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2018-03-23 Ben McGinneshowto: gpgme python bindings
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2018-03-22 Ben McGinnesGPGME Python bindings HOWTO
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2018-01-10 Ben McGinnesGPG with PHP
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2017-07-04 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Fix link to vn howto.
2017-07-04 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Restore obsolete manpage with out-of-date notice.
2017-06-30 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Remove out-of-date man page and the link to it.
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2017-06-08 Werner Kochweb: Link to our press review
2017-06-08 Werner Kochweb: Add some articles to the press review.
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2017-04-04 Werner Kochweb: Update the page describing the bug tracker.
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2016-02-01 Werner Kochweb: Remove PGP5-GnUPG howto due to broken link
2016-01-18 Werner Kochweb: Add file faq/ and adjust
2016-01-18 Werner Kochweb: Change address of BTS to
2015-12-09 Werner Kochweb: Mention IRC and Jabber channels.
2015-12-07 Werner Kochweb: Add some items to the roadmap
2015-11-17 Neal H. Walfieldweb: Remove dead link to the ptbr version of the GnuPG...
2015-11-02 Werner Kochweb: Replace broken link to Russion key signing party...
2015-10-13 Werner Kochweb: Remove dead link to Korean documentation.
2015-09-08 Werner Kochswdb: Release of libgcrypt 1.6.4 and GnuPG 2.0.29
2015-08-31 NIIBE YutakaFix guides and people.
2015-03-04 Werner Kochweb: Update gnupg FAQ links and added a simple Makefile.
2014-12-04 Werner Kochweb: Minor text additions.
2014-11-06 Werner Kochweb: Release of GnuPG 2.1.0
2014-10-23 Werner Kochweb: Re-format the mailing list page and fix the FAQ...
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2013-11-13 Christian GrothoffNew website is now online.
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