Some bug fixes of the last release
[gnupg.git] / g10 / revoke.c
1998-11-10 Werner KochSome bug fixes of the last release
1998-10-12 Werner Kochbackup
1998-09-11 Werner Koch*** empty log message ***
1998-08-11 Werner Kochbug fix release V0-3-4
1998-08-08 Werner Kochready for a new release
1998-06-29 Werner Kochtextual changes
1998-06-25 Werner Kochnearly ready for 0.3.0
1998-05-26 Werner Kochadd-key works
1998-05-13 Werner Kochcan create v4 signatures
1998-04-14 Werner Kochapplied Mathews typo and grammar fixes
1998-04-02 Werner Kochrelease 0.2.14
1998-02-24 Werner KochRenamed to GNUPG V-0-2-8
1998-02-18 Werner Kochadded revcation stuff and fixed a couple of bugs
1998-02-16 Werner Kochsome import functionality