* gpgsm.c (main): Don't print the "go ahead" message for an
[gnupg.git] / sm / fingerprint.c
2002-01-13 Werner Koch* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_certid): Print the serialand...
2002-01-11 Werner Koch* call-dirmngr.c: New.
2002-01-10 Werner Koch* base64.c (gpgsm_create_writer): Allow to set the...
2001-12-18 Werner KochChanges to be used with the new libksba interface.
2001-12-15 Werner Koch* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Write STATUS_DECRYPTION_*.
2001-12-05 Werner KochStarted with decryption stuff
2001-11-24 Werner KochIntroduced the keygrip
2001-11-19 Werner KochAdded basic code for keylisting.
2001-11-19 Werner KochWrite status output, make verify work in server mode.
2001-11-13 Werner KochWe have reached a state where we are able to import...