2017-11-15 Werner Kochfaq: Typo fix.
2017-11-15 Andre Heineckeweb: Remove GPGOE and update GpgOL
2017-11-13 Werner Kochverein: Add a new member
2017-11-12 Robert J. HansenMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2017-11-12 Robert J. HansenMinor typo fixes. Also no longer advises DSA for autom...
2017-11-08 Werner Kochtools: Add descriptions to directory listings.
2017-11-08 Werner Kochtools: Remove bashism in the ftp-listener example
2017-11-08 Werner Kochtools: Improve the ftp indexer.
2017-11-08 Werner Kochtools: First take on a new FTP indexer
2017-11-08 Werner Kochweb: Add 4 new icons.
2017-11-07 Werner Kochverein: Add new member
2017-11-07 Werner Kochweb: Release announcement for GnuPG 2.2.2.
2017-11-07 Werner Kochswdb: Release of gnupg 2.2.2
2017-10-23 Werner Kochverein: Fix error in one transaction.
2017-10-20 Robert J. HansenSome minor notes about PGP interop.
2017-10-20 Robert J. HansenMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2017-10-20 Robert J. HansenSome minor notes about PGP interop.
2017-10-15 Werner Kochverein: Add new member
2017-10-11 Robert J. HansenDropped a reference to PGP-Basics, as that mailing...
2017-10-11 Robert J. HansenFixed erroneous implication we're connected with OpenKe...
2017-10-11 Robert J. HansenBungled a URL. Fixed.
2017-10-10 Robert J. HansenMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2017-10-10 Robert J. HansenAdded a couple of references to FSF literature.
2017-10-06 Werner Kochverein: Update financial info
2017-10-05 Werner Kochblog: Oops, a blog needs to have the date in the file...
2017-10-05 Matthias Apitzblog: Howto use an OpenPGP card with an Ubuntu phone.
2017-10-03 Werner Kochverein: Marcus terminated his membership.
2017-09-21 Werner Kochweb: Fix org-mode editor's too smart link handling...
2017-09-21 Werner Kochweb: Note who is member of the Verein.
2017-09-21 Werner Kochweb: Add notes on who was working for g10 Code.
2017-09-21 Werner Kochswdb: Fix syntax error for new gpg4win entry.
2017-09-21 Werner Kochweb: Updates for gpg4win 3.
2017-09-19 Werner Kochweb: Use a CC BY-SA 4.0 for the Verein pages.
2017-09-19 Werner Kochweb: Minor fixes.
2017-09-19 Werner Kochweb: Add a list of members
2017-09-19 Werner Kochweb: New page with a financial overview of the Verein.
2017-09-19 Werner Kochswdb: Release of GnuPG 2.2.1 and ntbtls 0.1.2
2017-09-13 Werner Kochblog: Fix URL in the latest posting.
2017-09-12 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Define keyword protocol...
2017-09-05 Werner Kochcampaign: Also rename the translations of the main...
2017-09-05 Werner Kochweb: Improve the new donation main page.
2017-09-05 Werner Kochweb: Use a new bitcoin address.
2017-09-05 Werner Kochcampaign: Remove campaign page.
2017-09-05 Werner Kochcampaign: Create a copy of the campaign page to file...
2017-09-04 Werner Kochblog: Minor correction
2017-09-04 Werner Kochblog: Publish financial results for 2016
2017-08-31 Werner Kochweb: Adjust the menu of the campaign page
2017-08-31 Werner Kochweb: Move the list of Videos of the day to the bottom...
2017-08-31 Werner Kochweb: Remove Neal as employee of g10 code
2017-08-31 Werner Kochweb: Remove the main campaign video
2017-08-31 Werner Kochweb: Announce Libgcrypt 1.7.9 and 1.8.1
2017-08-28 Werner Kochweb: Announce 2.2.0
2017-08-28 Werner Kochswdb: Release gnupg 2.2.0.
2017-08-23 Werner Kochswdb: Rename some tags.
2017-08-10 Justus Winterjenkins: increase timeout for w32 tests
2017-08-10 Justus Winterjenkins: add powershell hints
2017-08-09 Werner Kochswdb: Release GnuPG 2.1.23
2017-08-09 Justus Winterjenkins: improve documentation
2017-08-08 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Update
2017-08-03 Werner Kochblog: Fix a typo in a link I introduced.
2017-08-03 Werner Kochblog: Okay, max-width attrib looked better.
2017-08-03 Werner Kochtools: Also sync the img and data dirs of the blog
2017-08-03 Werner Kochblog: Remove images attributes and correct gpg version
2017-08-03 Kai Michaelisblog: wks with enigmail.
2017-07-31 Werner Kochweb: Fix links in last commit
2017-07-31 Werner Kochswdb: Uploaded a new 2.1.22 Windows installer
2017-07-28 Werner Kochweb: Announce GnuPG 2.1.22
2017-07-28 Werner Kochswdb: Release GnuPG 2.1.22
2017-07-28 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Published -04.
2017-07-28 Werner Kochdrafts,openpgp-webkey-service: Prepare -04 for publication
2017-07-25 NIIBE Yutakacampaign: Fix Japanese translation.
2017-07-24 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Propagate previous changes to the non-English...
2017-07-24 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Remove some left over text.
2017-07-24 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Remove the paragraph about the FLM matching...
2017-07-24 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Remove embedded video.
2017-07-24 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Fix a few links in the last commit.
2017-07-24 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Replace video of the day with a list of all...
2017-07-19 Werner Kochswdb: Release gnupg 1.4.22
2017-07-19 Werner Kochweb: Fix URL
2017-07-19 Werner Kochweb: Announce Libgcrypt 1.8.0.
2017-07-18 Werner Kochswdb: Release Libgcrypt 1.8.0
2017-07-18 Justus Winterjenkins: really fix running tests on windows
2017-07-18 Justus Winterjenkins: fix running tests on windows
2017-07-17 Werner Kochweb: Announce release of Scute 1.5.0
2017-07-14 Justus Winterjenkins: use target check-all if available
2017-07-14 Justus Winterjenkins: more generic she bang
2017-07-13 Werner Kochcampaign: Remove First Look Media note from the thanks...
2017-07-12 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Change video of the day to Arthur Jordan...
2017-07-10 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Change video of the day to DKG.
2017-07-07 Nicole FaerberUpdated links and contact info for ordering OpenPGP...
2017-07-06 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Change video of the day to Cedric Laurant...
2017-07-04 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Fix link to vn howto.
2017-07-04 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Restore obsolete manpage with out-of-date notice.
2017-07-04 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Change video of the day to Michael Stehmann.
2017-07-03 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Update image for Sheera Frenkel.
2017-07-03 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Change video of the day to Sheera Frenkel...
2017-06-30 Marcus Brinkmannweb: Remove out-of-date man page and the link to it.
2017-06-29 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Update video of the day to Maik (C3S)
2017-06-29 Neal H. Walfieldcampaign: Update video of the day to Seamus Tuohy.
2017-06-29 Werner Kochswdb: Release Libgcrypt 1.7.8