Add error log and debug log for pcsc_keypad_verify and pcsc_keypad_modify.
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2011-12-01 Werner KochGenerate the ChangeLog from commit logs.
2011-03-08 Werner KochRequire libgcrypt 1.5
2011-02-04 Werner KochNuked almost all trailing white space. post-nuke-of-trailing-ws
2011-02-03 Werner KochMerge branch 'ECC-INTEGRATION-2-1' ecc-integration-done
2011-02-02 Werner KochSample ECC keys and message do now work.
2011-01-24 Werner KochFix another stupid bug ECDH detection bug
2011-01-24 Werner KochMerge branch 'master' into ECC-INTEGRATION-2-1
2011-01-21 Werner KochMake most of the selftests work.
2011-01-21 Werner KochEditorial changes and allow building with old libgcrypts.
2011-01-06 Andrey JivsovIntegrating
2009-08-20 Werner Koch2009-08-20 Daiki Ueno <>
2008-04-18 Werner KochAdjust for the changed Camellia draft.
2007-12-12 Werner KochSupport DSA2.
2007-07-04 Werner KochChanged to GPLv3.
2006-09-20 Werner KochCleanups.
2006-08-16 Werner KochWith --enable-gpg the keyservers are now build and...
2006-08-01 Werner KochMoved 1.9 branch to trunk
2006-07-26 Werner KochFixed memory allocation bug and typos.
2006-06-20 Werner KochUpdated FSF's address.
2006-04-28 Werner KochFix for sanitize string. Added SHA224
2006-04-20 David ShawThe plumbing necessary to create DSA keys with variable...
2006-04-20 David ShawAdd SHA-224 support
2006-04-19 Werner KochMerged with gpg 1.4.3 code.
2006-03-16 David Shaw* cert.c (get_cert): Handle the fixed IPGP type with...
2006-02-14 Werner KochFixed a wrong return code with gpg --verify
2005-12-23 David ShawNew code to do DNS CERT queries.
2005-10-05 Werner KochRenamed g10.c to gpg.c
2005-07-28 Werner KochImplemented PKA trust model
2005-07-27 Werner KochConverted all m_free to xfree etc.
2005-06-23 David Shaw* http.h: Fix prototypes for http_open_document and...
2005-06-22 David Shaw* http.h: Fix prototypes for http_open_document and...
2005-05-31 Werner KochUpdated FSF street address and preparations for a relea...
2005-05-21 Werner Koch* cardglue.c (send_status_info): Make CTRL optional.
2005-05-05 David ShawRemove add_days_to_timestamp (unused)
2005-04-22 David Shaw* distfiles: Add assuan.h.
2005-04-05 Werner KochChanges to make use of code taken from libassuan. ...
2005-03-18 David Shaw* ttyio.c (tty_enable_completion, tty_disable_completio...
2005-03-14 Werner Koch* card-util.c (card_status): Use isotimestamp and not the
2005-02-10 David ShawDisable the "quick check" bytes for PK decryptions...
2005-01-20 Werner Koch* g10.c (i18n_init) [W32]: Pass registry key to gettext
2004-12-16 David Shaw* g10.c (main): Add --require-secmem/--no-require-secme...
2004-11-29 David Shaw* cipher.h: Add PUBKEY_USAGE_UNKNOWN.
2004-11-03 Timo Schulz2004-11-03 Timo Schulz <>
2004-10-27 Werner Koch* dynload.h: Always use it for _WIN32.
2004-10-21 Werner Koch* Remove the check for asprintf
2004-10-15 Werner KochAdd asprintf prototype.
2004-10-13 David Shaw* keyserver.h: Add KEYSERVER_TIMEOUT.
2004-10-13 Werner KochAdded SELInux hacks and did some cleanups.
2004-10-13 Werner Koch* Actually name the option --disable...
2004-09-30 David Shaw* util.h: Prototype destroy_dotlock(). From Werner...
2004-09-10 David Shaw* http.h: Add auth field for a parsed_uri to allow...
2004-09-09 Werner Koch* README: Doc --disable-card-support and --without...
2004-09-09 Werner Koch* photoid.c: Include ttyio.h.
2004-04-27 Werner KochRenamed prototype parameter name to avoid gcc warnings.
2004-03-04 David Shaw* iobuf.h: Remove iobuf_set_block_mode() and iobuf_in_b...
2004-02-21 David Shaw* util.h: Prototype for hextobyte().
2004-01-17 David Shaw* cipher.h: Remove the old CIPHER_ALGO_RINJDAEL values...
2004-01-16 David Shaw* util.h: Add prototype for print_string2().
2003-12-28 David Shaw* http.h: Pass the http proxy from outside rather than...
2003-12-28 Stefan Belloncleaned up RISC OS code and removed lots of unnecessary...
2003-12-17 David Shaw* mpi.h (gcry_mpi, mpi_get_opaque, mpi_set_opaque)...
2003-12-17 David Shaw* cipher.h (pubkey_verify): Remove old unused code.
2003-12-04 David Shaw* cipher.h: Make cipher list match 2440bis-09.
2003-11-21 David Shaw* util.h: Add prototype for match_multistr().
2003-10-31 David Shaw* cipher.h: Add COMPRESS_ALGO_BZIP2.
2003-10-29 Werner Koch* cardglue.c (open_card): Ask for card insertion.
2003-10-08 Werner Koch(tty_print_string, tty_print_utf8_string2)
2003-10-04 Timo Schulz2003-10-04 Timo Schulz <>
2003-09-30 Werner Koch* keygen.c (do_add_key_flags, parse_parameter_usage...
2003-09-28 Timo Schulz2003-09-28 Timo Schulz <>
2003-09-28 Werner Koch* util.h: Add the atoi_* and xtoi_* suite of macros...
2003-09-27 Werner KochFirst bits of a card support backport from 1.9. It...
2003-09-23 Werner KochMerged most of David Shaw's changes in 1.3 since 2003...
2003-09-05 Werner Koch* keygen.c (do_add_key_flags, parse_parameter_usage)
2003-09-04 David Shaw* cipher.h: Drop TIGER/192 support.
2003-08-28 David Shaw* util.h: s/__MINGW32__/_WIN32/ to help building on...
2003-07-10 David Shaw* types.h: Prefer using uint64_t when creating a 64...
2003-07-04 Werner KochMinor changes to make make dist work correctly.
2003-07-03 Werner Koch* cipher.h (DBG_CIPHER,g10c_debug_mode): Removed.
2003-06-18 Werner KochFinished the bulk of changes for gnupg 1.9. This inclu...
2003-06-05 Werner KochA small step for GnuPG but a huge leap for error codes.
2003-06-05 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2003-05-24 David Shaw* cipher.h, i18n.h, iobuf.h, memory.h, mpi.h, types...
2003-05-14 David Shaw* types.h: Add initializer macros for 64-bit unsigned...
2003-05-03 David Shaw* cipher.h: Add constants for compression algorithms.
2003-03-11 David Shaw* http.h: Add HTTP_FLAG_TRY_SRV.
2003-02-12 David Shaw* types.h: Try and use uint64_t for a 64-bit type.
2003-02-04 David Shaw* cipher.h: Add constants for new SHAs.
2003-01-09 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2002-11-13 David Shaw* util.h [__CYGWIN32__]: Don't need the registry protot...
2002-11-09 Werner Koch* ttyio.c (TERMDEVICE): Removed.
2002-11-06 David Shaw* util.h: Add wipememory2() macro (same as wipememory...
2002-10-31 Stefan Bellonadded RISC OS module loading support
2002-10-31 David Shaw* util.h: Add wipememory() macro.
2002-10-29 Stefan Bellontidied RISC OS filetype support
2002-10-28 Stefan Bellonfiletype support for RISC OS
2002-10-19 David Shaw* distfiles, _regex.h: Add _regex.h from glibc 2.3.1.
2002-10-19 Repo AdminThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2002-10-14 David Shaw* keyserver.h: Go to KEYSERVER_PROTO_VERSION 1.
2002-10-09 David Shaw* keyserver.h: Add new error code KEYSERVER_UNREACHABLE.