card: Suppress error message by agent_scd_cardlist.
[gnupg.git] / g10 / passphrase.c
2018-05-13 Werner KochMerge branch 'STABLE-BRANCH-2-2' into master
2018-04-12 Werner Kochgpg: Extend the "sig" record in --list-mode.
2018-04-11 Werner Kochgpg: New option --no-symkey-cache.
2017-03-31 Werner Kochgpg: Pass CTRL to many more functions.
2017-03-07 NIIBE YutakaRemove -I option to common.
2017-02-08 Justus Wintergpg,common: Make sure that all fd given are valid.
2016-12-08 Werner KochFix 2 compiler warnings.
2016-11-05 Werner KochChange all in license notices to https://
2016-10-21 NIIBE YutakaFix use cases of snprintf.
2016-08-08 Werner Kochgpg: Cleanup of dek_to_passphrase function (part 2).
2016-08-08 Werner Kochgpg: Cleanup of dek_to_passphrase function (part 1).
2016-04-29 Werner Kochgpg: Remove all assert.h and s/assert/log_assert/.
2015-08-16 Ben KibbeyFix sending INQUIRE_MAXLEN for symmetric data.
2014-11-19 Werner KochComment typo fixes.
2014-08-26 Werner Kochgpg: Allow for positional parameters in the passphrase...
2014-06-30 Werner Kochgpg: Auto-create revocation certificates.
2014-04-15 Werner Kochgpg: Re-enable secret key deletion.
2014-04-15 Werner Kochgpg: Change pinentry prompt to talk about "secret key".
2014-01-29 Werner Kochgpg: Remove cipher.h and put algo ids into a common...
2013-02-22 Werner Kochgpg: Fix a memory leak in batch key generation
2013-02-21 Werner Kochgpg: Fix a memory leak in batch key generation
2013-02-12 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' into key-storage-work
2013-02-07 Werner Kochgpg: Add pinentry-mode feature.
2011-09-20 Werner KochAllow NULL for free_public_key.
2011-03-10 Werner KochMake use of gcry_kdf_derive.
2011-02-03 Werner KochMerge branch 'ECC-INTEGRATION-2-1' ecc-integration-done
2011-02-02 Werner KochSample ECC keys and message do now work.
2011-01-24 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' into ECC-INTEGRATION-2-1
2011-01-06 Andrey JivsovIntegrating
2010-10-26 Werner KochRe-implemented GPG's --passwd command and improved it.
2010-10-13 Werner KochMore agent support for gpg.
2010-09-06 Werner KochRemoved more secret key related code.
2010-09-01 Werner KochEven less prompts for a new key now.
2010-04-27 Werner KochProvide a useful pinentry prompt.
2010-01-08 Werner KochAdd dummu option --passwd for gpg.
2009-08-20 Werner Koch2009-08-20 Daiki Ueno <>
2009-07-30 Werner KochComment changes.
2009-06-24 Werner KochFixed a bunch of little bugs as reported by Fabian...
2009-06-05 David ShawAdd full Camellia support.
2009-05-18 Werner KochNew gpgsm server option no-encrypt-to.
2009-05-15 Werner KochMade card key generate with backup key work for 2048...
2009-04-01 Werner KochImport/export of pkcs#12 now uses the gpg-agent directly.
2009-03-17 Werner KochMove password repetition from gpg to gpg-agent.
2008-12-12 Werner KochAdd rmd160.c.
2008-10-20 Werner KochMarked all unused args on non-W32 platforms.
2008-03-13 Werner KochFixed an email/DN bug.
2007-10-19 Werner KochFactored utf8 switching code out to i18n.c.
2007-07-04 Werner KochChanged to GPLv3.
2007-06-06 Werner KochFirst steps towards supporting W32.
2007-05-18 Marcus Brinkmann2007-05-19 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-05-18 Marcus Brinkmannagent/
2007-04-28 Marcus Brinkmann2007-04-26 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2007-01-31 Werner KochIncluded LIBICONV in all Makefiles.
2006-12-06 Werner KochFixes for CVE-2006-6235
2006-12-03 David Shaw* options.h, gpg.c (main), passphrase.c (passphrase_to_...
2006-10-13 David Shaw* parse-packet.c (parse_symkeyenc): Show the unpacked...
2006-10-04 Werner KochRe-enabled --passphrase-fd
2006-10-04 Werner KochFixed agent access for gpg.
2006-08-01 Werner KochMoved 1.9 branch to trunk
2006-07-31 Werner KochFix bug 655
2006-05-23 Werner Kochg10/ does build again.
2006-04-19 Werner KochContinued with merging.
2006-04-19 Werner KochMerged with gpg 1.4.3 code.
2006-01-17 David Shaw* keydb.h, passphrase.c (next_to_last_passphrase):...
2005-09-07 Werner KochAdd "help" sub option to --*-options.
2005-08-05 David Shaw* g10.c (main), passphrase.c (set_passphrase_from_strin...
2005-07-27 Werner KochConverted all m_free to xfree etc.
2005-07-26 Werner Koch* passphrase.c (agent_get_passphrase): Make sure to...
2005-06-01 David Shaw* signal.c [HAVE_DOSISH_SYSTEM]: Fix unused function...
2005-05-31 Werner KochUpdated FSF street address and preparations for a relea...
2005-05-24 Werner Koch* passphrase.c (ask_passphrase): Unescape the descripti...
2005-05-20 Werner Koch(ccid_transceive): Arghhh. The seqno is another
2005-05-03 Werner Koch* passphrase.c (agent_get_passphrase): Add new arg...
2005-04-05 Werner KochChanges to make use of code taken from libassuan. ...
2005-02-15 Werner Koch* gpg.sgml: Add bkuptocard command for --edit-key.
2005-01-10 David Shaw* passphrase.c (readline, agent_send_option, agent_open,
2004-12-20 David Shaw* keyedit.c (keyedit_menu): Invisible alias "passwd...
2004-12-17 Werner Koch* passphrase.c (agent_get_passphrase): Define NREAD...
2004-12-14 Werner Kochautomake updates, removed one debug output V1-3-93
2004-12-13 Werner Koch(read_passphrase_from_fd): Fixed memory leak.
2004-12-09 Werner Koch* passphrase.c (agent_get_passphrase): New args CUSTOM_...
2004-11-17 Werner Koch(open_info_file): New.
2004-11-03 Timo Schulz2004-11-03 Timo Schulz <>
2004-10-28 David Shaw* skclist.c (build_sk_list): Don't need to warn about...
2004-10-28 David Shaw* card-util.c, delkey.c, keygen.c, plaintext.c, keyedit...
2004-10-26 Werner Koch(agent_send_all_options): Try to deduce the ttyname
2004-10-17 Werner Koch(agent_get_passphrase): Cast UIDLEN to int. Noted
2004-10-15 Werner Koch* README: Mentioned --enable-selinux-support.
2004-10-06 David Shaw* helptext.c, pkclist.c (do_we_trust): It is not possib...
2004-10-05 David Shaw* passphrase.c (agent_get_passphrase): Use keystrs...
2004-09-24 David Shaw* main.h: Create S2K_DIGEST_ALGO macro so we do not...
2004-08-18 Marcus Brinkmann2004-08-18 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2004-08-18 Marcus Brinkmann2004-08-18 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2004-06-16 Werner Koch* free-packet.c (copy_secret_key): Fixed memory leak...
2004-04-06 Werner Koch* Require libgcrypt 1.1.94.
2004-03-05 David Shaw* getkey.c (merge_selfsigs_subkey): Do not mark subkeys...
2004-03-05 David Shaw* revoke.c (export_minimal_pk), export.c (do_export_str...
2004-02-18 Werner Koch* call-agent.c (start_agent): Ignore an empty GPG_AGENT...
2003-12-17 Werner Koch* card-util.c (print_name): Fixed bad format string...
2003-10-21 Werner Koch* passphrase.c (ask_passphrase): Add optional promptid...