gpg: In search-keys return "Not found" instead of "No Data".
[gnupg.git] / po / Makevars
2018-11-14 Werner KochMerge branch 'seckey-sync-work' into master
2018-07-05 Werner Kochpo: Add flag options for xgettext.
2015-06-30 Werner Kochagent: Use different translation func for Pinentry...
2006-08-01 Werner KochMoved 1.9 branch to trunk
2004-04-06 Werner Koch* Require libgcrypt 1.1.94.
2003-12-09 Werner Koch(MSGID_BUGS_ADDRESS): New.
2003-10-25 Werner KochNew.
2003-04-29 Werner Koch* LINUGAS: NEW.