2014-02-11 Werner Kochaccounts: Add M and XXL t-shirt sizes
2014-02-07 Werner Kochaccounts: Also collect data for stickers.
2014-02-06 Werner KochAdd Goteo data collect scripts.
2014-02-06 Sam TukeAdded image of funding to blog post
2014-02-06 Sam TukeAdded new blog post "crowdfunding complete"
2014-01-27 Sam TukeRemoved superflous <strong>
2014-01-27 Sam TukeAdded new blog post "find us at fosdem"
2014-01-14 Sam TukeImproved wording
2013-12-30 Sam TukeAdded new blog entry "how good is goteo" with imgs...
2013-12-29 Sam TukeAdded link to spanish translation
2013-12-22 Sam TukeFixed twitter profile link
2013-12-22 Sam TukeFixed url
2013-12-22 Sam TukeAdded link to PH translation
2013-12-22 Sam TukeAdded Filipino translation by Filipinolawyer
2013-12-20 Werner KochAdd link to a French translation.
2013-12-20 Werner KochAdd Spanish a translation.
2013-12-20 Werner KochAdd link to "16 years ..." entry and put link at gnupg...
2013-12-20 Werner KochAdded 0x10 years gnupg blog entry.
2013-12-19 Werner KochAdd translations of the press release.
2013-12-19 Sam TukeFixed structure bug
2013-12-19 Sam TukeAdded German PR release
2013-12-19 Werner KochFix spelling of PRZ's name.