scd: Allow generating ECC curves on PIV cards.
[gnupg.git] / tools / card-call-scd.c
2019-02-07 Werner Kochcard: Print the used algorithm of all keys.
2019-02-05 Werner Kochscd: Allow standard keyref scheme for app-openpgp.
2019-01-31 Werner Kochcard: Implement non-interactive mode.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcard: Support factory reset for Yubikey PIV application.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcard: Print keyinfo for PIV cards.
2019-01-29 Werner Kochcard: Make printing of key information more flexible.
2019-01-27 Werner Kochcard: Implement the bulk of OpenPGP stuff into gpg...