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[gnupg.git] / common /
2019-03-07 Werner Kochcommon: Minor rework of tty_get.
2019-02-11 Werner Kochscd: For PIV cards used NO_AUTH instead of BAD_PIN.
2019-02-08 Werner Kochcommon: Provide function to get public key algo names...
2019-02-08 Werner Kochcommon: New functions get_option_value and ascii_strupr.
2019-01-30 Werner Kochcard: Print matching OpenPGP and X.509 data.
2019-01-30 Werner Kochcommon: Add kludge to allow silencing gnupg_exec_tool_s...
2019-01-30 Werner Kochcommon: New function decode_c_string.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcommon: Provide some convenient OpenPGP related constants.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcommon: New helper functions for OpenPGP curve OIDs.
2019-01-26 Werner Kochgpg: Move S2K encoding function to a shared file.
2019-01-24 Werner Kochcommon: Extend function percent_data_escape.
2019-01-22 Werner Kochcommon: Add generic status print function.
2018-12-01 Jussi Kivilinnacommon/iobuf: fix memory wiping in iobuf_copy
2018-12-01 Jussi Kivilinnacommon/mischelp: use platform memory zeroing function...
2018-11-14 Werner KochMerge branch 'seckey-sync-work' into master
2018-11-12 Werner Kochcommon: Prepare for parsing mail sub-addresses.
2018-11-11 Werner Kochcommon: Add --filter option to t-mbox-util.
2018-11-08 Jussi Kivilinnacommon/iobuf: optimize iobuf_read_line
2018-10-25 Daniel Kahn Gillmorall: fix more spelling errors
2018-10-25 Daniel Kahn Gillmorheaders: fix spelling
2018-10-24 Daniel Kahn Gillmorall: fix spelling and typos
2018-10-24 Werner Kochagent: Fix possible uninitalized use of CTX in simple_p...
2018-10-02 NIIBE Yutakacommon: Fix gnupg_reopen_std.
2018-09-10 NIIBE Yutakacommon: Use iobuf_get_noeof to avoid undefined behaviors.
2018-09-06 NIIBE YutakaFix use of strncpy, which is actually good to use memcpy.
2018-07-27 Werner Kochcommon: New function to validate domain names.
2018-07-02 Werner Kochcommon: New function percent_data_escape.
2018-06-21 Werner Kochbuild: Remove duplicates from AC_CHECK_FUNCS
2018-06-12 Werner KochSome preparations to eventuallt use gpgrt_argparse.
2018-06-12 Werner KochRequire libgpg-error 1.29 and remove internal logging...
2018-05-29 Werner Kochgpg: Remove PGP6 compliance mode.
2018-05-13 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2018-05-02 Werner Kochgpg: Fix "Too many open files" when using --multifile.
2018-05-02 Andre Heineckecommon,w32: Hide spawned processes by default
2018-04-10 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2018-04-09 Werner Kochgpg,w32: Fix empty homedir when only a drive letter...
2018-03-27 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2018-03-23 Werner Kochagent: New OPTION pretend-request-origin
2018-03-21 Werner KochChange license of argparse.c back to LGPLv2.1
2018-03-06 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into wk-master
2018-02-22 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2'
2018-02-22 Werner KochRelease 2.2.5 gnupg-2.2.5
2018-02-14 Werner Kochcommon: Use new function to print status strings.
2018-01-26 NIIBE YutakaMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2018-01-25 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2018-01-24 Werner Kochgpg: New maintainer option --debug-set-iobuf-size.
2018-01-24 Werner Kochiobuf: Increase the size of the buffer. Add iobuf_set_...
2018-01-21 Werner Kochgpg: First take on PKT_ENCRYPTED_AEAD.
2018-01-10 Werner Kochgpg: Add option and preference framework for AEAD.
2017-12-22 Werner Kochkbx: Simplify by removing custom memory functions.
2017-12-20 Werner Kochcommon: Use larger buffer for homedir in case of 64...
2017-12-18 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2017-12-12 Werner Kochbuild: New configure option --enable-run-gnupg-user...
2017-12-11 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2017-12-11 Werner KochAdjust for changed macro names in libgpg-error
2017-12-08 Werner KochRevert: build: Do not define logging.h constants for ...
2017-12-07 Werner Kochbuild: Do not define logging.h constants for libgpg...
2017-11-29 Werner Kochdoc: Update copyright notices for common/exechelp*.
2017-11-27 Werner KochUse the gpgrt log functions if possible.
2017-11-23 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2'
2017-11-20 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2017-11-15 Werner Kochassuan: Fix exponential decay for first second.
2017-11-15 Werner Kochcommon: Change log_clock to printf style.
2017-11-15 Werner Kochi18n: Add an article to "agent" and lowercase "dirmngr...
2017-11-15 Werner Kochcommon: Tweak new code to keep already translated strings.
2017-11-15 Werner KochMerge T3490-proposal1 into master
2017-11-15 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2'
2017-11-08 Daniel Kahn Gillmorassuan: Use exponential decay for first 1s of spinlock.
2017-11-08 Daniel Kahn Gillmorassuan: Reorganize waiting for socket.
2017-11-01 NIIBE Yutakacommon: Accept the Z-suffix for yymmddThhmmssZ format.
2017-10-27 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2017-10-17 Werner Kochgpg,sm: New option --with-key-screening.
2017-09-27 Werner Kochcommon: Add constant KEYGRIP_LEN.
2017-09-27 Werner Kochgpg: Let --debug clock time sign and verify.
2017-09-26 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2017-09-19 NIIBE Yutakacommon: Accept the Z-suffix for yymmddThhmmssZ format.
2017-09-19 NIIBE Yutakacommon: Fix gnupg_wait_processes.
2017-08-01 Werner Kochindent: Wrap overlong lines in argparse.c
2017-07-27 Werner Kochgpg: Tweak compliance checking for verification
2017-07-27 Werner Kochgpg,sm: Fix compliance checking for decryption.
2017-07-25 Werner Kochcommon: Strip trailing slashes from the homedir.
2017-07-25 Werner Kochcommon: New functions gnupg_daemon_rootdir and gnupg_chdir.
2017-07-20 Werner Kochcommon: New function print_utf9_string.
2017-07-20 NIIBE Yutakacommon: logstream fix.
2017-07-18 Marcus Brinkmanncommon: Allow abbreviations of standard options.
2017-07-17 Werner Kochgpg,sm: Check compliance of the RNG.
2017-07-17 Werner Kochcommon: New function split_fields_colon.
2017-06-23 Werner Kochagent: Shutdown on removal of the home directory.
2017-06-23 Werner Kochgpg,gpgsm: Emit status code ENCRYPTION_COMPLIANCE_MODE.
2017-06-19 Werner Kochgpg,gpgsm: Fix compliance check for DSA and avoid an...
2017-06-19 Werner Kochindent: Always use "_(" and not "_ (" to mark translata...
2017-06-19 Werner KochChange license of some files to LGPLv2.1.
2017-06-19 Justus Wintergpg: Disable compliance module for other GnuPG components.
2017-06-13 Werner Kochcommon: Fix -Wswitch warning.
2017-06-08 Justus Wintercommon,gpg,sm: Restrict the use of algorithms according...
2017-06-07 Justus Wintercommon: Add cipher mode to compliance predicate.
2017-06-07 Justus Wintercommon,gpg,sm: Initialize compliance module.
2017-06-07 Justus Wintercommon,gpg: Move the compliance option printer.
2017-06-07 Justus Wintercommon,gpg,sm: Move the compliance option parser.
2017-06-06 Justus Wintercommon,g10: Fix typos.