common: Remove generated files only during maintainer-clean.
[gnupg.git] / tools / watchgnupg.c
2011-02-03 Werner KochUpdate copyright year
2010-10-06 Werner KochImport fixes.
2010-10-05 Werner KochDon't set SSH_AGENTPID_INFO.
2010-08-09 Werner KochSupport logging via TCP
2009-05-19 Werner KochFix possible system freeze on Mac OS X.
2007-07-04 Werner KochChanged to GPLv3.
2006-08-01 Werner KochMoved 1.9 branch to trunk
2006-06-20 Werner KochUpdated FSF's address.
2005-06-16 Werner Kochgcc-4 defaults forced me to edit many many files to...
2005-05-31 Werner Koch* agent.h (out_of_core): s/__inline__/inine. Noted...
2004-11-23 Werner Koch* b64enc.c: Include stdio.h and string.h
2004-02-12 Werner Koch* watchgnupg.c (main): Implement option "--".
2004-01-16 Werner Koch(main): Need to use FD_ISSET for the client
2003-12-16 Werner Kochprint the time.
2003-12-16 Werner KochFixed blatant allocation bug.
2003-12-16 Werner KochAdd simple tool to watch the log output of gnupg and...