tests/openpgp: Qualify executables with extension.
[gnupg.git] / tests / openpgp / defs.inc
2016-02-23 Justus Wintertests/openpgp: Reimplement 'pinentry.sh' in c.
2014-10-30 Werner Kochtests: Speed up the genkey1024.test by using not so...
2014-10-17 Werner Kochgpg: Remove all support for v3 keys and always create...
2014-03-17 Werner Kochgpg: Reject signatures made with MD5.
2014-02-10 Werner Kochgpg: Allow building without any trust model support.
2012-04-05 Werner KochDo not mix test result with progress lines.
2011-02-10 Werner KochAdd ECC import regression tests and fixed a regression.
2010-10-14 Werner KochAll tests work are again working
2010-10-14 Werner KochSome tweaks to the agent startup.
2010-06-07 Werner KochChange OpenPGP test framework to run under the control...
2010-05-11 Werner KochUpdate tests.
2009-06-05 David Shaw* defs.inc: Improved all_cipher_algos and all_hash_algo...
2007-10-25 Werner KochPorted changes from 1.4.
2006-08-21 Werner KochMigrated more stuff to doc/