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2005-04-21 Werner KochPreparing a release V1-9-16
2005-04-21 Werner Koch* Do not build gpg by default.
2005-04-20 Werner Koch(Agent Configuration): New section.
2005-02-24 Werner Koch* gpg-agent.c (handle_connections): Need to check for...
2005-02-22 Werner Koch(stream_read_string): Removed call to abort on
2005-02-03 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2005-01-26 Moritz Schulte2005-01-27 Moritz Schulte <>
2005-01-13 Werner Koch* acinclude.m4 (GNUPG_PTH_VERSION_CHECK): Link a simple... V1-9-15
2004-12-22 Werner Koch* gnupg.texi: Reordered.
2004-12-21 Werner Koch(gpg-preset-passphrase): New section.
2004-12-21 Werner Koch* preset-passphrase.c (preset_passphrase): Handle ...
2004-12-20 Werner Koch* Add PATHSEP_C and PATHSEP_S. For W32...
2004-11-24 Werner KochAdd dirmngr options to gpgconf and updated the DE trans...
2004-11-23 Werner Koch* b64enc.c: Include stdio.h and string.h
2004-10-22 Werner Koch(Helper Tools): Document
2004-10-20 Werner Koch* sc-investigate: Removed.
2004-09-30 Werner Koch* gpg.texi: New.
2004-09-30 Werner Koch* gpg.texi: New.
2004-09-29 Marcus Brinkmann2004-09-30 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2004-09-29 Marcus Brinkmann2004-09-30 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2004-09-29 Werner Koch* gpgsm.texi (Configuration Options): Add --log-file.
2004-09-29 Werner Koch* minip12.c (parse_bag_encrypted_data): Print error...
2004-09-29 Werner KochChanged license of the manual stuff to GPL.
2004-09-11 Werner KochSome more new files
2004-09-09 Werner Kochdoc --max-cache-ttl
2004-08-18 Werner Koch* certlist.c (gpgsm_cert_use_ocsp_p): New.
2004-08-17 Werner Koch* import.c (check_and_store): Do a full validation if
2004-08-06 Werner Koch* gpgsm.c: New option --with-ephemeral-keys.
2004-08-05 Werner Koch* Changed tests for libusb to also suupor...
2004-06-29 Werner KochAdded glossary
2004-06-28 Werner KochAdded some doc stuff
2004-06-18 Werner Koch* debugging.texi: New.
2004-06-18 Werner Koch* debugging.texi: New.
2004-05-11 Werner Koch* sysutils.c (disable_core_dumps): Only set the current...
2004-05-03 Werner Koch* gpg-agent.c: Remove help texts for options lile ...
2004-04-28 Werner Koch* gpgsm.c: New command --keydb-clear-some-cert-flags.
2004-04-26 Werner KochThe keybox gets now compressed after 3 hours and ephemeral
2004-04-21 Werner Koch* call-scd.c (start_scd): Send event-signal option...
2004-04-07 Werner KochDocumented --force-crl-refresh
2004-02-20 Werner Koch* gpgsm.c (main): New option --debug-ignore-expiration.
2004-02-19 Werner Koch* protect-tool.c: New options --have-cert and --prompt.
2004-02-18 Werner KochDescribed new options
2004-02-17 Werner KochAdded new options
2004-02-04 Werner KochFixed a build bug (straw letter in sm/import.c) and...
2003-12-09 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2003-12-01 Werner Koch(Certificate Options): Add --{enable,disable}-ocsp.
2003-10-31 Werner Kochnew command
2003-10-21 Werner Koch* card-util.c (card_edit): New command "passwd". Add...
2003-08-05 Werner KochCleanups, fixes and PC/SC support
2003-04-29 Werner Koch* scdaemon.c: New options --print-atr and --reader...
2003-01-09 Werner KochCopied wrong files. Fixed.
2003-01-09 Werner Kochtaken from NewPG
2003-01-09 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2003-01-09 Werner KochTaken from NewPG
2002-10-19 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2002-10-12 Werner Koch* DETAILS (KEY_CREATED): Enhanced by fingerprint.
2002-10-03 David Shaw* gpg.sgml: Note that '#' means secret-key-unavailable...
2002-09-20 David Shaw* gpg.sgml: Some minor language cleanup.
2002-09-20 Werner Koch* DETAILS: s/XORed/ORed/.
2002-09-15 Werner Koch* gpg.sgml: Add rebuild-keydb-caches.
2002-09-12 Werner Koch* (EXTRA_DIST): Include gnupg-32.reg
2002-09-12 David Shaw* DETAILS: Fix batch key generation example.
2002-09-11 Werner KochUpdated texi files
2002-09-02 Werner Koch* gnupg.7: New mini man page.
2002-09-02 Werner Koch* gpg.sgml: Updated the charset option.
2002-09-02 Werner Koch* gnupg.7: New mini man page.
2002-08-30 David Shaw* gpg.sgml: Document keyserver-option include-subkeys...
2002-08-23 Werner Koch* faq.raw: Updated. New Maintainer is David D. Scribner.
2002-08-23 Werner KochInclude intl/ in the CVS again; otherwise we are not...
2002-08-22 David Shaw* gpg.sgml: Clarify meaning of keyserver option include...
2002-08-20 David Shaw* DETAILS: Clarify that trust letters 'q' and '-' can...
2002-08-06 David Shaw* gpg.sgml: Clarify that only long-form options can...
2002-08-06 Werner Koch* options.skel: Changed comments.
2002-08-06 Werner Kochminor doc fixes.
2002-08-03 Werner KochThe big extension module removal.
2002-08-02 Werner Koch* gpg.sgml: Document new --delete behaviour.
2002-07-30 David Shaw* gpg.sgml: Clarify --edit/addrevoker (sensitive),...
2002-07-25 David Shaw* gpg.sgml: Clarify the differences between "pref"...
2002-07-24 Werner KochAdd a new readon code for delet key.
2002-07-01 David Shaw* gpg.sgml: Clarify "group".
2002-07-01 Werner KochBetter keep it in the CVS
2002-07-01 Werner Koch* Due to problems with VPATH builds we...
2002-06-30 Werner Koch* README.W32: Adjusted some descriptions. Fixed the...
2002-06-29 David ShawUpdate head to match stable 1.0
2000-12-21 Werner KochDoes now work with libgcrypt
2000-12-19 Werner KochRemoved libgcrypt doc files
2000-11-14 Werner KochSome configuration changes
2000-10-04 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Wed Oct 4 13:16:18 CEST 2000 Werner...
2000-08-22 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Tue Aug 22 14:31:15 CEST 2000 Werner...
2000-05-25 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Thu May 25 18:39:11 CEST 2000 Werner...
2000-03-13 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Mon Mar 13 19:22:46 CET 2000 Werner...
2000-02-08 Werner KochAdd some libgcrypt dox
2000-02-08 Werner KochStarted with gcrypt manual
2000-01-24 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Mon Jan 24 13:04:28 CET 2000 Werner...
1999-10-26 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Tue Oct 26 14:10:21 CEST 1999 Werner...
1999-09-17 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Fri Sep 17 12:56:42 CEST 1999 Werner... V1-0-1
1999-09-15 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Wed Sep 15 16:22:17 CEST 1999 Werner... V1-0-1-ePit-1 V1-0-2 V1-0-3 V1-0-4
1999-09-13 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Mon Sep 13 10:55:14 CEST 1999 Werner...
1999-09-07 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Tue Sep 7 18:44:05 CEST 1999 Werner... V1-0-0
1999-09-07 Werner KochSee ChangeLog: Tue Sep 7 16:23:36 CEST 1999 Werner...