Epxerimenta support for GDBM keyings.
[gnupg.git] / ChangeLog
1998-10-21 Werner KochEpxerimenta support for GDBM keyings.
1998-10-16 Werner Kochlast local commit
1998-10-12 Werner Kochbackup
1998-09-18 Werner Koch.
1998-07-30 Werner Kochstarted with shm coprocesses
1998-06-25 Werner Kochnearly ready for 0.3.0
1998-06-11 Werner Kochupdate from tobold
1998-05-26 Werner Kochadd-key works
1998-05-13 Werner Kochcan create v4 signatures
1998-04-14 Werner Kochapplied Mathews typo and grammar fixes
1998-03-09 Werner Kochpartial DSA support
1998-02-27 Werner Kochbug fixes V0-2-10
1998-02-26 Werner Kochrelease 0.2.9
1998-02-24 Werner KochRenamed to GNUPG V-0-2-8
1998-02-18 Werner Kochrel 0.2.7 mit kleines Korrekturen
1998-02-16 Werner Kochsome import functionality
1998-02-13 Werner Kochadded option export V0-2-6
1998-02-11 Werner Kocha couple of changes; but some parts are now broken
1997-11-18 Werner Kochinitially checkin