2016-11-14 Werner Kochswdb: Release libgpg-error 1.25
2016-10-27 Andre Heineckeblog: Add blog entry about WKD
2016-10-27 Werner Kochswdb: Do not copy FTP base macros to swdb.lst
2016-10-27 Werner Kochcss: Do not indent h3 parts, resize buttons.
2016-10-20 Justus Winterweb: Add 'binary' anchor to download page.
2016-10-18 Werner Kochswdb: Fix macro for 1.4 exe.
2016-10-18 Werner Kochweb: Do not mention GnuPG 1.4 too prominent.
2016-10-18 Werner Kochswdb: Release of gpgme 1.7.1
2016-10-10 Justus Fix markup.
2016-10-10 Justus Wintermisc: Use https, avoid mixed content on
2016-10-05 Werner Kochweb: Typo fix
2016-10-05 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Fix nits from last publi...
2016-10-05 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Published -02
2016-09-30 Werner Kochfaq: Update HACKING.
2016-09-30 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Correctly mark sentences.
2016-09-22 Werner Kochblog: Add title line
2016-09-22 Neal H. Walfieldblog: Add status update for Summer 2016.
2016-09-22 Werner Kochweb: http to https for
2016-09-22 Werner Kochweb: Release info for GPGME 1.7.0
2016-09-22 Werner Kochweb: Change a couple of other http: links to https:
2016-09-22 Werner Kochweb: Change remaining links to gnupg sites to https://
2016-09-21 Werner Kochblog: Add team photo to the openpgp.conf blog and publi...
2016-09-21 Werner Kochblog: Second part of the "move" ;-)
2016-09-21 Werner KochMention the blogs draft dir in README.
2016-09-21 Werner Kochswdb: Release of gpgme 1.7.0
2016-09-21 Werner Kochblog: Move a blog to drafts, publish gpgme/python blog
2016-09-19 Neal H. Walfieldblog: Minor edits.
2016-09-19 Neal H. Walfieldblog: Add article about the OpenPGP.conf.
2016-09-16 Justus Winterblog: Update pyme3 blog entry.
2016-08-31 Werner Kochweb: Add stub for an FAQ entry for WKD
2016-08-31 Werner Kochblog: Yet another correction
2016-08-31 Werner Kochblog: Spelling and grammar fixes.
2016-08-30 Werner Kochblog: fix publication date - we are not yet at the...
2016-08-30 Werner Kochblog: New article on how to install WKS.
2016-08-30 Werner Kochswdb: add libksba release info.
2016-08-30 Werner Kochblog: Move Python article out of the way for now.
2016-08-30 Werner Kochblog: Fix upload script which broke due to recent changes.
2016-08-19 Werner Cleanup order of gnupg branches on the...
2016-08-18 Werner Kochweb: Add a date to yesterdays news.
2016-08-18 Werner Kochweb: Release 2.1.15. Tweak description of modern,stabl...
2016-08-18 Werner Kochswdb: GnuPG 2.1.15 released.
2016-08-17 Werner Kochweb: Remove bogus local variables line.
2016-08-17 Werner Kochweb: Fix CVE id.
2016-08-17 Werner Kochweb: Announcing Libgcrypt and GnUPG security fixes.
2016-08-17 Werner Kochswdb: New releases of gnupg 1.4 and Libgcrypt.
2016-08-12 Justus Winterblog: New entry about the Python bindings for GPGME
2016-08-08 Werner Kochweb: Fixed link for WinGPG
2016-08-02 Werner Kochweb: Rename to
2016-07-26 Justus Winterweb: Drop CVS projects, the server is no longer available.
2016-07-26 Justus Winterweb: Replace incomplete list of repositories with link...
2016-07-26 Justus Winterweb: Fix typo.
2016-07-19 Werner Kochweb: Do not build an index.
2016-07-16 Werner Kochtools: Avoid unneeded web site builds.
2016-07-16 Werner Kochweb: Prepare for auto-builder
2016-07-15 Werner Kochweb: Minor changes to the build foo.
2016-07-14 Werner Kochfaq: Update whats-new-in.2.1
2016-07-14 Werner Kochswdb,web: Several releases
2016-06-30 Werner KochMerge branch 'feature/shop'
2016-06-30 Werner Kochfaq: Add example for --quick-revuid top whats-new-in... feature/shop
2016-06-16 Werner Kochswdb: Release gnupg 2.1.13
2016-06-15 Werner Kochweb: Announce Libgcrypt 1.7.1.
2016-06-15 Werner Kochswdb: Release libgpg-error and libgrypt
2016-06-13 Werner Kochweb: URL fix
2016-06-10 Werner Kochweb: Add a separate Security page.
2016-06-09 Werner Kochweb: Add a link to service.html from the mailing list...
2016-06-09 Werner Add a note about security bugs.
2016-06-06 Werner Kochfaq: Explain new key listing format since 2.1.13.
2016-06-03 Werner Kochweb: Add an ad for OpenPGP.conf.
2016-05-23 Justus Winterblog: fix typo
2016-05-20 Werner Kochnews: Add OpenPGP.conf item
2016-05-19 Robert J. HansenTypo fix.
2016-05-19 Werner Kochweb: Added CSS rules for footnotes and fixed two errors.
2016-05-19 Justus Winterblog: New entry
2016-05-18 Werner Kochdrafts: openpgp-webkey-service - published 01
2016-05-16 Werner Kochdrafts: openpgp-webkey-service - Convert to org-mode
2016-05-16 Werner Kochdrafts: openpgp-webkey-service - drop repeated domain...
2016-05-13 Werner Kochdrafts: First changes to openpgp-web-key-service
2016-05-10 Werner Kochdrafts: Typo fixes for openpgp-webkey-services.
2016-05-06 Werner Kochdrafts: Fix content-type contradiction in openpgp-webke...
2016-05-06 Werner Kochdrafts: Fixes some nits in openpgp-webkey-service.
2016-05-06 Werner Kochdrafts: Released first version of openpgp-webkey-service.
2016-05-04 Werner Kochdrafts: Commit collected changes.
2016-05-04 Werner Kochweb: Release info for GnuPG 2.1.12
2016-05-03 Werner Kochweb: Typo fix.
2016-05-03 Werner Kochswdb: Release libksba 1.3.4
2016-04-28 Peter LebbingFix typo's in
2016-04-28 Peter LebbingFix typo's in
2016-04-28 Werner Kochweb: Reorganized library section. Add npth.
2016-04-27 Werner Kochblog: Update an older entry.
2016-04-25 Werner Kochswdb: Release libgpg-error 1.22
2016-04-21 Werner Kochblog: Add financial Results for 2015
2016-04-21 Werner Kochweb: Update roadmap
2016-04-20 Werner Kochswdb: Add entry for SQLite
2016-04-19 Werner Kochweb: Add new Windows GUI WinGPG.
2016-04-15 Werner Kochswdb,web: Libgcrypt 1.7.0 add new Libgcrypt web page.
2016-04-05 Werner Kochweb: Change "mail address" to "e-mail address".
2016-04-01 Werner Kochweb: Add facebook logo to the kudos page.
2016-04-01 Justus Wintercard-howto: Add missing files.
2016-03-31 Werner Kochweb: Release of gnupg 2.0.30
2016-03-30 Werner Kochswdb: new releases of gpgol and gpgex.