* call-agent.c (start_agent): Make copies of old locales and check
[gnupg.git] / scd / scdaemon.h
2002-04-12 Werner Koch* scdaemon.c: New option --debug-sc N.
2002-03-18 Werner KochDoc fixes, moved some fizmes to TODO, fixed minor bugs.
2002-03-06 Werner KochDecryption using a Cryptoflex card does now work.
2002-03-05 Werner KochWell and some stuff to access the SC will be helpful...
2002-03-04 Werner KochAdded more code fragments.
2002-02-28 Werner KochChanges needed to support smartcards. Well, only _supp...
2002-02-18 Werner KochSome experimental code - don't use it.
2002-01-26 Werner Koch* scdaemon.c scdaemon.h, command.c: New. Based on the...